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Fandom Marvel Marvel Marvel 1x1 search- Canon/oc-Doubling

*****I lost some of you when I lost access to my email. Message me if we had something going and I'll give you my new email****

I am only taking MCU right now.

I started roleplaying when I was 12. I have been roleplaying off and on. I am now 29 years old. I am married, I work full-time, this is a hobby of mine but my life comes first so I might not be able to respond every single day.

I strongly prefer to roleplay over google docs or email.

I do not rp on site. Email or Google docs
I also have discord now RachelElizabeth#3274
I Will NOT roleplay via discord, only ooc.
I strive to be a very laid back roleplayer. That being said, there are a few things that I do need to go over:


Doubling is a requirement.

I strongly pride myself on not only doubling but being fair. I will put equal effort into both pairings and I expect the same out of you. I also will ditch you very quickly if your post for your male character is centered around your female character.

You want multiple men after your female OC? Cool. I am your girl. I will deliver. All I ask in return is for you just to play a male against my female.

Please let me know what your limits are. I personally only have the following: No bathroom stuff, no written out rape scenes, nothing with anyone under age and no incest.

Post Length:
My posts tend to fall in the 4-6 paragraph range. Sometimes more, rarely less than four.
Honestly? I tried doing rapid fire. It just does not work. I need someone that can type at least two paragraphs per post. You don't have to keep up with me but I need at least that. Please also make an attempt at correct sentence structure. I am not perfect by any means. I am sure that there are errors on this board alone but please try.

Posting Frequency:
I am looking for someone that can post at least twice a week or so. I have a life of my own. Trust me, I get busy. However if I am only getting a post every two weeks or so, I will loose focus and interest.

As for me, it all depends. Sometimes I can post multiple times a day but more likely you will get a post from me every 2-3 days if not more.

Pairing types:
My pairing choice WILL always be f/m. It is just what I am interested in. As for your pair, I am comfortable with doing m/f, m/ or f/.

For fandoms I LOVE canon/OC. Seriously, I am trash.

However for yours I am happy to do either canon/oc, oc/oc, canon/canon.

All of my roleplays have it. I will probably not have much interest in the roleplay if it does not. That being said, I do balance it out with other things so it is not just strictly romance.

A few more random things:
- You need to be over the age of 18 to contact me.
- Please have a sense of humor and not take things so seriously. Also please do not be offended by everything under the sun like this new generation seems to be.
What I roleplay: only looking for MCU at the moment.

Will play: Tony, Steve, Clint, Loki, Thor, Peter parker, Stephen Strange, Scott Lang, Loki, Bucky, Peter quill, anyone else you want.
Looking for: Matt Murdock or Stephen Strange. I am equal trash for both of them.

I am including a sample in the next post. If the sample scares you based on length, I might not be the partner for you. However, keep in mind that this is an introduction. My normal posts are 90% of the time not that long and as I said before, they are around 3-5 paragraphs on average.
"You know the whole purpose of a private jet is for it to in fact depart at my own convenience." Tony Stark stood up with arms crossed as he looked down at his new assistant. Hiring the young graduate was more of a favor to an old friend of his; one that sadly was causing more problems than good. The young male was very scattered and since he arrived, it seemed as though nothing was going as planned at the Stark tower. "But you're telling me that the jet just flew off into the setting sun without me? To deliver me to a place that I need to go only to -wait-I am not on said jet so now it is just burning and wasting fuel."

"It was a mistake Mr. Stark. It happened because you-"

"No, do not try and pin this on me kid. First lesson in being an adult; take responsibility for your actions. Admit to the fact that you told the pilot to take off without even checking to see if I was on board. You can set that coffee down by the way. You know, the one that you have been trying to hand me for the past ten minutes."

"Why don't you like being handed things Mr. Stark?"

The question made him freeze a bit, his brown eyes looking away from the assistant. "Did you really just ask me that? You're my assistant, not someone I am about to go out and grab a beer with and talk about all of my personal problems." There was in fact a reason why but he did not dare let the memory of the hell that his father put him through flood his mind.

It was times like this that part of him almost missed Pepper. Their relationship ended out of his own free-will as he was the one that called things off. While he did not miss being in a relationship with her as it had been a sinking boat for a while, he did miss the fact that she at least knew how to do her job. She did not make such careless mistakes.

"What should I do sir?" The assistant finally asked as he shifted slightly out of discomfort. He ran a hand through his sandy blond hair as he chewed his bottom lip. "Should I call the pilot?"

"Oh yeah, I am sure that they would be able to answer a cellphone from about 40,000 feet in the air. I am supposed to be all the way across the United States right now. You do realize that right? You are just going to have to call them and explain what happened. Reschedule the conference for next week Thursday--actually make it Friday.”

With that he walked up the stairs and to his work area. There was one good thing to come out of this: it gave him more time to work on the new suit that he was creating. It would be the first self deployable one. The mechanics of it certainly kept him up at night but he was so close to nearing completion.

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