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Current Arc: The Hand
The Hand, a criminal organization who worships and are lead by a mysterious mystical entity known only as The Beast. Directly underneath the Beast are the Five Fingers of the Hand and under them are the Daimyo and those below them. They known as extremely skilled and relentless assassins or ninja who's motives and objectives are always largely unknown. Their cult like structure and secrecy makes finding out anything about them similar to getting blood from stone. However, what is known is that they have not be seen in America in decades since their fragmentation during the previous Age of Heroes. The fact they are in America means they have rebuilt themselves and have not only resumed their operations but are ready to expand them. One thing that is certain, the Hand should not be left alone to complete their objectives unopposed.

Field Marshall

Eight Thousand Club
Earth 16169280 - Year 3000

This world has been a through a of and one point looked post apocalyptic before now. In the past Earth faced many invasions and has many wars that had scarred it's surface and people for decades. It ended with Great Civil War that occured when two sides couldn't agree on anything government, mutants, secret identities, autonomy, alien technology, magic etc. There was no victor in the end only the dead and the near death. The world was lucky the survivors spent the rest of their lives putting the world back together. But that war did hold humanity back from joining the Galactic and Inter Dimensional community on equal footing rather then being looked at as the play ball for the entire multiverse.

Earth nowadays looks good as new on the surface at least. Frozen full polar ice caps, clear waters, and the environment in general has improved since the time of the 2020s. Urban areas have changed to include futuristic hover vehicles, mega towers, and instead of concrete jungles they can be sort of as light or silicon jungles now. Suburban tend to be a mix of the old and new with some futuristic infrastructure but just as much greenery and wildlife. Rural areas tend to have a minority of futuristic infrastructure, only the bare minimum for information purposes, transport, etc. What qualifies as rural these days are pretty much these patches of civilization within these large areas of forests. jungles, valleys, and mountains. Close to if not near perfect blend of both worlds or cohabitation. Deserts and tundra on the other hand are areas except for Oasis areas that Humans don't like staying in big numbers. These tend to be areas that are leased to otherworldly individuals and tend to have cities or communities that have a concentration of aliens, mutants, mutates, and beings from other dimensions. Megacorporations rent the desert out to them because they are just patches of uninhabited land.

Mega corporations have come to in a way be the pseudo government of the world because of how much power and money they have. Their towers are what is seen all over the cities. They control the public through a commissioned and through their pull government sanctioned police force, the Public Eye. They do as much real law enforcement as carry out the personal orders of the mega corporations. It's the Public Eye's activities that are drawing out the need for heroes.

New York City
The sun had set a few hours ago and the cities was really lighting up now. The city of course still never sleeps. What some may notice was the slight increase in the frequency of Public Eye sightings. The Public Eye were on the moved and that was never good.

Inside Yashida Corp 13th Floor
"Public Eye Chief, present"
"Yashida Corp CEO, present"
"Grandmaster of Assassins, present"
"Sentinel Leader, present"

Said four individuals seated a table in a dimly lit board room. As they all said that a stone structure as the head of the table rumbled and then it's eyes lit up. It gave off a hellish demonic aura as it did so.
Storm took deep breaths. His eyes were still a bit dazzled after using the bifrost a short hour or two ago. He'd already found quite a few differences between Midgard, and Asgard. For one thing there was no rainbow bridge. The buildings were so much bigger as well. He also saw no one carrying weapons. How risky. What if they were attacked. They'd be caught unarmed. Oh well. Midgard was different. He had Thunderstrike held over his shoulder. Just walking about taking in the sights. The Prince of Asgard had the signature long blonde hair of his father. He was beginning to grow a beard of his own.

The man stopped in front of a tv screen. Inspecting it. "What sort of strange magic is this" he asked himself. Rubbing his wispy facial hair. He'd get closer but he didn't believe the Midgardians would appreciate him destroying their clear weak barrier.


