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Fandom MARVEL: Looking for a Loki Laufeyson/Odinson (I DOUBLE!!)


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Hello! I've recently gotten a craving to do a Loki (you) x OC (me), I've got a few Ideas on some scenarios:

( * : the more of these stars next to the plot, means how badly I wanna do that one.)

* 1: An annual ball is being held in honor of the young princes of Asgard, Princesses and noble women from across the Nine Realms are invited. Both the All-Father and Queen Frigga hope that their sons choose a worthy Wife. Thor seems to be bombarded with almost all the beautiful women, leaving Loki with a few selection of women. Near the end of the night, after trying to avoid the women, he escapes to the garden only to notice a women sitting alone on a near bench reading. From there, their story begins...
(Loki never turned bad and still lives in Asgard)

** 2: (OC), Loki, and Thor were childhood friends, nothing could tear them apart. But what happens when (OC) is called back to her Kingdom for war? After almost 200 years the war was won, will she be able to face Loki and share her true feeling with him or will the things stay the same?
(Loki never turned bad and still lives in Asgard)

** 3: (Oc), a dangerous being indeed. She is taken from her home after her powers are discovered and held captive by The Asguardian King. After an attempt to escape, she catches the eyes of Loki. Can she trust this man? How long can she keep what she is a Secret? Will she be seen as an enemy or an Ally?
(Loki lives on Asgard and is on parole after proving he has changed his ways)

** 4: (OC) Lives in the unknown/forgotten realm of The Divine Isles, once a thriving and largely populated place now nothing but ruin of what it once was. After Thanos failed attempt to find the Resurrection Stone, (OC) continues to live alone. She lives her life only to protect the stone, keeping herself and the realm secluded from outsiders. All too suddenly a man, dead and wounded, appears before her. She recognizes him as Loki Laufeyson, she has the urge to help him. She brings him back using the stone, leaving him confused and thankful at the same time. With his sudden revival though, he leaves to find Thor and the other remaining Avengers. He tells them of (OC) and what she did, hoping to get their help to convince her to use the stone to save everyone. All the while Loki and (OC) get very close, eventually learning they are bound to one another's soul. Will they defeat Thanos? Will they be able to fix what he has done?
(This is also a soulmate Rp as well, they can feel some of each others emotions/pain. This is also a different fight with Thanos meaning, Captain Marvel won't be the one to save the day.)

*****5: Asgard was a beautiful a prosperous kingdom, glittering gold and greenery as far as the eyes could see. It's King- Odin along with his wife Frigga ruled the land, their son Thor would soon be crowned King. Jotunheim is cold, barren, and harsh- the opposite of their enemy. It's King- Laufey rules alone, his son Loki ready to take his father's place and rule over the beasts. The two realms had been at war with one another for centuries, neither coming out as a victor- forever in a non stop cycle. After so long, Odin grows tired of the fighting and proposes a offer to Laufey- gift their most beautiful maiden as a bride to his son Loki. Laufey is wary of the God's idea but agrees, hoping to end the feud and see what is to come of this plan- however, Loki is not happy with his lack of choice in the matter. Over a year's time, guards are sent all over Asgard to search for the most beautiful maiden. Many woman are brought to the palace to be judged by their looks and their heart, trying to find the purest and natural beauty. After a long search Odin is relived to finally find the perfect woman, (OC), presenting her only to Laufey just before she is taken to the land of ice with no return. The small woman looks fragile and weak, but she is anything but- more than capable of handling her own and not afraid of anything, she tends to keep quiet- unhappy with what she was forced into. What will come of this?
(Laufey never abandoned Loki and raised him as a fierce prince with a cold heart, wanting him to be as ruthless and dark as himself.)


  1. I typically type between a small paragraph or a few lines (4 or 5) and usually reply withing a few minutes to an hour.
  2. I'm not only looking for someone to play Loki, but also someone who at least replies 5 times daily.
  3. If you're busy, please do not feel bad to inform me about it! ( I'm very understanding about these things!)
  4. I will have different OC's of mine for each of these plots, making each of them their own. (To which I will send you a full character sheet with their information before beginning the RP)
  5. You must be 16 or older!
So if you are interested in any of these or have your own (please tell me what it is!), feel free to comment down below or message me about it!
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I would love the opportunity to write for Loki!

I'm definitely interested!

Are you comfortable doubling as either Peter Quill or Yondu by chance? :D


Discover your deep inner-self and Thrive...

I would love the opportunity to write for Loki!

I'm definitely interested!

Are you comfortable doubling as either Peter Quill or Yondu by chance? :D
I don't mind doubling at all, but I will not lie- I don't know much about Guardians of the Galaxy or much of the character.


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Hello there,

I want to start by saying I love all the plots you have come up with so it's very hard to choose, and if you are still interested I wouldn't mind doing the soulmate one. That sounds really good, I'm just off to bed now but shoot me a PM and we can discuss when I come back on tomorrow.

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