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Fantasy Maxwood Academy RP(CLOSED FOR NOW)


Vera heads out of the auditorium as the students begin filing out to find their dorms. She smiles seeing the excitement on some of their faces. She looks around hoping to see any familiar faces, but it seemed all her fellow educators were occupied.

She heads towards the designated teacher lounge and starts heating a kettle for tea. Grabbing some pre-dried lavander from her pocket she lets it soak in the hot water before pouring herself a cup.

Setting her drink down she takes a seat. Taking this time to go through the file she has on which students will be in her course. Taking notes of things that she plans on doing. Making a correculum of sorts to map out the next few months. Taking a sip of her tea every now and then in between writing.
Malcolm Willems|16|Werewolf
Location: Audtorium

Malcolm was a bit put off by the way the winged student spoke. It felt rather…pretentious, but wasn’t necessarily mean spirited or anything. Which made him wonder what type of entity they were to be talking so high and mighty. The student soon identified herself as Eztli Sotz. “That’s an interesting name. Not saying that it’s a bad thing.” The girl was about to speak up before the headmaster of the school went up to give a speech as well as telling the students their new dorm assignments. Malcolm felt something in his hand. Something cold and metallic. He looked at his hand to realize that his dorm key suddenly appeared in his hand. He turned around to see if anyone handed him this before realizing what happened. “Right supernatural school…”

He looked at his room number accompanied with the key and then looked at the two. “I’m guessing none of you have room 8…” He sighed. Estil asked a question about where exactly the dorms were, so he took out his brochure and looked at the map. He pointed out the location of the dorms for her to see. “The dorms are not to far from here. Heck, it’s a straight shot to the dorms. But if you still need help getting there, I can guide you.”

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INTERACTION: Defined Comedy Defined Comedy

Hyacinth was relieved to learn he had least liked the activity or tolerated it. When Artioshi brought up the luck of them being dorm mates, Hyacinth could also agree to that statement that they met and got along before the announcement was luck. However, there came a new issue. The both of them have a hard time with crowds. Hyacinth can’t be in a crowd too awfully long without feeling like he’s going to barf up his organs He could only imagine how the yokai who was raised in the mountains felt about the horde of students who were leaving out the door. Artioshi had suggested he levitate them but he also took it back because Hyacinth could end up suffering from frost bite. This leads to Hyacinth looking at the crowd for another way around the issue. For a split second he did have an idea but thought otherwise because it was a untested experiment, one the seventeen-year-old had been saving until he was better at magic in general.

The idea behind the experiment was this: 55% of blood is plasma, however 90% of plasma is actually water. The theory for the experiment was temporary evaporation that could potentially allow its user to vaporize themselves from one place. Clearly, Hyacinth would only test that out on a speck of blood before a person along with other cautions. Along with making sure he was experienced enough for such a thing. He’d be at least 30 before he’d attempt to test out that experiment . So this idea was scrapped— plus the fact he wasn’t sure Yokai had blood to begin with anyway.

Now why doesn’t he teleport them? Well, he sucks at spatial magic. If he even attempted chances, were they would get stuck in a wall! Not to mention he wasn’t compatible with that type of magic either. He didn’t know if they had the time to wait it out though either. So Hyacinth took a deep breath and said

“Okay, let’s go.”​
Finbar Cody
BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

Finbar was half relieved to find that Mr. Marion had noticed his frantic attempt to get his attention, but still felt a bit dumb to ask his question.
"Well.... Sorry about asking what's already been answered, but I don't know where I'm 'sposed to room. I know it was supposed to be announced in the assembly, but you see I've, well, missed everything but the very tail end. Sorry about that. I just thought I had more time than I did, I guess."
Finbar then abruptly stopped himself from saying any more. He knew sometimes he talked too much, especially when nervous, and that it could be overwhelming even to people who knew him well.
🍪Lithan Pepperseed 🍪
Interactions: Launet Sefra, Alcuris Twilight BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

"It's fine, it's fine. If anything my pride's hurt more then me, so that's something." Lithan dusted himself off while the two giants rudely stared at him, as if they haven't seen a Cookie-Folk brush dirt off himself before! Though he kept himself from pointing that out. It's not like he's seen a lot of horned giants walking around, or blue haired giants in every town, so who was he to judge? "Anyways, yes I'm a student here. Got here a bit late cause there's only so much you can do with tiny arms and legs. My name's Lithan Pepperseed. Good to meet you tw-" Lithan's thought was cut off when a key appeared above him, before dropping onto the ground in front of him with a metallic thud.

