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Sound Engineer
Hello all! I am constantly on the hunt for new partners partially because I’m constantly coming up with new ideas! I often derive an idea from music or a TV show I’ve just watched. I may also be super bored in this COVID-19 Isolation, work has cut back in hours big time.

Quick Summary of Me:
-I’m 22
-I live in Australia
-I am a VERY creative person, in writing, art, music and cosplay
-I work full-time
-My schedule can be all over the place but it works for me!
-I’m a little to Marvel obsessed​

Hmm….anything else? I don’t know just ask I’m always open for chatting!

Things I expect/am okay with/Love

  • Fun (Cause who isn't?)
  • 1x1 Only
  • Prefer PM's although I will do a thread but you have to start the thread then.
  • MxM , FxM , FxF ((ALL pairing types are more than welcome with me although I prefer MxM))
  • I normally try to write 2-4 paragraphs per character per pose, however, this can vary depending on what is going on in the roleplay but I’d hope my partner will write about the same, if you want to write more go ahead! Just don’t expect anything over 6 paragraphs from me unless it’s a SERIOUSLY juicy part of the story.
  • I am very likely to match your length in poses (just be aware of this)
  • I tend to like putting my characters through hell and back! I am also capable of not doing this though so if this is something that bothers you then please just tell me.
  • Crossovers (I actually love crossovers because I like having big massive roleplays with many characters, if you don’t want to crossover though that’s totally fine!)
  • Gore/Horror/Thing of your nightmares (nothing really bothers me)
  • OC’s as long as they fit the roleplay!
  • Fantasy add on (Example: Making Steve Rogers a werewolf even though he’s not!)
  • Doubling/Tripling/Quadrupling..etc.
  • OOC Chatter

I won't do:
  • Smut (it's just site rules)
  • roleplay with no plot
  • roleplay with someone who is unwilling to add to the plot...I can normally tell very early on and I will either drop you or bring it up, either way I will let you know.

Fandoms and Potential pairings:


Honestly, there are just too many pairings that I love and would do here it's probably better to ask me but here's a few:


Tony Stark x
Johnny Storm ((maybe a bit of Steve twin mischief on the side)
Bucky x Clint

Bucky x Sam
x Sam

Just Some other pairings:
x Loki
Loki x Tony
Tony x Steve (Would really like to do a Hydra Cap with this pairing)
Steve x Bucky
Steve x Natasha
Tony x Bucky (Super Craving I'd play Tony)
Bucky x Rumlow

...and the list goes on, just ask!

In terms of Marvel I am very well-versed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I also have a relatively strong knowledge of the comics although when reading them I have really only read Hawkeye comics, some Avenger’s, Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow but that’s just about it, I am aware I have massive gaps in my comic knowledge.

If a character is in Bold in a pairing it means I will not play the other for that particular pairing.

Original RP Type Pairings (can often be combined with Marvel):

Demon x Vampire
Vampire x Vampire Hunter
Werewolf x Hunter
Werewolf x Human
Angel x Demon
x Werewolf (By bird I mean a Human who can only shift into some type of hunting bird)
Celebrity x Fan
Celebrity x Non-Fan
Celebrity x Celebrity
Insane Asylum

Feel free to make suggestions!

I'm very opening to hearing about other fandoms and pairings as well! I am open to just about anything and will often learn a character for a roleplay.

Some ideas:

Plot Idea 1
- A complete craving I lost my partner that I was doing this one with and I'd love to start it up again! Note: This roleplay is likely going to be a tear-jerker and has character death

Based after Civil War in the MCU Universe Tony (me) is alone but he's also created a cure for Bucky. Upon trying to get to Wakanda to deliver the cure to Steve who knows he's coming, he's shot down and killed. However, he comes back as a ghost. The story is more or less about how Tony makes himself known to Steve again. Of course I would double with multiple other characters to keep the story moving.

Plot Idea 2 - Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Warning: Dark Theme

Bucky Barnes (me) struggles with DID after his experience with hydra, this would be a story about his personas and dealing with them. Ideally the pairing for this is either Sam or steve (maybe even both). I'd suspect this to be mainly a fluff piece with drama on the side.

Plot Idea 3 - War Time - MARVEL AU

Wold War 3 is at large and every single country is scrambling to find soldiers. Clint is soon recruited to the army and there is no escaping it. He is shipped off to war torn away from the people he loves, from The Avengers. When he returns he's not quite the same person he used to be.

-I/we really need to expand this idea a bit and figure out a pairing. It could go anywhere really

Plot idea 4 - Soulmates AU
Tony x Steve ((I'd play tony)
Bucky x Clint (I'd play Bucky)

Basically just this lot in a soul mate AU tony and steve struggle to come to terms with each other and constantly fight whereas Bucky and Clint are just this adorable perfect soulmate couple. Won't start out with immediate romance. They would have to figure out that they're soulmates first

I'm sure there are more, please feel free to ask.
If you're interested, please comment and quote me and/or pm me

Thank you :)
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Hi there, i’m big into marvel myself but i usually play OCs. I had a partner who often played Bucky and I’m interested in the plot with Bucky having DID! Do you have discord i could possibly contact you on?


Sound Engineer
Hi there, i’m big into marvel myself but i usually play OCs. I had a partner who often played Bucky and I’m interested in the plot with Bucky having DID! Do you have discord i could possibly contact you on?
BlackWidow187, that's my discord. I have to admit i've never really used it but I'm sure it will be fine :)

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