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Fantasy Maxwood Academy RP(CLOSED FOR NOW)

Vivienne Woods☆Nurse☆Wood Elf
Location: Apartments-->Auditorium
Character Sheet

It had been a rough night for Vivienne as she had not slept much. She had been worried about the child Esmarie had found. The tall woman sighed as she finished getting ready. She was already running late, she felt she needed to be alongside Esmarie if she needed assistance but she also had to attend the welcome ceremony. Not much because it was a requirement, then again she was unsure if these things even were but she had insured her own daughter that she would be attending the event alongside her. Now she had to make sure Mitchelle was ready. The rest of the apartment was quiet "Oh no..." she whispered as she quickly walked over to her daughters from hers, it seemed that Mitchelle had also slept past their alarms. She knocked before opening the door "Mitchelle sweetpea gets up....oh dear we are running so late.....come on up....your clothing is all setup....come on up up...." the woman went over and gently shook her daughter's shoulder before going over to open up the blinds of the room to let the sun in.
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Mayumi Kitsui☆Shifting Teacher☆Kitsune
Location: Auditorium
Character Sheet

Mayumi had gotten up quite early that day, which wasn't too unusual for her. Though today was the day of the grand welcoming of the past and new students to the school the Kitsune was quite excited. Her morning had started with a run, a nice shower, and then getting dressed, after all, she had to look her best for her first time meeting the students. She had a quick breakfast before making her way toward the Auditorium to watch the students make their way into the large room. This day marked her third year teaching for the lovely Maxwood Academy and was nothing but overjoyed and a bit nervous to see old and new students alike. Although excited she kept a very quiet composure as she entered the school. Her steps were soft and quite graceful as always, as she entered the academy's auditorium. She moved over to where the other teachers were to gather for the welcoming announcement. She wore a smile as she took a seat and had been quietly watching the students slowly make their way into the room and as well finding it quite entertaining with some of the interactions she whole catch bits of or reactions to some of the students.

Marina Odeletta Wintergreen☆Student☆Mermaid
Location: School Entrance-->Auditorium
Character Sheet

A short blue-haired girl was running late, though she didn't seem to care or well more like not noticed as her whole way to the school had taken her longer than most. Pratacly stopping every second something new or exciting had caught her eye. She had even collected a few tiny trinkets on her trip there. After about 20 munites of being outside she finally walked through the doors of the main building. "woh...look at this place..." she gasped as she took a look around before walking down the hall. "the auditorium?...need to find it...though I don't think it will be easy....it all looks the same...so many doors" Marina talked to the second bag that hang to her side that was in the shape of a crystal sphere. Though to others it might look like she was simply speaking to herself. She wobbled a bit as she walked down the hall, leaning her weight against the wall to support herself after a while. For a second or two getting a bit distracted by the texture of the wall. She continued to walk down the hall towards the auditorium letting her hand run against the wall the whole way. After some time Marina spotted a few others around her age heading in the same direction. Assuming they were headed to the auditorium she followed. Finally able to reach the auditorium she stood by the doors, just taking it all in or more so the many different faces and forms of those in the large room. Her bit of staring and her strange walking had caused her to bump into a few of her fellow students on her way to a seat. After a few worries, excuse me's, and stumbles Marina had managed to find a seat for herself. the seat was in the far-end corner of the large room, not because she was seeking loneliness she just felt she had more vantage at just staring and watching everyone in the room from there.
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INTERACTION: Whitefog Whitefog Asua Asua (mention)

“You are a creature riding as well? That’s great! Maybe Elemental control can help you. You would also get to see other elementalists as well. I don’t think I’d personally do Music or Dance though. I’m also in Survival class.”

Truth be told, she was more or less worried her tail would get in the way.

Just because it doesn’t actually burn anything with its little ball of light that looks reminiscent of a flame does not mean it didn’t get annoying.

So do they only share one elective? She wasn’t surprised. When something else caught his attention she turned her head to see what he did. She saw a girl teleporting and when he said something about the place being awesome she could agree. She wondered about what the girl was to allow her to teleport like that. Were there limitations? Though that internal question was brief.

“Yeah it’s awesome here. So many students coming from so many walks of life and so many different cultures.”

Her books were limited in what creatures were mentioned. Most notably, demons, angels and multiple gods were mentioned, along with stuff involving Fae and elves. She was glad she would have the chance to learn more.

“Chances are I’ll probably get stuck in the library trying to learn about them all…or at least most of the other creatures that exist.”​
Mitchelle Leanna Woods

Mitchelle was sleeping soundly she had forgotten to set up her alarm she heard her mum walk into the room telling her to wake up" 5 more minutes" she mumbled a little but her mum had opened the blinds to her room She looked at her then at the time" Shiiiiiiiit" she said as she was trying to hurry to get dressed she went to grab her flower crown she didn't go anyways without her flower crown" ugh I'm sorry mum for make us late" she says while she rubbed her eye as she brushed her hair trying to hurry up she didn't want to be late it was a bad start of the day so far she had to skip breakfast now cause how late they were" okay okay I'm ready mum" she said to her AquaMarie AquaMarie
  • Professor Jean Garnier. Wendigo, Instructor of Magic.
    Location: Auditorium
    Interactions/Mentions: Open
    Glancing into the auditorium, an easy task given that he generally stood a head and shoulders taller than even the tallest of students, Jean had finally made his way to the auditorium. In terms of time spent working in the academy, he was without a doubt one of the greener instructors. Yet despite the fact he had only been employed here a month prior, there wasn't a shred of nervousness in his gait. "Quite the crowd I see... though I suppose the headmaster knows how to keep them in anticipation." Muttering to himself with a professional, yet reserved, smile across his features, With a quick glance, he made note of any fellow instructors who had already taken their place within the auditorium. Truthfully, he had interacted with them mostly in passing; after all, there were no fairytales about the "personable Wendigo who invited me in for afternoon tea." Granted, there weren't any about a wendigo who stayed cooped up in his apartment making lesson plans either, but that was the reality he lived in.