Lithan stares at the magically appearing key half his size with a look of disbelief as the two giants, named Launet and Alcuris, mentioned that they had likely missed their speech and that they needed to head out to their dorms. Lithan caught only half of that as he screamed internally for a solid half minute. "Yeah, I think that uh...I think that'll be a good idea. Could use a pillow to scream into after all this." With a heavy sigh, he grabbed the key by the edge and flips it over the edge of the step before jumping down and repeating the action. "Anyways, good to meet you both, I'm going to go find my way to the dorm. If all goes well I should be able to see you both again...within the week...hopefully..." After finally dropping the key down the last few steps, Lithan lifted the key onto his back and began the long trek towards the dorm.

Lithan Heading from Auditorium to Dorms
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Mayumi Kitsui☆Shifting Teacher☆Kitsune
Location: Auditorium
Interaction: Defined Comedy Defined Comedy (Professor Jean Garnier)
Character Sheet

Mayumi gently smiled as her eyes studied the new professor that had recently joined their team. "I understand....the loud raised voice might have terrified the newer pups for sure.." Mayumi agreed with his take on gathering the children's attention. "Well maybe a tad macabre for some to see early in the morning, but I don't think many of the students minded.." she added. Mayumi waited for his response wondering how Jean was feeling being one of the school's new professors. She was to respond to his reply of feeling quite ready when their conversation was interrupted by the Headmaster as his voice rang through the auditorium.

Her and Jean's conversation came to a pause as the Headmaster started the welcoming ceremony, welcoming the students to the school and a new academic year. Mayumi reminds quietly as the man spoke, taking out her fan as she gently fan herself as she listen to the Headmaster speak. As the professors were introduced, Mayumi stood up when it came to her introduction and closed her fan gently waving at the crowd of students before taking her seat.

With the speech coming to an end and the students slowly leaving the auditorium she turned her attention back to Jean to be able to pick but where they had left off in their conversation. "Well a 92% is still an A, so you are and will be more than ready, I just know it," Mayumi added trying to encourage the man. She had a feeling he would do fine with his teaching.

"A more experienced instructor?...im not sure I'll call myself that, there are others here much more experienced than myself...after all this is only my third year. However, I do feel like this will be quite an interesting year, after all, there are many new faces here. I can't lie I do have a bit of first-day nervousness. My class can't always be the most exciting and the transformation can take a toll on the new pups." She added commenting on the new students of the year.

Vivienne Woods☆Nurse☆Wood Elf
Location: Medic Building
Interaction: Texangamer Texangamer
Character Sheet

Vivienne gently smiled as she watched the young girl calm down and fell back into a more peaceful sleep. "poor thing..." The tall elven woman spoke to herself as she got up from the bedside letting the girl sleep some more. Vivienne went off to set up the med bay checking their inventory and preparing for the new school year. Time went by and Vivienne took a seat next to the bed of the sleeping child just in case she was to wake up. The elven woman looked up from her book as she heard stirring to her side, looking over she now noticed the small girl was sitting up rubbing her eyes. "...oh...hello there little one.." she gently replied. "not at the moment...just have a couple of biscuits and drinks...however, I could fetch you a meal...anything, in particular, you would like my dear?" she asked.
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Rennie medic building
Rennie was rubbing her eyes as she just yawned sleepily she was tired she saw a woman sitting by her bed reading a book" Did you help with my nightmares" she asked as she just looked at her she smiled"Don't leave me, please...... i can have the biscuits instead I don't like being alone" she says as she looked at the book she was reading" What were you reading miss....um" she said as she was bitting on her lip she looked around looking for the other nurse" did the other nurse not come back yet from taking the scary boy she said I needed a checkup when she come back " she said she didn't know how long she was going to be in the medic building but for now she felt safe she just rubbed her eye again she was still a little tired but not as much when she first woke up from the coma she was in" how long was I asleep in the coma" she asked AquaMarie AquaMarie

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Edwin Yates
Following the nurse’s instructions, Edwin first let his fingers run over the engravings on the backside. They felt the ridges and caverns within the metal that made up the numbering, confirming that she was correct Edwin tossed the key upwards. Watching it turn midair, the sun caused the metal to shine with a slight golden luster before snatching it from the air with his hand, looking towards the engraved 2 which was now facing him. “Huh, ya… I guess he does…” Edwin replied to no one in particular, it was… weird to say the least. Never before would Edwin have imagined his father to have been able to summon items from nowhere, it made him think about… everything. What did his father do that he hadn’t noticed before, what magic did he miss occurring around him?

