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Fandom Marvel/MCU, Gotham, & Life Is Strange [Email Only]


Goddess of Death

I've seen all the movies. I prefer canon/OC pairs, and the only canon/canon ones you could convince me to play would be Peter Quill/Gamora, Vision/Wanda, or Clint/Natasha. Below you'll find a list of characters I'm looking to write against or write for; if a character you're looking for doesn't appear, please ask unless otherwise noted. Mostly interested in doubling, unless you're itching to write a canon for me.

Play: Tony Stark, Thor, Peter Quill, Peter Parker, Vision; lesser interests include Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Natasha, T'Challa, Hela, Dr. Strange. I will not write Bucky Barnes or Loki for you.

Play Against: Loki; lesser interests include Dr. Strange, Thor, Hela (tl;dr - I'm mostly looking for a Loki but wouldn't turn down one of the latter three with a good partner).


Current on the show, though you don't need to be. Only looking to play Oswald Cobblepot opposite Edward Nygma. I would prefer an AU of some sort, though I do want to keep things in the Gotham universe. Specifics can be discussed; bring your ideas! I have plenty to share as well.

Life is Strange + Before the Storm:

I've just finished Before the Storm and would love to create an AU, specifically one where Max and Rachel are in Chloe's life simultaneously, or at the very least, where Rachel doesn't die. Only looking for canon/canon pairs here, and there's many to choose from! Character names in bold are the ones I would prefer to play; no bold names means I'm happy to play either.
  • Rachel Amber/Chloe Price
  • Rachel Amber/Max Caulfield
  • Warren Graham/Max Caulfield
  • Max Caulfield/Kate Marsh
  • Rachel/Max/Chloe
  • Some inclusion of Jefferson? Details can be discussed.

Boring Shit No One Reads

I'll try to make this part painless. Email only. 18+ partners only. I do have a discord for OOC purposes, but I prefer we talk over email before switching to discord; it just makes my life a little easier. I would like a partner who can reply at least three times a week; more is always encouraged but not necessary. If you're going to be away for an extended period of time, please let me know ahead of time.

I write in third person past tense and I like longer posts. I have a three paragraph minimum per character per post but again, more is encouraged, especially since I'm sure I'll be writing more than that. I would love to have a sample of your writing as well - a sample post, so I can see how well our styles would mesh. Please don't be offended if I turn you down based on this.

When you contact me, please tell me your limits!

I double or triple or whatever, though only really looking to do that in Marvel-verse for the moment, and maaaaybe Life is Strange, depending on the plot we create. I'm open to all pairs here (m/f, f//, m//, et al). Canon/OC for Marvel (unless one of those canon/canon pairs I mentioned), canon/canon for the other two universes. I am open to the idea of a love triangle/more than one love interest, so if that's something you want to play, feel free to mention it.

Disclaimer: Please don't contact me if you're going to disappear. It's exhausting tracking down people and I refuse to do it anymore; it just sucks because I'm getting my hopes up ;v; If you're gone for more than a week with no notice and no contact, I'll assume you're gone.

Please do not contact me asking me to play something that isn't mentioned in this ad, or that gives me no information. I want to know what you want to play, who you want to play/play against, your limits, if you want to use discord, your writing sample, and anything else pertinent that you think I ought to know. I shouldn't have to pull the information out of you! This is cooperative writing, not me playing your DM and forcing the interaction. If you send me an email in such a way that it's obvious you've skipped over everything, it will be deleted. :c Sorry not sorry.

You'll find my email address under the cut; please don't hesitate to contact me if you're at all interested! You're also free to send me a PM, but I will respond to an email more quickly. Please do not post in this thread! You will be ignored.


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