    As his pupils drifted over the headmaster, he quickly made note of his actions. Between that and the current time, the ceremony was due to begin at any point. Lifting one hand upward, he gently nudged his glasses, adjusting them to set properly as the other hand unlatched the clasp of his satchel. A soft clacking could be heard from within as something began to move within the bag. The skull of a bird peeked out from within the bag before a shadowy, mist-like body followed. The form would lift into the air, floating a few feet above his own head as its faux wingbeats silently lifted it. "A-hem..." Upon clearing his throat, the bird would begin to circle the entryways to the auditorium. "Attention students. The time for our esteemed headmaster's speech is drawing ever nearer; please make your way into the auditorium and be seated in an orderly fashion." The velvety depth of his voice would ring out with an echo as the magically-induced construct's open beak would repeat his statement while gliding overhead for the students who happened to be loitering around the entryway or those who were attempting to stand aside from the crowd.

    Despite having held off from raising his voice, the familiar's volume was just a tad higher for the sake of spreading the message efficiently. The bird would continue circling and relaying this message until the start of the speech, while Jean took over holding one and guiding students through the doorway.

Nora Williams // 16

Location: Auditorium

Interactions: JuniperBoi JuniperBoi

Nora straightened up her glasses and skirt after her accidental teleportation. She had noticed a few of the students in the auditorium turn their heads, most of them with looks of amazement on their face, but to Nora, it was more of an annoyance. “Uh, nice trick you got there.” a voice came from behind her. Her cheeks still rosy with embarrassment she turned to see a curly haired boy standing in front of her. "Oh-" she chuckled softly, straightening her glasses once again (even though she had just done that a moment ago), "It was an accident- i teleport.. sometimes when i want to... sometimes i cant help it" She spoke quickly, still rather embarrassed, although the boy seemed friendly. "Though i've seen stranger things than me since i got to this school-" She leaned a little closer to the boy for a moment I think i saw" a giant snake when i was walking in here" She said lowering her voice, Maxwood academy had already proved itself quite fascinating in the short amount of time she had been at the school. Nora had grown up much like a normal human, so she had little knowledge of the supernatural world. "Im Nora by the way... what brings you to the academy?" She asked. The boy looked normal enough, with no obvious signs of super natural abilities, much like herself.​
Vivienne Woods☆Nurse☆Wood Elf
Location: Apartments-->Auditorium
Interaction: Texangamer Texangamer

Character Sheet
"No need to worry I slept in too my dear, just get ready as soon as possible" Vivienne spoke to her daughter before leaving her room and heading to the kitchen. "Okay great sweetpea...it dose seem we won't be able to enjoy a grad breakfast but these muffins are delicious and we can enjoy them on the go..." Ivy commented handing her daughter one of the muffins before adjusting the flower crown that laid on the girls head. "Now come along dear...we are running quite late" she said ushering the girl out of the apartment.
Mayumi Kitsui☆Shifting Teacher☆Kitsune
Location: Auditorium
Interaction: Defined Comedy Defined Comedy
Character Sheet

Mayumi carefully watched as the students interacted with each other from a distance, just watching the new faces of the year and what new challenges and interactions would come with such a diverse group from what she could simply gather from watching them. Her time observing was interrupted by a bird and a stern voice grabbing the attention of the students loitering out the door and in the walkways of the rows of seats. She watched as a few students quickly did as were told as others took a slower approach to finding their seats. "Good morning Mr. Garnier" She greeted him with a gentle smile "I got to say,....that sure was a very interesting way in gathering the students attention...." she commented taking a seat next to him. "How are you feeling? Ready for your first-day teaching at Maxwood Academy?" She spoke
🍪Lithan Pepperseed 🍪
Interactions: Open

A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step. And for a Cookie-Folk, a journey starts with a single step onto a path of a million miles. When you're in a land of giants, every inch of land travelled will become a mile, and every hill will become a mountain. And in the case of stairs...

Lithan didn't like stairs. At least not the ones the giants tend to make. Every step was like a wall made out of a single slab of solid stone that he needed to climb, and once he got over one he would need to get over the next. And he had to do this several times just to get to a door a hundred times larger then him, and at least ten times as thick. And he would need to do this after spent an hour making his way to academy on foot, carrying his lunch for the day neatly wrapped up in a napkin. A single plump grape, his favorite.

Sure he could have easily teleported up those stairs, but mother didn't raise a lazy boy. Magic did the impossible so it's redundant to use it for stuff you can do yourself she told him, and the young Cookie-Folk had climbed up stairs before. Not these specific ones, but similarly sized ones. And thus, one by one, Lithan climbed the stone stairs, quite literally in fact, jumping up to grab the edge then pulling his tiny body up each and every step of the way. Every time he dragged himself upwards he muttered to himself. "I am going to smooth you down and turn you into a ramp!" And through both his athletic skill and sheer force of will, Lithan Pepperseed dominated the dreaded steps and shouted out in victory once he arrived at the very top!

Satisfied with having conquered this trial, Lithan proceeded towards the academy with the upmost speed! He was already late most likely, based on the commotion he had heard inside! But with his small size, perhaps he can slip in without anyone noticing he was late? It would be easy to just slide underneath the door, hide away behind the crowd of giant meat creatures that were too distracted being giant meat creatures to notice. Yes..yes! It was a plan for the ages! Or it would be, if the door hadn't flung open quite suddenly when another student burst through them, the moment Lithan reached it...

The force of that heavy door hitting his light frame and flinging him screaming back down the stairs, causing a soft pop to ring out every time he bounced off one step then off another, and another and another until he finally hit the solid dirt at the base of the dreaded steps with a soft thud. His flat body laid face down in the dirt and Lithan was compelled to let out a moaning cry of defeat as all of his hard work getting to the doors had been made in vain.