Breaking free from his trance, the young boy looked towards the bandages around his feet, confirming that they were in fact wrapped. “I… I’d prefer if you just help me walk.” he replied before attempting to get off the bed. In the action Edwin landed a bit harshly on his right foot, the pain causing his knee to involuntarily buckle and throw him off balance. Catching himself upon the frame of a nearby bed, Edwin steaded himself. Taking one last look at the now sleeping girl, Edwin turned around and attempted to take a few steps on his own, grunting softly at the pressure.
Vivienne Woods☆Nurse☆Wood Elf
Location: Medic Building
Interaction: Texangamer Texangamer
Character Sheet

Vivienne looked over to the girl as she gently closed her book and placed it on her lap, gently nodding to her question "...I did.." she softly replied. "oh Im not planning on going anywhere wee one...I can stay here if you like me too.." Vivienne replied as she got up from the chair. "though you will need better substance the juice and a couple of biscuits" she added leaving to gather the snack. Vivienne did not take long and quickly came back over to the girl and placed the juice box and cookies on her bedside table. "now....dont eat too quickly...if you are still hungry I can always fetch you more.." she added as she took her seat back on the chair next to the bed. The elven woman looked down at the book in her lap before looking back at the girl "Oh, it's nothing too exciting...just an herbology text.." she said answering the girl's question. "oh Esmarie...yes she is my colleague...the scary boy?.." Ivy spoke now figuring out why there was a scorch mark on the floor. "well when Miss. Esmarie returns we will form a check-up, though its nothing to be frightened dove, we just want to make sure you are all well...nothing has broken, if you are sick or have infections as such....we are simply here to help you......and you have been asleep for at least two days as far as we know off.." Ivy replied.
Rennie 13 demon/angel Medic building
Rennie just looked at the nurse as she bites on her lip she was scared for the checkup she just sighed" But.... you two will see my scars brother gave me" she said as she looked up at the lady as she gave or some food she didn't know what it was and juice" what is this food" she asked poking and the cookie and sniffing it she just looked at it as took a nibble of it" it's sweet" she said looking at the lady" what exactly am I eating" she asked" you called it a biscuit but what is a biscuit" she asked as she just looked around" can I ask something if I start school and there is a break like a spring break or something where will I go I have no one" she asked as she pouted a little bit as she said that AquaMarie AquaMarie
Vivienne Woods☆Nurse☆Wood Elf
Location: Medic Building
Interaction: Texangamer Texangamer
Character Sheet

"That's of no matter... we all have our scars my dear, and neither myself nor Miss Esmarie would judge you for said scars" Vivienne replied as she handed her the cookies and took a seat next to her bedside.
"It's a snack or well a treat,...I call it a biscuit...though that might have confused you its just a cookie....a sweet...well not to sweet this one in particular. There are some that has candies or chocolate on it....though it's tasty right?" She added with a smile. "...oh well small brakes such as that , you could just remaind at the school...not many return home....you well be quick to learn that there are many students that share hardships....never exactly the same but familer that you could easily understand one another." Vivienne replied.
Launet Sefra|17|Demon/Unicorn & Alcuris Twilight|16|Emopire|Auditorium|LaunetAuditorium|Open
Launet felt the urge to ask if Lithan wanted help, but then again he seemed to have things in order for himself. So maybe it would be rude of her to try and offer help. "Well at least we didn't hurt anyone..." Alcuris shrugged, "Yeah....maybe next time I shouldn't fly out the door without looking." Launet laughed softly, "Perhaps! Let's go check out the dorms." Alcuris nodded, "Yeah, I am curious as to who I am sharing my dorm with." Launet nodded, "Same....hopefully my dorm partner won't be someone who is overly hyper or touchy-feely...not really used to that kind of thing." Alcuris wanted to ask but didn't feel like it was his business, he felt the pain coming from Launet, but she didn't seem to want anyone to know about it. One of those is better off not opening your mouth.

April Valence|16|Water Spirit Contractor|Auditorium|Izzy
"Darn, well it'll be a little bit of a walk, but as long as our dorm partners don't mind we can visit each other. Oh, maybe even have study groups for any possible homework we get!!!" She was excited about the idea, of making friends and studying with each other. Living a normal life...she could do that in this world...right? Since landing in this world she had been on the run, living off nature. Staying away from the humans and trying to understand why the magic here was so contained feeling. But here she could begin to focus on that alone and that made her feel much more relaxed. Seeing all the different types of creatures here made her think of her old world. It was nice.
Texangamer Texangamer

Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon|Auditorium|Finbar
Dax chuckled, "Don't apologize for running late, and never fear to ask questions. Sometimes asking them can save someone's life in an unexpected way. Though not that this is life-threatening, but you catch my drift." He began explaining things to Finbar, "And if you notice you have a key in your hand, on the key is the number to your dorm. Even the students that didn't make it to the assembly will have a key appear in their hands with a number. I feel that should give them the basic knowledge that it's a dorm key...though thinking on perhaps I should have added in a simple note with the key... Well, I can do that next year. Trust me last year took even longer because we had the kids come up stage and collect the keys. Some of them tried starting fights...to which I put an end very quickly. If you don't feel comfortable heading towards the dorms on your own I don't mind accompanying you. You'll see them right outside the building. One is marked apartments, and the other is dorms. If remember correctly your dorm partner is Launet Sefra. Come to think of it I don't remember seeing her and she would stick out even among the rest of my lovely students. As she is a demon/unicorn mix, which at first even I struggled to believe being real."
StrixDesmodus StrixDesmodus

