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Hello! Firstly I’m Tokyorose627, it’s very nice to meet you all!

I’ve really recently been into the MCU fandom a lot, and have wanted to write solos that have a plot and some weight to them! something with action, suspense, romance, all that good fun stuff that we could talk and collab on for something that myself and my writing partner would enjoy!

So what I’m looking for exactly, at least in terms of characters that I think might be good for this idea I have, or more in terms of characters that I would really like to see, would be either Captain America (Steve), Bucky, or Hawkeye! Personally I would love to see someone take Hawkeye as he’s a personal favorite and he honestly doesn’t get enough love, but that’s just me. 😅

-OC x Canon: So I know this isn’t really everyone cup of tea, but I really love writing OCs because it really lets me be creative and mold a character with struggles and plots that help them grow and progress as a character!

-Action plot with some stakes and tension: Who doesn’t love plots with action and suspense? The danger? The panic? The tension and stakes that present themselves?! No one, that’s who! I love writing a scene that could be similar to action scenes, heists, suspenseful thrillers similar to The Bourne series or Mission Impossible. Other ideas are much more intimate and suspenseful that could require infiltrating a place, with danger lurking around every corner!

-Romance: Romance is fun, and it’s a love of mine. when it’s written just write, when characters have chemistry and things flow where it feels believable and it makes you want to just cry because of the tension or slow burn, that stuff is just amazing. I love being able to find writing partners that love this aspect, because while some romance can be written kinda cheesy, it’s the stuff that feels really tangible and believable that I love to do. From teasing and flirting that edges into friendly bullying, to that of pining and unrequited feelings, to even just feelings of the two not fully sure if it’s what they want, or even realize! It’s just too good to pass up, you know?!

-Writing Stye: So im gonna be honest, I’m a super literate writer. As an English Major I’ve learned to write paragraphs of dialogue all my life, and because of that, I love writing really long posts. A few paragraphs at best, but I just want to preface that you don’t have to write that much cause I hate intimidating people with how much detail I put into my writing. All I ask is that you at least write a paragraph, and no one liners please! As long as you have correct grammar, and a passion for writing, i think it’ll be fun for the both of us!

if anyone is curious about what kind of character my OC is, the link for her is down below here! I hope you enjoy her and think she is interesting, I’ve worked really hard on her and I love her to bits. The link for her will be up soon on the site, if you are curious to learning more about her.<3

Edit: Link to my OC on the forum! Zero, The Widowmaker

If she isn't what you're looking for or to your liking, I'm more than happy to change aspects of her to fit the story that we create while plotting and chatting!

if you wants to contact me for any ideas or chatting about stuff, message me here, or send me a DM in discord from my profile! Discord is usually the fastest way to get into contact with me, and I’m always on!

Thank you!
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