Mentions: Alcuris Twilight|16|Emopire
BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising
Mitchelle Leann Woods
Mitchelle just looked at her mom as she finished getting dressed and all as she went to the kitchen she couldn't believe how late they were she felt her mom fixing her flower crown as she smiled" thanks mum" she say as she just grabbed the muffin" it's okay mum no worries' she say while they were hurrying out the apartment and walking super fast to the autudioum when she first walked in she just loooked around she saw a lot of students she just glad she didn't miss the speech from the headmaster she glad she had her flower crown as she felt safe and happy with it her mother makes her the flower crowns her anthlers hasn't crown yet she been wondering when it's going to grow" we made it mum" she told her happily AquaMarie AquaMarie
Esmarie Twilight|Nurse|30|Emopire|Medic Building|Edwin & Rennie
Her eyes stopped glowing as she helped Rennie up and back into one of the beds, "Don't let his words get you down. You are here to help get your abilities under control. We've all had issues with keeping our powers in check. Even I did..." She said as she turned to look over to the young man complaining about his feet having been burnt. She grabbed some of the healing ointment and bandages. "You two will have to at least withstand each other since you are attending the same school. Just keep that in mind. Let me see your feet. Also, I'm sorry if I used too much force on you with my powers. But I really just needed you both to be calm. You'll find shouting about things does very little to solve a problem and tends to just escalate it."

She pulled up a stool to sit on while she looked at his feet. "Honestly, you got lucky the shoes just disintegrated into nothing and didn't melt into your skin. That would have been a whole other world of pain. This ointment was created by our other nurse and works on healing burn wounds rather quickly. It'll take two times of applying it and the wounds will be gone before you know it. I'll write you up a pass to skip out on the first day of class. Since I'd rather you rest instead of walking on your feet the entire day. So...I'll get you patched up and help you to your dorm...once I find out what dorm that is. And then Rennie..." She said the girl's name glancing toward her with a small smile, "I'll return and do a check-up on you."
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Launet Sefra|17|Demon/Unicorn & Alcuris Twilight|16|Emopire|Auditorium|LaunetAuditorium|Alcuris & Lithan
"By the way did you hear something when we crashed into each other? Like someone else scream?" She asked, her longish fluffy ears flicking slightly. "Not that I know of...though I was in a panic...so I probably couldn't hear anything over my own heart rate..." She frowned slightly, "No now that I think about it I swore I heard someone scream..." "Should we check it out?" She nodded, "I'd rather be safe than sorry. If our collision hurt someone else we need to help them." Alcuris nodded, "Okay, let's be quick about it though. I'd rather not end up in trouble." The two of them quickly darted out of the Auditorium and Launet noticed an odd scent, "Something sweet smelling?" Alcuris glanced at her, "Sweet? I don't smell anything...." But he did notice another energy and someone feeling upset. "This way!" They both said with a glance at each other before looking around but not seeing anyone, "Are they invisible?" Alcuris asked with a frown as they made their way down the stairs. "I don't know, small maybe? Or invisible, even if they were small I feel like we'd see them by now..." Launet's eye glued to something and she bent down picking it up thinking it was something someone had dropped. "Found where the sweet smell was coming from...this..." Not knowing she had just picked up one of her classmates.
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April Valence|16|Water Spirit Contractor|Auditorium|Izzy
"A lightning Celestial? That sounds awesome!" She noticed the girl began to cry once more and she pulled out a soft cloth with a blue flower sown into it, "Here...." She said softly offering it, "I don't have any memory of my mother and father....but I do remember my older brother. He was the type of guy who wanted to be the hero. I loved him for it, but it's what ended his life in the end. And likely the same happened to the rest of my friends...." She whispered a heavy sadness in her voice. She shook her head, "But I'm here now....in this world and I promised myself and the others I lived for us all. I'd strive to be the best I can be."
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Kyrin|16|Living Sword of Ice|Auditorium|Open
Kyrin sighed wondering if the speech wasn't going to happen anytime soon, the tip of his blue blade aimed for the floor, near a couple of students. Right as the tip almost touched the floor, his human form appeared and he yawned. Perhaps he'd been in his sword form for too long, but it certainly made traveling faster.

Helina Talzin|Music&Dance Teacher|300|Highborn Nature Elf|Auditorium|Everyone
Helina chuckled, "Not what I meant..." Without another word the vine grew in size wrapping gently around Maxine's waist and lifting her up from the ground, it did the same to Helina carrying them both over the crowds of students before gently setting them down in front of the stage. "I think you'll be able to make friends, just by being yourself." She said green glowing from her hand before a part of the vine that had just carried them to the stage broke off and began to sprout flowers, forming a crown. "Go sit with your classmates and try to get along." She said before turning to head up on the stage.

Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon|Auditorium|Everyone
Dax shook his head as Helina and Maxine dropped down in front of the stage. "You make a grand enough entrance?" "Of course not! I could make it even more lavish, want to see?" He shook his head, "No thanks, I'd feel bad if the poor janitor had to try and clear up an entire forest in our building." Helina smirked, "I promise I'd help him." Helina formed a seat out of vines, sitting and waiting and Dax turned glancing out to the many students, "Guess it's time." He took out a small glowing crystal and tapped it twice, "Good morning all you wonderful beings! I'm glad to have you grace the halls of my academy this year!!!" His voice was loud and clear among all the chattering in the room, he was about to continue when a kid with white hair and red eyes shot up from his seat in pure panic, "I SWEAR I DIDN'T EAT THE GOLDEN DEER!!!"