Esmarie Twilight|Nurse|30|Emopire|Medic Building-->Dorms|Edwin
She nodded helping him walk making their way of the medic building and slowly towards the dorms, "If for some reason you think the burns are getting worse don't hesitate to let me or the other nurse know. In fact any of the teachers here would be more than willing to help you out as well." It wasn't a super long walk, but it took more time since they were limping along the way, "Do you need to take a break or do you just want to get to your dorm so you can rest?"
SomeRandomCanuck SomeRandomCanuck
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Location: Lobby
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The day had begun with a meal fit for a king, as it always did. It was typical for the Wilson family to eat like a pack of hungry wolves because... well, they were. None of them found it strange to be the only supernatural family in a 1,000 ft. radius except, of course, when the full moon hit. Artie had read that there were different kinds of wolves with different kinds of abilities, though his family name went back hundreds of generations. They, as his little brother put it, were the boring shifters, only able to shift completely during a full moon. It didn't normally cause problems for their neighbors until they turned. Only their parents knew how to really control the wolves.

Artie and his brother Alec weren't as skilled. Suffering from severe memory loss after each turn, they'd all get together and discuss the previous night's events like their own personal, weird movie night. It became somewhat of a family tradition to keep this going until the two kids were old enough to start remembering. Unfortunately, Artie managed to put a hold on that plan. Now he was being forced to an academy for others like him, to which he had heavily protested for the first few weeks. It eventually became inevitable that he was going, whether he liked it or not.

Because he'd been insistent on good behavior from that point on, unwilling to leave his family, his mother had blamed his tardiness on his lack of motivation. Really, he'd just forgotten what time it was. Especially after a breakfast like that, there was no way he'd be able to move fast enough to get to the academy on time! So after a few arguments and mumbled curses, Artie's dad finally relented on driving him.

Artie had to admit, though, the school was impressive. When they'd arrived it seemed the students had already been let out to explore.

"Artie! Fix your hair, you look like a mutt!" His dad yelled out the window before offering a good luck pat on the shoulder and driving off.

Chuckling, he quickly ran his slender fingers through his dark brown mop of hair, hardly making it better, and jogged up to the mass of students milling about. The scents and sounds were nearly overwhelming as the young werewolf squeezed his way in between the other kids, making him feel a little woozy.

"Hi, name's Artie," Sticking a hand out to the first person he laid eyes on, he gave them a crooked smile,"Where are you all headed?"

The other kid was a bit shorter than him, his large blue eyes seemingly boring into his soul as he shook his hand.

"Dorms. We're 'bout to figure out where we're stayin'. If you just got here, you might wanna talk to the headmaster. He should still be inside."

"Right on! Thanks lil' dude." Giving the smaller kid a wink, Artie turned on his heel to head into the main building of the academy where the other students were filing out.

The place was even more impressive on the inside! He didn't know much about interior design, but he was sure the headmaster had to be rich. It was a lot cooler too, and Artie managed to relax a bit as he wandered around the lobby.

He really had meant to go find the headmaster, but was it truly his fault that so many shiny, expensive looking items were placed about? His family hadn't owned anything fancy since Alec had broken his great great great aunt's urn. Really, Artie could hardly be called to fault as his curiosity overcame him. Stopping at a nearby flower vase that looked completely covered in gold, he picked it up and started examining it. These people knew how to live!
Rennie 13 angel/demon Medic building

Rennie just looked at the nurse then looked at the cookie" No i just don't know many things i didn't know what a cookie now you explained it to me" she said as she bites her lip as she felt safe with her" Thank you for staying I just don't like being alone it scares me" she say as she was eating the cookie as she felt happy she didn't take away the food that was given to her unlike her big brother" what's a school like" she asked as she smiled sorry about the burned mark i accidentally burned the scary boy" she says as she sighed her foot had hurt a bit she just smiled as she ate the cookie and drink the juice as her stomach felt a bit funny she just looked at the lady AquaMarie AquaMarie


Izzy just looked at her friend as she smiled" Yeah it be cool to study and hang out together" she said" Yeah it be a long walk but it be fun having me" she said as she smiled looking at her" So what do your powers like what type of water spirits do you control" she asked as she was curious about her friend's power she just bites her lip as she was messing with her mom jacket she was given for her last birthday she just smiled" let's go I wonder what class will be like" she say thinking to herself BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising
Antoine Lenoir
Location - Outside the Auditorium | Interactions - Open

As was the usual for early morning events, Antoine was running late due to him sleeping in. It seemed as if he was still getting dressed as he rushed through the halls, finally getting his bag onto his shoulders. As he got closer to the auditorium he could hear the headmaster's voice echoing through the hall's, calling out names and numbers. Undoubtedly, it was for the dorm assignments. He knew his request to live alone was a stretch, so he was not surprised to be roomed with someone. As he felt a small metal object appear in his hand as he approached the door, he opened his grip to see a key in his palm. Antoine knew there would be magic users at the school, but given this was his first time seeing it, something simple like this amazed him.

