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Fandom Master Detective Archives: Paradise Escape


Here Be Dragons

Step into the riveting world of 'Master Detectives Archive: Paradise Escape,' where the most brilliant investigative minds unite to unravel enigmas.
World Detective Organization (WDO), an agency consisting of the so-called master detectives who use unique supernatural powers, know as 'forte' to solve mysteries of the world.

These astute master detectives was assigned to pursue the truth behind the perplexing vanishing acts of ships and airplanes. However, a new chapter unfolds when each of these remarkable individuals receives a cryptic letter directly from the World Detective Organization, a sudden change of plan, or so they thought. The message propels them toward an uncharted realm, a tropical Eden absent from maps – the enigmatic 'Sunset Island.'

A journey of discovery and intrigue awaits as the WDO orchestrates an expedition, readying a vessel to ferry the master detectives to this alluring but undisclosed destination. Drawn by the allure of untold secrets and the promise of unearthing the island's forgotten history, the detectives embark on this treacherous voyage, unaware of the malevolent machinations silently underway.

What was envisioned as an escape into paradise soon morphs into a spine-chilling ordeal, as the azure waves that carry the ship conceal shadows of impending doom. The group find themselves pawns in a sinister plot they could never have anticipated. As the tropical facade unravels to reveal a landscape fraught with peril, the detectives must summon their unparalleled deductive skills to piece together fragments of an intricate puzzle that spans beyond space and time.

Hi, this is a fandom RP of Rain Code, with original characters and stories. I still have a bit of Danganronpa craving left in me after all these years, will consider starting the RP if I get enough interest~
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Alice Angelica

Alice Angelica is a captivating enigma who will join you in this thrilling adventure. Her amnesia shrouds her in an air of mystery, concealing a past that holds the key to unlocking the secrets of Sunset Island. Always seen clutching an ancient-looking tome, her connection to this arcane book hints at hidden knowledge and untapped powers. Among the island's inhabitants, Alice is known as the "princess," not for her royal lineage, but for her remarkable ability to unravel the "absolute truth". Alice's presence becomes an essential puzzle piece, guiding the group toward the elusive answers they seek, and revealing that sometimes, the most enigmatic characters hold the answers to the most perplexing riddles.

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