Dax chuckled slightly as the kid glanced around, his face growing a considerable shade of red compared to his very pale skin. It had been the kid who had instantly fallen asleep after arriving. "That's good to know kid, but instead of chasing golden deer in your sleep, please try to stay awake for the open ceremony. You might miss something important." Dax said with a smile as the kid sat down seeming to try and vanish into his seat. He cleared his throat, "As I was about to say, today you will find out what dorm you are staying in and whom it is you'll be spending the year with. I do hope you all get along. You will find out where each class is held and the basic points of these classes, but for the most part today will be a bonding time!! The last thing you need is to feel overwhelmed with a bunch of homework on the first day. As the letter stated, I have three very simple rules, abide by them and you won't have to face my wrath. If you have a problem with something or someone please inform me or any of my wonderful teachers. I want you all to feel welcome here. Now onto introductions!!!" Dax went on to introduce all the teachers by name and what they would be teaching. It didn't take long to finish up and then he moved to the dorm announcements, "Some of you may already be aware but our dorms are shared, two to a room and they are co-ed. Not to mention randomly selected by yours truly, Pretty much I tossed your names into a hat and drew your names out in pairs. It was fun to see the pairings so with no further delay!!!" He listed off everyone in their pairs and dorm number, as he did so the key to the room appeared in their hands, "With that, you may disperse!!! You will have a twenty-minute break go to your dorm, put your stuff in your rooms, and then head to your first class! I hope we have a splendid school year together!!! DISMISSED!!!" Dax finished his speech in record time, usually is took him almost an hour to get through everything, but this time around it had only taken up a span of about 30 minutes. He was getting better!!!

Finn|14|King Cobra Shifter|Auditorium|Everyone
Finn wanted to die, had he really just shouted something about eating deer in the middle of the Headmaster's speech? He pulled her knees up to his chest burying his face away from other's view. "Great way to make a fool out of yourself Finn..." He muttered trembling from embarrassment.

(If you guys want I can edit Dax's post to have him legit say all their names...but figured this would be a bit more simple and well not as much to read haha)
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Rennie 13 angel/demon
Rennie just looked at the nurse as she was put back onto the bed she just had her foot on a pillow" Yeah okay....." she said as she bites her lip" You had struggled with your powers like I have struggled with my powers really" she said as she saw the nurse walked to the boy that scared her she just hated him so much she just yawned a little she was still sleepy from just waking up from her coma she just looked at her foot that was on the pillow the nurse was taking care of the boy she didn't know his name not that she cared about his name she just glared at him she just sighed looking back to the wall she wondered how long she had to stay her' god why am I so tired' she thought as she struggled to keep her eyes open

Maxine Talzin

Maxine as she giggled as she was taking a ride on the vines she was in front of the stage in seconds" That was fun" she say as she smiled looking at her' just be myself that's easy right right' she thought to herself she looked up at her mum as she was told to go seat with the other students she didn't know who to seat with she just looked back at her mum" bye mum" she said as she went to seat with them she just bites her lip as she sat down she didn't know who to talk she just waiting for the headmaster to talk she listen to the words thankfully when he said about the dorms she will be staying with her mum she didn't feel confident enough to stay in a dorm she liked staying with her mum

Edwin Yates
There was conflict in his mind no longer as Edwin maintained an air of indifference, trying to ignore the girl’s tears as the nurse comforted her. He couldn’t care no longer who’s fault it was, all that currently preoccupied his mind was the words of the nurse. “They all have issues controlling their powers… I am going to fucking die. Father brought me here to be caught in some monster’s blast radius of magical bullshit.” his own thoughts causing him to chuckle gravely at his predicament.

Following the instructions of the nurse, Edwin placed his feet upon the stool before replying in a detached manner “I just don’t care anymore, she can do whatever the hell she wants as long as I’m not involved” wincing a bit at the pain of having the ointment applied, Edwin listened to her instructions, “At least I can say I was lucky in being burnt” he muttered quietly before focusing at the bandages being applied to his feet. Taking a moment to ponder, Edwin then slowly, calmly thanked the nurse before questioning “How will we find that out? Or get the k-” as he said so he felt the cold touch of metal within his clenched hand, bewildered, Edwin turned his hand and opened his fingers to reveal the shining luster of a small metal key.

“What the fuck? How… did you?” Edwin unknowingly uttered out loud as he turned to look the nurse in her eyes, then back to the key, before raising a single eyebrow in suspicion. “So I guess that answers my question huh. Now just to find out what room this opens.” taking one look at the small girl one more time, his eyes narrow a bit, if he was truly lucky Edwin won’t have to deal with the little fireball again at least for tonight.

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Zaahir Hakimi

Location: School Auditorium

Mentions: None

Interactions: Viktor Hall ( SomeRandomCanuck SomeRandomCanuck )
Zaahir smiled when Viktor seemed to agree that there was possible potential. "I'm glad you agree with me then. I look forward to seeing any possible ideas you come up with. I'm sure the magic teacher would be able to help you come up with more ideas than I can though. I dunno too much about powers other than my own. If I'm being honest." Aside from the basics of what they actually can and can't do, he didn't know a lot about the extent of what other people's magic could do. Or even how they can be controlled.

"Okay. So it is sort of like friends. Noted. What a colourful vocabulary you have, Viktor. I may have to use that myself. I hope you find a nice group of Chuckaboos." His amused smile remained as he said the word himself. What a funny word. He may have to use it more himself. To the dismay to anyone around him who's going to be forced to hear this word over and over again. Oh he was so excited to use it. "Wait...100 quid!?" How much was that again? He slipped his phone out his pocket to searching up a currency conversion. "That's almost 500 Riyals. Jeez. No way. Unless you're buying a really big or fancy light they don't get that high. Nice floor lamps are that expensive. But just the bulb itself? That's only like 20 Riyal for a standard one. Uh...or like around 5 pounds? Quid? Sorry I'm not too familiar with this type of currency. But I'm trying to say that bulbs can be dirt cheap." He laughed as he sat his phone in his lap.

