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I suppose this is explained entirely by the title. So, people (I think lol) usually have a few roleplays going on at once. So, what is your own personal maximum? Also, just for fun, what is the most you have ever done? And what is your preferred amount (if that is different from your max)?

My own maximum is like, five at once? Assuming they're all active. I like around three, and I have no clue what is the most I've ever had at once, somewhere in the low teens.


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This could be fun xD

I currently have 10 RPs running, but it's nowhere near my maximum because only 2-5 of those are near daily (2 of them haven't been daily of late, so it's been more like 3). The others are usually at least once a week, to a couple of times a week. If these were all daily, that MIGHT be an entirely different story. I think for daily responses, probably 5-6 would be my limit.

I'm pretty sure I've balanced more than this at one time before, but again, various levels of activity for each one. My preferred would probably be having 4-5 daily/multiple times a week, and maybe a couple of the slower pace ones.


3 is usualy a number I try to not go over unless there is something that is super inspiring, or I feel that current rp start to slow down by a lot.
And I generally prefer to have 1-2 at once, that's what comfortable enough for me.


3-4 is my maximum. Although sometimes I go over that joining roleplays on the basis that some will inevitably die. I usually go for a once weekly schedule as that's usually what I can manage to commit to.

Most ever I think I had 7 or 8 current scenes that were at a twice weekly-ish post schedule. But that was sort of crazy. I couldn't do that now.


It reaaally depends on what my schedule is. I don't think I would be able to hold down any more than three roleplays if I were a full-time student with a part-time job- if any at all. But my hands are completely free right now. No school. No job. I can probably handle about five roleplays given the pace at which I normally respond. Of course, there is always a part of me that would like to have at least ten roleplays at the same time.

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I usually do like two at once if I am lucky, although I have maxed out at I believe four. My scheduling is all over the place though so I try not to overbook myself.

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