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Fandom marvel roleplay partner search (doubling!)


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hello! i am in search of more marvel rps at the moment
i have a new character i made last night that i would really like to play as (as seen at the bottom of this post)
a few things first:
- i prefer to rp in messages over threads
- i prefer to double up and do oc x canon, so i will play a canon character for your oc and you would play one for mine (i don't really do canon x canon)
- my oc's love interest is tony stark so i will be asking you to play as him
-please dm me if you're interested

movies/shows i haven't seen yet:
- no way home
- multiverse of madness
- love and thunder
- i haven't watched any of the shows yet


"where did i go wrong in my life to end up here?"
given name → calista sophia balli
alter ego → the seer
date of birth → november 21
age → 32
romantic preference → bisexual
gender → female
birth place → los angeles, california
current location → new york city
status → alive


"this face has been all over tv screens all across the world"
overall appearance → + + + + +
casual clothing → + + +
formal clothing → + + +
alter ego clothing → +
face claim → mila kunis


"if you let people see the real you, they take advantage of you"
overall personality →
→ calista is extremely cocky, having gotten into the film and tv industry at a fairly young age, she can come off as spoiled. she's often times described as a princess. she loves attention and is considered very "high maintenance." Despite all of her negative traits that come at face value, people who get to know her find that she is actually pretty fun to be around and she can be very sweet, when she lets her guard down.
alignment → chaotic neutral


"i had it made in hollywood, i did not need to get dragged into this shit"
biography →
→ calista was never a normal kid. her mother was gifted as well and taught her how to use her abilities. she trained with them for years. though she had another dream and she believed she could use her powers to get there. that's exactly what she did, she became a teen tv star quickly before going on to film movies. she was the next up-and-coming movie star. though in her 20s, when her visions started getting stronger and becoming more debilitating, she had a harder time hiding her abilities from the world. she would have out of body experiences during live interviews which led to a lot of questioning and scandal about what was going on with her. at 23, she was contacted by shield. they would make sure she was well trained while using her abilities against their enemies, but calista came to hate this job. she wanted to go back to her old life, but when she quit shield, she never made it back to hollywood. she hopped on a plane to beverly hills, but it had been hijacked by hydra. instead of being brought home, she was brought to a secluded hydra facility where they wanted to use her abilities to get insight on shield. she did not want any part of this so she told them, "whatever you want to know, i will tell you if you let me go back to my life." they agreed to let her live her life, under the condition that she continued to help them. so she went back to hollywood with a tracker placed inside of her to make sure she held up her end of the deal. after disappearing for a few years, it was not difficult to land a role, everyone wanted the publicity that came with the mysterious reappearance of the actress. by the time the avengers were being formed, nick fury approached her. she wanted nothing to do with this team, but fury would not take no for an answer and neither would hydra. they loved the idea of having her on the inside, so she reluctantly agreed.


"i don't get close to a lot of people, consider yourself lucky"
status → single
current love interest → tony stark
relationship with current love interest → calista and tony have met before at parties, but never really got to know each other. tony is very flirty with her, but they have a back and forth relationship where she likes to argue about who's more famous.


"i've had these abilities as long as i can remember"
power set / talents →
→ mind's eye capabilities
→ the ability to experience visions, precognition, and out of body experiences
limitations: cannot always control this ability, at times they can meditate to use it, but often times it is something that happens unexpectedly
→ the ability to read the future, present, and past through different means
→ can communicate with spirits
limitations: methods take time and space, predictions can be unintelligible
destiny perception
→ the user can sense the destiny of themselves and others, whether they are destined to be loved, hated, good, or evil
limitations: they need to be have physical contact with a person to see this
→ extrasensory perception
→ can detect the presence of ghosts, spirits, or other worldly beings
→ can read the memories of people and objects
limitations: the information gathered is not always able to be understood easily
→ dowsing
→ the user can track down/locate people, objects, and resources without using scientific apparatus
limitations: requires an object touched by an individual to track them
weaponry → guns, knives
weaknesses →
→ visions can be debilitating depending on how strong they are
→ she has trouble getting sleep due to vivid dreams

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