"Did Charles Dickens write fairy tales? If so then that definitely makes sense." Zaahir noted the slight playful tone. Luckily for him, big ears were not just for show. With such good hearing it was easier for him to spot slight changes in people's voices. It made it easier to read people. "The world has changed a lot in many ways over the past few centuries. If it ever gets too overwhelming or confusing you're free to talk to me. In case you haven't noticed, I am very fond of idle chatter. I don't know too much about history and whatnot. But I'm all ears to listen to any rants or inquiries you may have. Quite literally." He perked up his large rabbit ears to make a point. Moving them from their relax flopped position to being held straight up. Before letting them fall back to the side of his head momentarily.

"You're welcome. I'm looking forward to this year as well. I'm quite excited for what all you students have to offer." He mused, smoothing out his ears with his hands as he kept his attention to the front. Viktor seemed like the serious type who'd want to listen to the welcoming speech. So he refrained from talking too much so he could focus.

It would be far from the first time he's heard this speech. But he was curious to hear all the names of this year's group of students and who they were paired up with. And well. There seemed to be another interesting student. The sleeping student seemed to have finally woke up. And boy did that leave an impression. He chuckled to himself as he listened to the speech. He stood up from his seat and waved to the students when he was introduced from the headmaster before leaning back in his seat.

And to his surprise...the speech felt like it was half as long as it usually was. And that earned Dax a clap. He might have been the next person to fall asleep if it stretched on to an hour once again.

"What a lovely speech." He mused before standing up. Stretching out his arms. "Have they provided maps of the academy to you students already? I don't mind accompanying you and any other students who don't know the way to the dorms. But if not. I might set off on my own break. But it was a delight to talk to you, Viktor. I look forward to seeing you more. And you too, Pestilence!" He cooed at the crow before a wide grin spread on his face.

Layton Esmond

Location: Lunchroom

Mentions: None

Interactions: Open
Layton wandered around the empty lunchroom. Eventually stopping at the big doors he, assumed, leaded into the kitchen. He didn't want to take anything too big. He didn't need anything too big! Plus he didn't want to get accused for stealing...he just wanted a snack! He pushed through the doors. Peeking around in the kitchen. If he could just get some fruit...that would be good enough! His eyes scanned the kitchen. Spotting what seemed like a pantry and slowly made his way over to peek inside. His eyes lit up when he spotted some apples and bananas! He took one of each fruit. The two items getting wrapped in a dark red aura as they began floating over towards him he managed to grab the banana but the apple floated right over his head. And it was now flying away.

"Hey...! Get back here!" He huffed. Tucking the banana in his sweater pocket before chasing after the apple. It was always hit or miss with his telekinesis. Sometimes he could control what thing did. And other times things floated aimlessly out of his control. He chased after this cursed apple. Like a cat chasing a laser pointer. Just when he thought he was about to catch it it floated out of the way! Sometimes he's convinced his powers have a mind of their own. And they're constantly trying to bully him. He ran after the apple as it floated out the kitchen and into the lunch room again.

Despite trying to stay close to the auditorium so he could return when if something else happened in the auditorium...his mind was too occupied with this apple to even realize the speech he thought was over was currently happening. The faint sound of headmaster's voice in the next room over going in one ear and out the other. He climbed up on one of the tables. Watching the apple before jumping after it! Finally managing to grab it but at the cost at having to lunge in the air after it. But he didn't seem to mind. As before he could crash into the ground it was now Layton himself who was floating around in the air. Catching himself with his telekinesis. Giving a sigh of relief he allowed himself to just idly float around the lunch room without a care in the world as he enjoyed a small snack break to himself.
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Hyacinth was curious about how he was imagining it, but to be fair, it was probably a more normal method than anyone could expect and Artioshi seemed embarrassed enough that he didn’t want to add salt to the wound. But as soon as the embarrassment showed, it faded away with mentions of other subjects—Hyacinth wasn’t going to bring up the Oni thing. Hyacinth does know what a Oni is an he had come to realize that Artioshi may be as awkward as he is with that kind of thing. Artioshi had also brought up the idea of pairing up for elemental control. Of course, Hyacinth agreed because he was starting to consider Artioshi as a friend…and a little because he was curious about how Yokai uses magic, but that’s besides the point.

“Yeah we should! I think it’ll be fun. Dance class?—“

Hyacinth kind of felt bad he’d been pressured into dancing because of how things sounded. In the case, he was actually as awkward as he is. So, when Artioshi changed it back onto Hyacinth’s electives he could understand.

“Yeah, my mom said the same thing. On the way to school, there started a debate between my parents about whether or not I’d become a swordsman or an archer.”

Then Dax Maron got the attention of his students. There was also something about a kid dreaming about eating a golden goat or something, but there’s a lot of species that do have goat in their diets goats. It wasn’t that surprising. After he spoke about the dorms and listed the randomized pairings and keys dropped into their hands, Hyacinth got his was and slightly shocked. But also relieved at the same time.

“We are dorm mates! We are in dorm four. Wanna go get settled in before class starts?”

Hyacinth was working very hard about his excitement about Workings of Magic though he didn’t know if he was hiding it the best. He wondered when the class would be.​
Malcom Willems|16|Werewolf
Location: Auditorium

“Well it’s better than what I can do.” Malcom chuckled in a semi-sarcastic tone. Upon closer inspection, the girl seemed to be nice enough. She didn’t necessarily look like anything out of the ordinary, except for the fact that she teleported. He was quite startled when she leaned towards him, only to tell him that she saw a giant snake. “A giant snake? Maybe I should try to find it later…” The girl then introduced herself as Nora and asked Malcolm why he was at the academy in the first place. At fist, he thought about his answer for a second. “My Pops said that I should come here to get a better hold of my powers.” He put out his hand for a handshake. “My name is Malcolm. Pleasure to meet you Nora.”

