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Fandom Marvel RP Character Sheet Thread



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Here is the Character Sheet. If you want to add anything to it, feel free to do that.
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Unfortunate. Unfortunate.

Weaknesses (Mental):
Basic Appearance:

Description of Powers:
How Powers were Acquired:
What they can do with the Powers:
Physical Weakness (Optional):
How long they've been a Hero:
How much experience they have being a hero:
How long they are a hero per day:

Like I said, feel free to add to this if you feel like it. I'm not very good at making Character Sheets, so I might have missed something.


Praise the sun
Name: Rick Harris

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Morality: Neutral Good

Weaknesses: Tends to not think things through, and Aimless.

Basic Appearance: Rick Harris.jpg

Occupation: Journalist

Alias: Creeper

Costume: (Less of a costume and more of the shapes Shadow takes when it appears physically)
Shadow can appear however it wishes but here are a few examples for reference.

Description of Powers: Rick shares his body with a mysterious creature he's named Shadow,(Much to the creatures apparent annoyance). The creature is most of the time confined inside of Rick's body but it can appear as a shadow whenever it wishes to reveal itself. The creature almost never looks the same twice and it can form a physical shape around Rick for short periods of time.

How Powers were Acquired: Shadow was created as an experiment in a lab and through unknown means ended up inside of an alley that, a man named Rick Harris just happened to be walking through. Shadow entered Rick's body to obtain a vessel to exist physically, and to stay alive though Shadow doesn't like to bring that part up.

What they can do with the Powers: With Shadow becoming physical there are any number of things which can be achieved. Any number of shapes can be taken, Shadow can form claws or other sharp appendages to throw at its enemies. Shadow can expand and become a barrier against physical threats it can keep this up for about half an hour in a pinch if simply protecting Rick, but if it extends itself to protect others its form will become strained and it'll be able to stay physical for a shorter amount of time. Shadow can shapeshift at will becoming bigger or changing shape altogether at will. It can stretch its limbs and appendages. When not physical Shadow can shrink down to fit through very tiny spaces. Although it cannot phase through solid objects. Rick can create small lights with Shadow using very little energy.

Physical Weakness: Shadow shys away from bright lights, as they are one of the few things which cause the creature actual pain.
Without Shadow Rick is a normal human with very limited fighting skill.

How long they've been a Hero: 3 months

How much experience they have being a hero: As they haven't been together for very long not much.

How long they are a hero per day: They normally operate at night for about two to three hours as the hero business isn't very important to either of them, but Rick is a bit of a do gooder and Shadow begrudgingly obliges him.
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Name: Rosalind Stark ( eldest daughter of Tony Stark)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Morality: Chaotic good
Weaknesses (Mental): has severe anxiety and often has panic attacks
Basic Appearance:
Occupation: Art Student

Alias: Riptide
Costume: Black full body suit with a blue stripe running down the side, leather jacket covering her torso and shoulders, and a blue mask ( sort of like bucky's) covering the lower half of her face
Description of powers: Hydrokinesis :the ability to manipulate fluids, and recently she found that she could also control a persons blood stream
How Powers were Acquired: born a mutant
What they can do with the Powers: Cryokinesis , the ability to control ALL forms of water
Physical Weakness (Optional): Her collar bone, she has broken it before and it is overly sensitive
How long they've been a Hero: 5 years, her father refused to let her help until she was at least 15 years old
How much experience they have being a hero: not that much, about the same as spider man, maybe more
How long they are a hero per day: 5 hours at most, she has college classes too y'know!

Rusty of Shackleford

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Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Morality: Neutral Good
Weaknesses (Mental): Overly stubborn, has severe ADHD
Basic Appearance:
Occupation: Intern at OsCorp

Alias: Spider-Man
Description of Powers:
You should know this, dude.
How Powers were Acquired:
Mutant gene was activated upon being bitten by a radioactive spider.
What they can do with the Powers:
Whatever a spider can (plus some other superhero stuff.)
Physical Weakness (Optional):
Oddly, pesticides. Yeah...
How long they've been a Hero:
About eight years now. He started when he was fifteen.
How much experience they have being a hero:
Has been fighting lesser criminals in New York for eight years.
How long they are a hero per day:
Depends on the day, though usually in the afternoon.


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Name: Rex Goldford
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Morality: Chaotic Good
Weaknesses (Mental): Flashing/bright lights -- he doesn't have epilepsy, he just doesn't want to remember.
He is extremely optimistic, to the point where he's plain naive, and often does not see the bad in people.

Basic Appearance: A little on the short side (for his age), Rex has short, messy, light blonde hair that reaches the middle of his neck and bright cyan eyes that almost literally lights up the room. There are massive burn marks across his back but are mostly blocked out by the lazy sweatpants and jackets that he slaps on of the mornings.

Occupation: Student, Orphanage-Dweller (?)

Alias: Shiner
Costume: Black leather with stripes of glowing cyan energy varying across his suit. He wears a specially-crafted cyan wig for when he's out, and an eye mask with, you guessed it, cyan eye holes. As you would expect, cyan is his favorite color.
Description of Powers: Energy that is powered by the sun.

