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Mass Lesbian Fantasy World Romance Rp?


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Found this plot among my things and was wondering if there were enough people out there to make bios for and fully commit to playing it. It'd be in hosted projects if I got enough. I'm thinking 6 or more not-me people would be good.

You live in the modern day country of Valentine, ruled by the wonderful Queen Rebecca and King Ambrose, and until yesterday, you lived a relatively normal life within it’s borders, with one exception: instead of (or in addition to) searching for a husband, you were looking for a female romantic partner (gay marriage is prohibited for hundreds of years in Valentine).

Two weeks ago, the Crown Prince Stefan of Valentine, along with his girlfriend, a young woman named Avery, and his sister, Princess Ana, were involved in a horrific car accident. The prince and princess escaped mostly unscathed, but Avery was hurt. She passed out en route to the hospital and was announced dead on arrival…

After which the princess- through her mother the Queen- made an announcement. Yesterday. Avery was not the princes’ girlfriend, but rather her own, and they had planned to elope to a foreign country in the coming years. Since Avery was now dead, this was off the table. Having come out to her parents and having a nonrefundable deposit on a wedding dress and cake, her parents decided it would be best to go through with the wedding, in Valentine….with another girl. (Reversing all previous decisions on gay marriage and rights.)

And if their daughter was going to marry a girl, the King and Queen figured out it may as well be someone they approved of! Which is why you’re now here, in a gorgeous mansion in the capital city, one of the King and Queen’s approved choices to compete for the hand of the princess. And if some of the non-chosen competitors happen to fall in love, well, power to them!


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That is indeed 6 and I am applying for a Hosted Project in a minute, this is gonna have some ~competitive elements~ so

actually it'll probably work in Fantasy; if I need the extra resources I'll have it moved. That's...easier tbh


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Posted my CS now whadda' ya think? shorter than my normal ones but I really like her character lool :3

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