Before they could continue the conversation, another student quite literally dropped in before the pair. “Greetings, Stewed Ents of this Ak-A-Deem-E!" The winged student says in a bold exclamation. Malcom was a bit confused about the way the student said thing. “Are they foreign or something?” Malcolm thought. Considering that this school has all kinds of supernatural entities. Creatures from around the globe coming here wouldn’t be out of the question. The winged student once again spoke up again after a long moment of silence. “I spotted the pair of you from elsewhere and was wondering…Might I hear your names?”

“Uh, sure. I’m Malcolm Willems, Pleasure to meet you. What’s your name?”

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Vivienne Woods☆Nurse☆Wood Elf
Location: Auditorium-->nurses office
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In no time the mother and daughter had made their way to the Auditorium just in time before the headmaster's great welcoming speech. "Yes dear....it does seem we made it just on time....now go on find a seat with the others...and don't worry dear you will do wonderful.." she added knowing her daughter had been a bit nervous about starting school here. Ivy watched her daughter walk off to one of the seats where the students were gathering as she herself went to the area where the professors were to sit. The tall woman made sure to greet her fellow teachers before taking her seat. She sat quietly and stoic-like as the headmaster began his welcome speech to the children. She looked over to the children and gave a gentle head bow when they were introduced to the students. Once the welcome ceremony came to an end and the students were released Ivy stood back simply watching the students exit the auditorium, keeping a watch on her daughter for a bit before heading out of the auditorium herself. The elven woman decided to make her way back to the medical wing of the school to check on the small child that had been brought in and to check on how Esmarie was holding up.
Rennie medic building

Sleep took hold of Rennie quickly and with it came nightmares.... Her brother taking away her meals. Hitting her for doing something wrong. But the worst of it all, was something she never wanted to live through again. She groaned in her sleep, sweat beading along her forehead. Esmarie wasn't in the room anymore, she had went to help the other kid get to his dorm. She turned in her sleep and pain hit her, but it wasn't enough to wake her from the dream that had started.

Rennie sat in the middle of the woods, she had finally gotten the chance to go outside by herself, her brother telling her not to go far or she'd be punished. She felt somewhat calm, as she felt her powers within her. She remembered watching her brother summon scary hounds to hunt her down with, but she wondered if she'd be able to make her own. If she did...would it be able to protect her??? The thought gave her a small amount of hope and she tried to focus on her powers, it was a bit painful...she hadn't been using her magic for a while. If she did brother would hurt her. She almost gave up, closing her eyes as beads of sweat ran down her face and then she heard a bark. Her eyes opened expecting to see something scary, but it wasn't. It honestly didn't look anything like what her brother's hounds looked like. It had feathery wings, a light coat, and a horn on its forehead. It sat staring at her before barking once more and wagging its tail. "You're cute..." She said with a smile, "I have to keep you a secret from big brother or he might hurt you..." She whispered as the hound nuzzled her, licking at some of the wounds on her arm, they began to heal, "Oh!! You can do that? That's so awesome...what should I call you..." She was so happy to have someone with her now.

She would come out here and play with libro whenever she got the chance, she had been able to keep him a secret for almost a month, before she lost track of time and didn't get home in time. Her brother came looking for her.Libro had started to growl as soon as her older brother approached. "No.. libro You can't!!" She begged her hound, but he didn't want to listen to her determined to protect her from her older brother. Libro attacked her brother and for a moment she held hope Libro would win. Libro body came flying back toward her and she saw hi blood. She tried blocking her brothers attacks while tried to collect himself. Standing and guarding Rennie once more, and then it ended just like that... she watched in horror as libro body was torn into pieces vanishing before her eyes.


🍪Lithan Pepperseed 🍪
Launet Sefra, Alcuris Twilight BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

The day was already off to a wonderfully depressing start for the Cookie-Folk. He had to mountain climb his way to the welcoming ceremony. Then arrived late. Then took an unwanted lesson on how not to fly. And now he's being manhandled by one of the giants as she picked up his limp depressed little body. Just his luck honestly. Lithan looks up as his captor with an annoyed gaze before letting out a sigh and rolling his eyes. "Look lady, if you're going to eat me, at least do it head first to make it as painless as possible." He said. To be perfectly fair, he was mostly sure that's not the reason she picked him up, but it was a reasonable assumption to make considering how his day went. The fact that he didn't even get to eat his grape before the end made this theory even more likely all things considered. "If you're not going to eat me, at least throw me into the nearest river. That seems to be about the right path my life seems to be taking about now. That or just set me down on the top of the stairs so I don't need to climb them again, if you don't mind?"
Finbar Cody
OPEN for interaction.
BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising (Or anyone who wants to interrupt Finbar.)

Finbar latched the door to Ember's new stall, petting her on the nose one last time before leaving for the auditorium
"Don't you worry, girl. I'm sure we'll both make new friends here."
"Hope so." Neighed Ember, nudging him.
Finbar stopped and turned to address her once more;
"We will, don't you worry."

Finbar had wished that his mom came on campus, but both figured that it would be most within school policies to say their goodbyes before Fin and Ember entered school grounds.
Finbar was certain he'd be late for the assembly, but didn't sweat it too much. He was sure he'd only be a little bit late, but when he finally made it to the auditorium he could have screamed.
"I hope we have a splendid school year together!!!" the headmaster boomed,"DISMISSED!!!"
Finbar was later than late. He had missed the entire assembly aside from the dismissal. He wouldn't know his rooming assignments now unless maybe he asked the headmaster himself.
He held his head in both hands, weaving through the crowd of students who were going in the opposite direction.

"Sir! SIR!" He shouted, attempting prematurely to get Mr. Maron's attention.
Zak Raine
Socialization: Open (with De-let) DarkKitsune DarkKitsune
Location: Auditorium
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"Oh what? Survival? That'd be kinda cool- I've never really been out and roughing it before. I mean we went camping once in awhile but it was in an RV so that's not really the same thing," he spoke, scratching at his jaw. "But still, no dancing? I'm not very good at it, but hey, it might be fun. Give me a way to burn off all my excess energy," he spoke, which was mostly a joke given the fact that he was pretty relaxed, most of the time. "But yeah, definitely be able to hang out in Creature Riding," he spoke, grinning.