How Powers were Acquired: Rex is from a future where his Earth was destroyed by a massive Solar Flare. His father managed to get him through a portal to our current universe, but not before Rex suffered severe burns on his back, and he was affected by the sun's rays.

What they can do with the Powers: Use the Solar Energy to produce light, morph the energy into blunt energy weapons, heat up objects, solar blasts from his hands, the list goes on. He can't fly, sadly.

Physical Weakness (Optional): Being away from the sun will drain his powers -- and energy -- and render him nearly useless and exhausted. Darkness does this faster, though he prefers to charge himself in the day and go out of the night to do his hero-ing.

How long they've been a Hero: A solid 7-day week.
How long they've had the Powers: 12 years -- he got them when he was 4.
How much experience they have being a hero: Basically none; he's fought off petty criminals all week, and is probably not prepared for this whole "Avengers" thing.
How long they are a hero per day: A minimum of 2 hours per night, maximum of 5 hours per night.
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Name: Zara Bloom
Age: 25
Gender: Female | she, her, hers
Morality: Lawful Neutral
Weaknesses (Mental): Stubborn and quick tempered | Suffers from mild mood disorder called Cyclothymia. Her mood swings between short periods of mild depression and hypomania, an elevated mood.
Basic Appearance:

Alias: Plasma

Description of Powers:
Zara has the ability to harness and control Plasma. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, a gas in which a sufficient amount of energy is present to enable ions and electrons to coexist.
How Powers were Acquired: Zara got her powers by getting struck by lightning.
What they can do with the Powers: Zara uses fusion to expell the energy throughout her entire body, causing her to have heightened strength and speed. She is also able to coat her katana in the neon blue substance to make it extremly hot (much like a lightsaber.) When her powers are activated her eyes glow bright blue, and the energy seems to dance around her with a faint glimmer.
Physical Weakness (Optional): Zara is not immune to her own ability. She tires very easily and can even faint if she continues to force immense amounts of energy from within her; which is why she only likes to rely on it during dire situations.
How long they've been a Hero: Five years
How much experience they have being a hero: At this point, Zara has a decent amount of experience under her belt. She has much more control over her powers, and can use much more of it at one time.
How long they are a hero per day: She takes both her professions very seriously. She is usually out and about on the nights she isn't bartending.​


Praise the sun
Name: Hendrick Gordon

Age: 26

Gender: male

Morality: Chaotic Neutral

Weaknesses: Greedy, and temperamental

Basic Appearance:

Occupation: Mercenary.

Alias: Crusher

(Doesn't much care for a costume as his appearance changes when his powers activate)

Description of Powers: When Hendrick consumes many types of plant matter like fruits, and vegetables he will transform into a giant of a man with nigh invulnerability, and incredible super strength. His powers last for a short time depending on what he consumes. For example an apple would be good for ten to twenty minutes but in a pinch he can grab a handful of grass and have his super form for a few minutes.

How Powers were Acquired: Mutant ancestry.

What they can do with the Powers: Lift trucks, walk off gunshots. Punch through walls, jump great distances in a single bound. Other things which are achievable through being pretty much invincible, and being super strong.

Physical Weakness: His powers only work for a certain amount of time and if he overdoes it than he'll be out of commision for a good amount of time.

For unknown reason if he consumes a banana it will shrink him back down to his normal self.

How long they've been a Hero: Never been much of a hero(unless paid to of course) but he's been operating as a mercenary for the better part of three years.

How much experience they have being a hero: A good deal when it comes to the gun (or more accurate fist for hire).

How long they are a hero per day: Pretty much whenever he's paid to.


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Name: Akire

Species: Zerenian

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Morality: Neutral Good

Weaknesses: Can be too optimistic, idealistic and childish sometimes, is very trusting.

Basic Appearance:

Occupation: Does odd jobs as she travels the galaxy.

Alias: doesn’t have one yet

Her glove gauntlets can generate energy shields (kinda like Captain America’s Wakandan shields in Infinity War), they have a small computer to scan stuff and give her information, and they can also shoot out stun bolts (but they can only do one of these at a time).

Description of Powers: Can manipulate the state of her body’s matter. Can become extremely rigid, or turn into a liquid-like slime to squeeze through places or dodge attacks. Her costume is made to work with those abilities, and changes with the state of matter her body is in.

How Powers were Acquired: The ability is part of her species but she has pushed it to its limits in order to use it in combat.
What they can do with the Powers: Becoming rigid can make parts of her body stronger and more durable, she can make her hand denser and more rigid when punching, for example, or do it when taking a hit and take less damage, on the other hand, becoming liquid at the right time can be used to dodge or make attacks go right through her. When she’s liquid she can slide around as a sort of slime creature.

How long they've been a Hero: When she heard about how the Guardians of the Galaxy had saved the world, she decided she wanted to be a hero. She trained herself for a year so she could fight and utilize her capabilities to their maximum, then left her planet to find a way to get equipment and find people who needed help, hoping to then find the Guardians and ask if she could join them. Had only been doing small hero work for a couple months before she got stuck on Earth after a mission went wrong.

How much experience they have being a hero: Has trained herself to fight but does not have as much experience on the field doing actual hero work.

How long they are a hero per day: A couple hours, basically whenever she’s not doing odd jobs for money or traveling to new planets.

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