As he closed in on the doors to the auditorium, he caught the final words of the headmaster's speech before dismissing the crowd of students. Antoine reached for the handle of the door, only for the door to reach back as it was opened. The tall boy stepped back, letting the exiting students through. To those who looked up to him he flashed them a friendly smile, showing off his pronounced canines. As much as he wanted to have a few questions answered, he deemed them too unimportant to battle the crowd over getting inside. So, he decided to wait beside the door to eventually follow the crowd towards the dorms. Although, seeing all these different kinds of people made him wonder who he would be roomed with.
Finbar Cody
BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

"In my hand? Hmm....." Finbar shifted the weight of his head to only one hand, raising the other to look at the key, which had left a slight indentation in his cheek. "Wow, I hadn't even noticed it."
Finbar nodded at the offer for accompanyment, which was probably not very noticable among his talking, but nonetheless a present gesture.
"I'd be glad to be accompanied, if that's alright. I don't mind the safety in numbers, that's for sure."
His eyebrows raised at the mention of his roommate's identity and species.
"A unicorn demon mix? That is something I'd never heard of, but I suppose there's a first time for everything."

Layton Esmond
Location: The lobby

Mentions: None

Interactions: Artie Wilson || Pipsqueak Pipsqueak
Layton blinked when he soon had a key in his hand alongside his apple. He tilted his head at the number six attached to his key. Trying to figure out what this was and how it got into his hand...till it suddenly hit him! His dorm? He must have missed the dorm explanation! His eyes widened as he wiggled his way back to the ground. Shaking off his red aura like it was water before landing on the ground safely. He tossed his apple core in the trash and peeked out of the lunch room. Noticing that all the students were leaving and heading toward, what he assumed, was the dorms. Though he didn't plan on getting mixed up in the crowd. Moving into the lobby but hanging closer to the lunchroom door so that he wasn't caught up in the crowd.

But now came the real problem...what was he supposed to do? He ended up missing the entire speech...twice! Once when he thought he slept through it and another time when he ended up leaving before it even started!! And while that in itself wasn't too much of an issue. He was more worried of getting in trouble than missing any actual important information. What if he didn't something weird that attracted attention to himself? Though...it appeared he wasn't the only one that might have missed the speech. So maybe he could just...linger around and happen to hear what he missed from someone else asking. Yeah, this was definitely a solid plan. Once the majority of the crowd had made their way out of the lobby he made his way towards the center. Very much selling the lost lost soul looked. Even if this was the very thing he was trying not to do. Ahhh he felt so awkward standing here! He needed to at least look like he was talking to someone.

He glanced around for who was still lingering around. There was a super tall guy waiting by the auditorium door. And there was another guy looking at one of the many fancy items they had in the lobby. His eyes flickered between the two. Trying to find the lesser of two evils when it came to socializing. Ultimately he decided on the guy with the shiny vase. At least he could comment about it rather than just standing by the door with a stranger!

So, he quite literally dragged his feet as he made his way towards the boy with the vase. He just kinda awkward stood behind the other for a moment. Tugging at his tail as he resisted the urge to to bite on it as he questioned all his life choices up till now. Wait no- He was a strong and powerful not really demon. And he could talk to whoever he wanted to! Yeah!!

"Uh!! That is a really shiny pot- vase...! Yeah vase..." The supposed shout came out more like a squeak. Not to mention he called such a fancy looking thing a pot. A pot!!! Somebody kill him and save him from this embarrassment. So much for being a powerful demon. He probably wouldn't even be able to pass as a slightly intimidating human!
Lode 17 mineral construct
Interaction: open
Location: Auditorium -> On way to Dorms

Strange things happening seemed to be a normal occurrence as another couple of kafuffles happened between some students. Lode made no movements to investigate farther since judging by the thing that flew towards the outside of the auditorium and more people arriving things would be starting soon. Hopefully no one arrived fashionably late and interrupted the proceedings.