When she mentioned the library, Zak's grin grew a little. "Yeah I kinda pegged you for a bookworm. Good to know I have someone who can help me with my classes," he teased. He wasn't exactly dumb, but sometimes the finer points of classroom teaching escaped him. Or sometimes even the less-fine points. Or any points altogether, depending on how interested he was in the subject. "In all honesty though, I'd love to hear about whatever you end up researching for all the different folks that are here. Myself included- I pretty much only know what mom and dad taught me."

He was about to keep talking (as Zak often did) when the call came to settle into the seats and ready up for the actual assembly to start. Nodding toward De-let, he made a gesture toward some of the seats if she wanted to come sit with him, which was up to her of course, as he made his way to sit.

As he listened through the speech, Zak's mind wandered, curious on who was he was going to dorm with. He kind of hoped it was De-let, if only because she was already someone he knew, but he also wanted it to be someone new, so he could meet someone new. And then as the name was read, he tilted his head to the side... he had no idea who that was, yet (obviously,) yet as the key appeared in his hand he was still excited beyond that.

No classes for the first day, just meeting people? "Woooo!" he cheered as he stood up. "All right!" he continued, glancing around, mostly interested in meeting as many people as possible. "I'm gonna go talk to folks. You wanna come with or stake it out on your own? he asked, glancing back to De-let, the young man eager, it seemed, to find out who people were.
Esmarie Twilight|Nurse|30|Emopire|Medic Building|Edwin & Rennie
Esmarie laughed softly, "If you turn the key over you'll notice it does have a number on it. The Headmaster likes to play tricks on people sometimes. Even though he is old it doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy pranking people here and there." She finished up wrapping up his feet, "Now we can go about this several ways. One I carry you to your dorm, or two I simply help you walk. Either way is fine by me." It seemed Rennie had fallen into a slumber, so Esmarie wouldn't have to worry too much about leaving her alone....hopefully...
Texangamer Texangamer SomeRandomCanuck SomeRandomCanuck

Launet Sefra|17|Demon/Unicorn & Alcuris Twilight|16|Emopire|Auditorium|LaunetAuditorium|Alcuris & Lithan
Launet almost threw the thing she had just picked up, and Alcuris' eyes glued to the talking object in her hands. She adjusted her hold on him so he could actually stand in her hand. "I don't eat random things from the ground...besides, I'm not a fan of sweets. Sorry, I picked you up like an object... I thought someone had dropped something..." Alcuris shrugged, "Are you one of the students here?" Launet sat him down on the top step as he requested, before glancing in her other hand as a key appeared, how long had they been looking for this person...cookie...living cookie. She glanced at the number, "11." Alcuris held up his, "Mine says 5, must be our dorm room keys....seems like we missed the speech." He said with a shrug. "Well since the three of us are out here shall we head for our dorms? What does yours say...um...cookie man? Oh, my name is Launet..." She said looking at the cookie guy. "Alcuris is my name...also she mentioned you having screamed...sorry, I caused you to start your day of on the wrong foot." Launet nodded, "Yeah, he took me by surprise flying out of the door, I'm just glad we didn't smash you..or you know break you... that would have been bad. If you are hurt I can probably heal you."
DapperKnight DapperKnight

April Valence|16|Water Spirit Contractor|Auditorium|Izzy
She looked down at the key in her hand, flipping it over to notice the number 8, "Hey are you in room 8 by chance, that'd be awesome if you were!!!" She said holding up the key with the number 8 on it. It would be awesome if the first person she talked to turned out to be her roommate. It didn't bother her that most would say having water and electric elements in one room was a bad idea.
Texangamer Texangamer

Kyrin|16|Living Sword of Ice|Auditorium|Open
Kyrin sighed wondering if the speech wasn't going to happen anytime soon, the tip of his blue blade aimed for the floor, near a couple of students. Right as the tip almost touched the floor, his human form appeared and he yawned. Perhaps he'd been in his sword form for too long, but it certainly made traveling faster. "Room 13...Now...do I want to wait or fly out of here..." A yawn took over and he shook his head, "Nope....no flying...too tired for that." He slowly made his way through the crowd, dodging a guy that was calling out for the Headmaster. Likely someone who had been late to the meeting.

Helina Talzin|Music&Dance Teacher|300|Highborn Nature Elf|Auditorium|Everyone
Helina glanced towards her daughter, last minute Maxine had asked if she could simply remain staying with her. Which was fine. She didn't mind, but she hoped eventually Maxine might feel comfortable enough to stay with one of her classmates. She watched a few of the students, seeing how they took to finding out who they were rooming with.

Dax Maron|Headmaster|Unknown|Ancient Dragon|Auditorium|Everyone
Dax watched as the students got their keys and began to find out what rooms they were in and who their roommates were. It was interesting to watch their faces. There was one student who was moving against the crowd, "Sir! SIR!" He chuckled slightly jumping down from the stage and heading toward the student calling for him. He met the young man halfway, "What can I do for you young lad?" He asked, the kid had likely been running late, which was fine.
StrixDesmodus StrixDesmodus

Finn|14|King Cobra Shifter|Auditorium-->Dorm|Open
Finn glanced at the key in his hand, "Room 1...crap I doubt there is even a chance I'll be alone then...Now I'm going to have to live with someone after shouting that....ugh..." He wanted to shift to his smallest snake form and vanish, just go poof right out of existence, but he couldn't. He stood heading for the exit of the auditorium, wondering who his roommate might be. If he were lucky they'd be nice and not make fun of him for his major slip-up.

