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Fandom ┈➤ marvel search ! { canon-divergent/au } *ੈ✩‧₊˚

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my name is trait and i am looking for a roleplay partner for any universe (canon-divergent or alternate!) in the marvel fandom. i've been roleplaying since the days of warrior cats chatlands and have been for the last 12+ years! i write semi-literate to literate, and don't really care to make my responses fancy in formatting. i haven't forum rp'ed in a while, so bear with me while i try to get back into it. :angel3:

the characters i typically like to write are...
  • Tony Stark (MCU-based or Invincible Iron Man (2022) based.)
  • Steve Rogers (MCU-based)
  • Bucky Barnes (a blend of MCU and comics, so kind of a 'headcanon' interpretation?)
  • Thor Odinson (a blend of MCU and comics, same as bucky)
  • Matt Murdock (netflix daredevil)
  • Moon Knight system (disney+ show; i'm getting into the recent run of moon knight currently!)
... but i would be more than happy to write other characters you may want pairings for! i work best with male characters but am not opposed to writing female or other characters. ;)

the plots i have in mind are under the spoiler for compact posting. if you have any other ideas, though, i'd be more than happy to talk about them!
1. a more modern au where superhero abilities or other forms of "super humanity" are turned into jobs. for example, stark industries went from an arms dealer to a tech company; steve rogers helps veterans with ptsd and works with service animals for veterans; matt murdock is just a lawyer!
2. what if [blank] never happened? this could be any plot line or event that impacts the characters decisions! for example, what if steve did tell tony about bucky? or what if marc never accepted being khonshu's host?
3. sibling angst with thor and loki, where thor and loki meet in the TVA because they robbed us of loki making amends with his brother.
4. slice-of-life. think about the 2012 tower fanfics -- something like that, but a little more in-character with the recent adaptations (comic-specific)
5. horror au! monster au! spooky stuff in general! i'm a sucker for horror, so i'd be open to literally any kind possible.

i do not mind whatever kind of ship you desire, or no ship at all! i also don't mind writing more than one character in different threads, but am looking to focus on one-to-one connections per thread. the kinds of ships i like are MxF, MxM, FxF, NBxNB, so on. i myself am a non-binary lesbian; i will not accept any kind of bigotry or anything adjacent toward my portrayals nor myself.

i like writing angst, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, slow burn, modern au's, family dynamics (usually angsty/dysfunctional relationships), and others... basically, i'm open to writing anything sfw!

the more formal information is... EST timezone, part-time job, internship, and master's student; my time is usually pretty open during the day but can vary depending on the hours i work. i'm usually night shift, but that also varies from time-to-time. please be patient with my responses, as i usually try to match the same length you do! i promise to reply to your posts within three days, and will message you if anything comes up and stops me from being able to.

if you read this far, thank you for reading! and if you are interested, you can pm me any time! my discord is also available in my profile if i do not respond to your message within three days -- if you do frq me, i ask that you include some kind of message with your favorite character from any kind of media. it could be a headcanon, tidbit of information, or something else about your favorite character. i hope to hear from you soon! ^_^

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