Unfortunately, while it seemed while no one barged in someone did interrupt. It was going to be hard to live that down for sure even if the head master played it off. The rest of the speech and teacher introductions were more of less expected. The rules would be as easy to follow as they would be to get around so lode felt little stress at their existence. Everything seemed standard until a key popped into existence.

well, you know what they say you can’t expect the unexpected you can only expect to be surprised. Lode showed little expression, stone cold even, at the key’s sudden and startling appearance having practiced hiding her emotions for years. If they acted shocked and panicked over every little thing, they would never make it anywhere here on time. Idly lode turned it over in their hand checking the room number before sticking it behind their ear taking a moment to fuss with it so that the number still showed. Thanks to being magnetic they had no fear that the key would fall off and with the chaos so far it was defiantly a good idea to keep both of their hands free.

A crowd of students collected near the door by the time lode made their way over. It was a shame they couldn’t fly or transform or summon plants to get through the crowd of students trying to leave but while lode could force a way through, she wouldn’t because that wouldn’t be very polite. In fact, she couldn’t even get out an excuse me or pardon me since if she distracted someone it could lead to an inconvenience which could lead to more chaos which would then lead to them taking even longer to leave.

Still…they only had a short amount of time to meet their new roommate. As they got closer to the exit things only got worse because not only were people trying to leave it looks like some people were trying to get in as well. Lode full of awkward energy waited while trying to steal glances at everyone’s keys to find their roommate early. If they could meet outside of the dorm, it meant lode could save time to get to class early for a good spot.
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Location: Lobby
Interactions: Bloody_Death Bloody_Death

If he'd been paying attention- which he hardly ever was- Artie probably would've noticed the sudden quiet presence lingering behind him. As it always proved, however, his desire for valuables was much bigger than his senses. At the sound of a squeaky though admittedly loud voice, Artie jumped with a dog-ish yelp.

"I wasn't stealin' anything!" He cried as the vase tumbled out of his hands. He managed to juggle it thrice before it dropped with a loud clatter to the polished tile floor.

"Ah, shit." Spinning around, wild eyed, he glanced down to see a younger looking student, seemingly just about as terrified as he felt.

"Moons above man, warning yea? Who even are you?"
Finally drawing his gaze around the building, he noticed the taller student waiting by the auditorium door. Suddenly he was filled with a little more hope.

'He must be looking for the headmaster too!' He thought, feeling better that he wasn't the only one who seemed to have missed everything. Shaking his head faintly, he returned his attention back to the boy in front of him.

"Um, sorry man. Name's Artie, awesomest werewolf in the city." Artie spread his hands over his head as he introduced himself as if the title would suddenly appear out of thin air.

"All one word, no capitals except in Artie. I, um... I really wasn't stealin' that." He pointed sheepishly to the dropped vase before hurriedly picking it up to set it back onto the small table.

"So uh... what's up little dude?"

Layton Esmond
Location: The Lobby

Mentions: None

Interactions: Artie Wilson || Pipsqueak Pipsqueak
Despite being the one to approach Layton tensed up when the other boy jumped. Almost getting startled himself which would have attracted more than the clattering vase against the ground. Oh...he probably could have caught that. He stared up at the other boy. Eyes just as wide as he thought about what to say next. Why was this guy even bigger up close!? His mouth seemed to move but no sound was coming out...yeah he was blanking out.

"S-Sorry!!" Apologizing for startling the other seemed to be the first thing that finally managed to process in his mind. Though as the other introduced himself he continued staring right at the other. Though he seemed more confused than frightened now. Artie awesomestwerewolfinthecity. What a strange last name. Of course, he knew that wasn't actually his name. But the fact that there were no spaces made him think it was supposed to be like a last name. And he found that funny.

"Uh...I didn't think you were stealing it till you brought it up." He pointed out watching as the vase was picked up. He can't say he's ever met a werewolf but Artie seemed nice. Kinda silly. He already liked him better than any other kid around his age he's ever met at home! Which wasn't that many. Also, all the other kids he knew were trash. So. there wasn't much competition. "I'm not little." He denied with a huff before crossing his arms, tail idly flicking behind him. "My name is Layton, super cool and scary demon." He announced. Mimicking the way the werewolf had introduced himself. "Uh. There are spaces between those words. Also scary is in all caps. Because it is super important to know that part stands out." He managed to scare a werewolf! That has to count for something.

At the actual question, he glanced around. Making sure no teachers or the headmaster was around to hear him before leaning towards Artie and whispering to him. "It's a secret...but I accidentally left before the opening speech started...or maybe I fell asleep. I dunno. But now I don't know what to do and it felt really weird wandering around the lobby so I came to pretend talk to you." He explained before with a nod. "Did you see the speech? Can you tell me what he said...?" He'd much prefer not having to admit to the headmaster himself that he basically ditched the opening ceremony.
Location: Lobby to Auditorium
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Artie gave a toothy, wide grin at who he now knew as Layton, super cool and SCARY demon.