INTERACTION: Whitefog Whitefog

When Zak made the bookworm comment she had nothing to say to it. Considering how her life had been reading it had become a sanctuary. She did reply.

“If I find anything on Soul Elementals I will let you know,”

After Mr.Maron’s speech was over and they received their keys, she learned that her dormmate was named ‘Ayelet’ in dorm three. When he said he was going to talk to other students she nodded. He offered if she wanted to join him.

“I’m going to go hunt down my dorm and get my stuff settled. Maybe I’ll get to meet my dormmates. After I got everything settled, I planned on mapping out the school, to learn my way around before classes begin.”

She explained. Proceeded to add,

“Maybe we could meet up again later? Hope you make friends!”

She was hoping her and her dormmate would get along. Though it was hard to tell about how unpredictable people tend to be.​
  • Professor Jean Garnier. Wendigo, Instructor of Magic.
    Location: Auditorium
    Interactions/Mentions: AquaMarie AquaMarie (Mayumi)
    After the majority of the students had made their way into the auditorium, Jean followed suit before taking a seat himself. Crossing his arms across his chest, he couldn't help but crack a slight smile at the absurdity of it all. Never once had he been this close to such a concentration of people, and now it would be nothing more than a daily routine. A familiar tone pulled his attention as his eyes drifted over the elegant figure of his coworker. "Ms. Kitsui, good morning to you as well." Returning a smile of his own in response, he would shift slightly in his seat so as to make conversing a bit easier now that she was seated next to him. At the mention of the spell he'd utilized, he couldn't help but glance back towards the doorway; perhaps it would be a bit shocking for some of the more squeamish students.

    "I felt it might be rude to raise my voice too much so early in the day, and I'd rather not intensify their first-day jitters." Tracing a circle into the air with his index finger, the announcing construct would fall silent before drifting over to him once more, the skull maneuvering its way back into the satchel before coming to rest. "Though in hindsight, I suppose it may come across a bit macabre." Taking a mental note of that for the future, he turned back to Mayumi once again. At the mention of his readiness, Jean couldn't help but pause in quiet contemplation, but all the same, he gave a resolute nod. "Well, it's a new venture for certain. I'd like to say that I'm one hundred percent ready, but As the headmaster's voice rang out throughout the auditorium, Jeans found his words drowned out.

    The headmaster's speech and introductions continued, but he remained silent; even during his own introduction, he merely stood and offered a smile and a polite wave to the student population before being seated once again. Time for a more personal introduction could be held during classes rather than overwhelming the students with upfront information. As the speech drew to a close, he turned his attention back to Mayumi. "The universe does have a way of foiling my intentions, you see. So I'll have to settle for about ninety-two percent readiness." Shaking his head lightly, he uncrossed his arms. The fingers on his left hand were tingling ever so slightly, leading to his hand falling asleep around the halfway point of the ceremony.

    "On the other hand, as a more experienced instructor, how are you feeling about this year? Feeling any of the first-day nervousness?"
Vivienne Woods☆Nurse☆Wood Elf
Location: Auditorium-->Medic Building
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Vivienne left the auditorium and walked down to the medical wing of the school building. Steping through the doors of the medic wing she walked to the back where the beds were hoping to run into Esmarie. "Esmarie?..." Though the whole wing seemed to be quiet, seeing that only the girl that Esmarie had found was there. "You still here...oh?..." she said spotting the girl still asleep on the bed, but then quickly spotting the burn mark on the ground. "... that's new..." she said to herself. Her attention was quickly grabbed by the small voice coming from the sleeping child in one of the hospital beds. Walking over she quickly noticed that the girl was clearly having a nightmare from her murmuring in her sleep. Vivienne went over to the girl and gently placed her hand on her head and gently caressed the top of it. Quitely singing an old elven lullaby, something she had done in the past for her own daughter when she would suffer from nightmares.

Marina Odeletta Wintergreen☆Student☆Mermaid
Location: Auditorium-->Dorms
Interaction: Open
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Marina looked down at the key she had received. "So this is it....our key to our new room and home..." she softly stated down to the orb on her side. She figured she should get a start in finding this Dorm thing they called it here. Standing up from her seat she wobbled a bit almost losing her balance. But once fully gained she slowly walked out of the auditorium towards she figured most students were going as she followed a crowd of them.
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Rennie was just asleep as she held onto the blanket she had she didn't hear anyone walk into the room she just whimper" Big brother don't hurt me don't hurt Libro" she mumbled she hated her nightmares it was always the same she felt someone touch her head as she started to calm down that same someone sang her a lullaby she felt calm she just moaned as she fell into deep sleep but after a while she woke up rubbing her eyes she was hungry she looked at the tall woman she just sat up as she looked around she didn't see the other nurse hear" Hello" she say to the woman" um.... is there any food I'm hungry" she say to her her nightmares still bothered her she felt a tear come down her face
AquaMarie AquaMarie

Isabella Izzy

Izzy just looked at April as she gave her a sad smile" no but I can visit you in your room if you like" she told her as she put her hair behind her ear she really did feel comfortable" I can walk with you to your room if you like" she says to her she felt comfortable with her for a reason" it would have been nice to be roomed with you" she said as she just looked at her" come let's go find our dorms" I'm in room number 1" she said" I wonder what classes would you oh and April Thanks for cheering me up" she say as she gave her a smile" shell always be in my heart even if she's gone" she says as she smiled trying to be strong BloodWolfRising BloodWolfRising

Catalina 15 currently Lost (open)

Cat was completely lost she just made to it the auditorium fininally she made then poof she found a key in her hand" Huh how did this end up in my hand" she say looking at the key as she look in the back of the key" hmm room 7 now how to get there" she says as she didn't know where exactly where she but she had to get to her dorm room but she had missed the speech" oh well" she thought as she walked around as she was walked she was messing with her hair as she smiled she was nervous who would her roommate will be would they be cool she didn't know

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