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Fandom Marvel x DC Crackship Anyone? (MxF)


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So I'm a big fan of comic books as well as fluffy romance stories, and this particular pairing just so happens to be on my mind! I'd like to engage in an RP starring Spider-Man and Starfire! I was thinking it could be set in an amalgam Marvel/DC universe (but without the weird amalgam characters we got in the 90's, it was bizarre), with Kori and Pete meeting and hitting it off! Either they go to the same high schoo/college, or they meet as their super alter egos, or maybe both?

Basically what I'm looking for here is equal parts slice of life romantic fluff with a bit of superhero drama here and there. Maybe it can be shortly after Gwen Stacey's death, or Starfire's escaped from space prison again and is trying to lay low (or both), whichever we decide on!

I'm hoping to play Spidey while my potential partner plays Starfire!

Also, I am 26 in real life, so I'd appreciate it if my RP partner was at least 20+. It'd be kind of awkward for me otherwise, you understand.

Send me a DM or respond down below id you're interested!

You can also find me on Discord at The Bow Tie#0186

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