"Right on lit- er, regular sized dude! Never met a demon before. Hope you've got lotsa time 'cause i've got lotsa questions."
He'd never been one for religion. Truthfully, he wasn't even sure religion had anything to do with Layton's species, but it sure was good to know an actual demon might have his back at this school.

He opened his mouth to begin his lengthy inquiry, but Layton quickly cut him off as he suddenly shifted to a reclusive attitude. Eyeing the surroundings with his newfound buddy, Artie leaned down towards him too as if they were about to exchange top secret information. Unfortunately for him, he had no answer to this question.

"'Course I know what he said! He uh, told us to take it easy and explore the school a little! Ya know, secret passages and all that. Can't have a fancy old building like this without exploring, can you? Just wouldn't be right." Artie scratched his wind tangled hair contentedly, happy to have someone who thought he knew what was going on.

"Though you might wanna talk to the guy. If anything goes down in those passages, we want him on our side! C'mon, I'll get ya in there. Don't mind, do you?" Without waiting for a reply, Artie easily scooped Layton off his feet, placing the boy on his shoulders.

"Crowd's still a little dense. Won't be able to barge in there without losin' each other I'd imagine." With a confident stride, the two easily made their way through the crowd with little restraint. As Artie stepped through the doorway, he couldn't help but gape. The place was ginormous!

Placing Layton back on the ground, Artie scanned the now near empty auditorium. It wasn't hard to find the headmaster or the student he was talking to.

"Ay, headmaster... uh," he glanced at his hand, already prepared with a hastily scrawled word, "Dox?" That seemed right.

"Found this one wanderin' the lobby. Seemed a little lost and I figured I'd give him a hand. Don't think he quite made it to the whole speech, so maybe you can just give him a little rundown? About, you know... what rooms we'll be staying in... then we'll be outta your hair!" He clicked his tongue in satisfaction. That seemed realistic enough!
🍪Lithan Pepperseed 🍪
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It was...a task he'll say, to get his key from the Auditorium to the dorms, but luckily for Lithan the walk wasn't as bad as he thought. It turns out flying a solid yard, then being manhandled, then being made to carry a hunk of metal around can wear down someone to the point where they need to cheat a little bit. Lithan teleported around, doing small skips every few steps in order to get himself over to the dorms as quickly as possible. His parents might have disapproved of how brazenly he was using his magic to get around, but they always did tell him that magic was only to be used when you can't do something yourself. And Lithan was certainly incapable of lugging around a massive him-sized key around to his new dorn in a timely manner, so this didn't count...probably.

In any case, Lithan managed to get to the dorms without any real issue. Heck, the only real difficulties was trying to get the key into the keyhole and turning the damn thing! He managed to do it, it was just a tad more difficult then he would've like. More jumping involved then he'd like to admit, but that's nether here nor there. The additional effort was well worth it though, as Lithan's breath was taken away at how large the dorm was! To a Cookie-folk, a dorm was the size of a manor! A couch was the size of a small house, and an overly sized bedroom with an overly sized bed! Without a doubt, that's probably his favorite part as a giant bed meant he can make himself a bedroom within a bedroom! With a little imagination, Lithan can begin creating the home he always dreamed of having right here in the comfort of his dorm! But first...

Despite how excited he was, Lithan heard his stomach growl. He was so excited that he had forgotten how hungry he was! The Cookie-Folk ran out into the dining area and with a bit of searching, he managed to find himself a box of sugary cereal and with the complete inability to pour himself some cereal, he did the most logical thing and simply opened up the box, then tipped the entire thing over, spilling a solid third of the contents onto the counter. With brunch served, Lithan jumped down onto the marble top, grabbed a piece of sugar cereal the size of his head and began feasting away, wondering what could be better then living in a giant bedroom with a bunch of giant food to snack on anytime you want?

In his haste to find himself some grubs and snacks, Lithan had neglected to close the door behind him when he entered the dorm, allowing anyone to barge in whenever they damn well wished!​

Layton Esmond
Location: Auditorium

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Layton smiled amusedly when he was the first Demon Artie has met! Which means he might actually have a chance at presenting himself as a respectable demon! Even if he was literally the bottom of the food chain when it came to where he was ranked alongside his fellow demons.

Oh! So Artie did know! "Secret passages? That sounds so cool!" He didn't doubt his potential friend's knowledge for a second. He was definitely going to find all of them. Maybe there would be a prize for whoever finds them all!

"No, it's okay-" He didn't even get to finish that thought before he was promptly picked up and set up on Artie's shoulders. Being quick to hold onto his head as a means to keep himself stable and balanced. "Are you sure? I reallyyy wouldn't want to bother him. He's probably super busy!" The goal was to not talk to him but here they were. Making quick progress towards the Headmaster's location before he could even protest properly!! Though, he will say he did enjoy the extra height that came with sitting on someone's shoulders. It was nice looking down at people for a change!!

