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Fandom Mass Effect (Interest Check)

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So, you thought the reapers were defeated? The Rachni were dealt with? The Krogan reasoned with? Hah, ignorance is bliss, is it not?

I'm looking for a small group to play out Mass Effect. It will include things such as the Krogan Rebellion, the Rachni Wars, the Geth Rebellion, the Reaper invasion, among others. This will not be canon, and timelines will not be followed, allowing the Humans an earlier involvement to participate in events, the Protheans possibly playable, and other races being where they shouldn't be, for our enjoyment of course.

There is no Sheppard, though there is still a powerful force for good, that's us. There can be a rank structure, allowing for a playable commander, or not. This is an interest check, and I'm looking to shape this role play around the wants of the players. I'm looking for maybe 6 people at the most. Once I find a few people interested, I'll develop the story more and roles.

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