When he was put down in front of the headmaster, he naturally retreated behind Artie. Like he was trying to hide from the Headmaster's gaze. "Ah!" Wait why did he just get exposed!? Didn't he just say it was supposed to be a secret! He gave a scoff as he tugged and pulled on Artie's arm to make him shut up!! "It was an accident mister Dox Headmaster sir!" What was the correct way to address him actually? "I thought it was already over!" He exclaimed. Still hiding behind his wolf friend and only peeking his head around him. Eyes looking between the headmaster and the other student he was talking to.

So it’s easy to say that Helia would’ve been on time to the auditorium and would not by any means have missed, Orientation… If she hadn’t gotten lost, Helia had a terrible sense of direction and was running around campus in a frenzy, trying to find her way there but by the time she did find her way students were leaving probably heading off to their dorms and whatever not. This left the black-haired girl feeling like she was on the verge of crying. As sad about being late as she was she thought to herself,

‘I’ll have to go to the office.’

Then came the next issue of finding an office. She didn’t want to get lost again, so she thought maybe asking someone where the office was would help her. Looking around the room, she didn’t know who to ask. There were still some students who stuck around in the auditorium. She didn’t know who to ask though.
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Alcuris Twilight|16|Emopire|Auditorium|Edwin & Esmarie
He watched as Launet took up a faster pace of walking than him, maybe she was tired. Or perhaps she wanted to see who her roommate might be. Perhaps she was hoping to be alone since she seemed worried about someone touching her horn. Though he still wasn't sure why. He glanced towards the medic building wondering if his sister had headed that way only to see her and another student hobbling towards the dorms. He jogged towards them, "Hey sis! What's up with this one?"

Esmarie Twilight|Nurse|30|Emopire|Outside|Edwin & Alcuris
Esmarie rolled her eyes, "What have I told you about referring to those you approach as this?" Alcuris shrugged, "Hey I am slowly getting better..." Emarie sighed, "How'd you do in the crowd..." Alcuris looked to the ground and Esmarie nodded, "I take it not well...you really need to get used to it..." Alcuris sighed, "It's hard..." She smiled at her younger brother, "Chin up, that's why we are here, to help you...Now do you want to help this young man to his dorm so I can get back to my other patient or do you not feel comfortable with that? Either of you?" Alcuris shrugged, "I could help him if he wants."
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Launet Sefra|17|Demon/Unicorn|Outside Dorm Building|Open
Launet stared at the building taking in a deep breath, she was still doubting the fact that she was here. But honestly being here was better than being hunted down, not to mention here she could possibly learn more about her powers and not accidentally kill someone with her horn.

April Valence|16|Water Spirit Contractor|Auditorium|Izzy
"I make contracts with water spirits of the world I'm in, giving them my blood in exchange for their higher power. I can control water in general, but it's not very strong. Mern come out." As she spoke the watery feline's name he appeared next to her, "You called? Issues already?" Mern's water fur was bristled but went down at he glanced around confused, "No danger why summon me...April you've used too much power to get here summoning me for fun is not okay." April chuckled slightly as the water feline disciplined her once more. "This is Mern, if you can't tell he is a worrywart. His special abilities are healing, though we have yet to test his purifying capabilities since coming to this world. My connection to this world's magic is very different from my previous one. Which is why I am here...hoping to learn. So I can summon them all freely once again..." Mern nodded, "Yes, this foolish girl pushes herself too far a lot, please keep an eye on her if you two are to be friends..."
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Kyrin|16|Living Sword of Ice|Outside|Open
Kyrin glanced around, actually taking the time to look over the campus grounds. It was all rather neat and tidy even if the outer part of the building looked old. He sighed noticing some students chatting and others heading for the dorms. He turned that way, wondering what this would entail. It wasn't as if he really needed to be here. He had decent control of his powers, but there were moments when his emotions got the better of him and that was what he hoped to improve on.

Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon|Auditorium|Finbar
Dax glanced towards other students who arrived, "Well my name for one is Dax, not Dox, though you got close. So no hard feelings, as for what dorms. The keys in your hands tell you the dorm number you'll be in. But Artie, you are in room 13 and you....Layton you're in room....6. Yeah, had to think for a moment!" He chuckled, "Finbar and I were getting ready to head to the Dorms and it looks like most students have cleared out now. Have to admit, I am curious as to how the others are doing. Some are very interesting room pairings."
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Finn|14|King Cobra Shifter|Dorm|Open
Stood in front of the room, numbered 1, "Well let's see if they are here yet..." He stuck the key in turned it and opened the room. He was surprised by how well it all looked, he expected it to look old, but everything was new and organized. He glanced over seeing one room and then the other. The doors opened, but no one else was there. "I got here first? That's surprising..."


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