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"I still don't see why we couldn't have just flown here using Light's powers. It would have been alot quicker than using that stupid cab driver. He was taking the longest way home I have ever seen," said Dark. Tye responded, "We have been over this countless times now Dark. Their is no reason to use Light's powers to get home from the airport when we can easily just take a cab. We have this conversation almost every time we come back from a trip." Tye had just returned back to New York from a archaeology trip to Egypt he was contracted for. Tye lived in a penthouse on the top floor that overlooks central park. The trip home was a long, long flight. Plus, Tye could barely get any sleep because he had two spirits in his head that decided to bring up an argument from the ancient times of there life right as the plane took off. It was late, maybe like 9:30 pm, and he was just exhausted. All he wanted to do was take a quick shower then go to bed. This was the last archaeology contract he was taking for a while as the pay he received from quite large. Ever since he got the medallion and the two spirits with it, he has never really tried to, practice or better use their powers. They have helped him with his work by showing him some things they can do here and there but, never has he really given time to focus on training. Since he was keep awake on the plane ride home, it gave him tons of time to think it over. As he laid on his bed, drifting off to sleep, he figured he might as well see what the other two think of the idea. "Hey, Light, Dark, you guys there?" "We are always here you idiot, where else would we go," said Dark. "Please excuse him Tye. He isn't in the best of moods ever since the argument on the plane ride home." said Light. "It's fine Light. I have learned to just ignore him when he gets like that. I was wanting to run something by you both if I could get your attention for a moment." "Alright, what is it Tye," said Light. "I was thinking, since we just got back from this job that took us a few months to do and we received a good amount of money to hold us over for a while, I figured, maybe it's time to do a little training. See what I can do with your powers. What do you guys say to that?" Dark responded, "Well it's about damn time kid. I have been wanting to let loose for a while now." Light responded, "I don't really want to agree with Dark, but yes, it would be good for you to learn more about us and what you can handle." Tye let a small smile break free when he heard the response from the both of them. "Alright, we can start in the morning then. Right now, I need to sleep so please, can you guys not fight for a while." Both spirits just chuckled slightly at this remark.


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"Well, that's not good."

"What's that then?"

A slim redhead tapped a finger against holographic light, bending the display slightly as she drew an identical redhead's attention to the screen. "The Public Eye. Activity is up, measurably so. Given cost controls, they must be after something."

"A bust?" asked the second. "Could be drugs. Could be a mutant for that matter."

"Let's ask the expert, shall we?"

The pair of redheads left the small suite that Bryony Beckett had set aside for her time on the web. Thanks to being an in-demand, skillful mechanical engineer with executive connections, Bryony's flat was on the 231st story of the Tinean Trade Tower and boasted enough floor space to accommodate a dozen or so of herselves at any one time. The kitchen and living room were joined spaces, with one of Bryony behind the stove cooking something time consuming. Three more sat on her couches, one reading, one evidently practicing her landscape drawing and a third...taking a nap.

With a faint buzz of warning, the entry door to the suite opened to admit Bryony Beckett herself. Rubbing the back of her neck, she stretched her shoulders before dropping her keys off on the kitchen counter. Each of herselves clustered in, smiling in welcome before reaching out to touch the original. One by one, they vanished with the faintest of 'popping' noises as air rushed in to fill the vacuum left behind.

Except for the one napping. Bryony gave her a sympathetic look and left her alone for now.

With a gesture towards the kitchen, another Bryony slipped away from the original to return to cooking dinner. Caught up on the day's events, the original walked to the only closed door in her flat and knocked politely. "Kibto! Have you been watching the camera feeds? I think there's something going on with the Public Eye. Have a look for me, won't you? And when you're done, come on out, dinner will be ready in a minute!"

The young mutant teenager had been her guest for a few months now and she'd ceded her chief guest bedroom over to him to make his own. Which had ended up with most of her electronics and computers going into the space. She smiled affectionately, pleased with how much better his circumstances were now compared to when they'd first met...



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The sound of typing filled the dimly lit room as an albino boy sat criss cross on a rather comfy gaming chair. His gleaming red eyes were fixated on the computer screen in front of him, though every now and then they would shift to one of the other computers which were currently on and doing their own thing. In front of him was a custom made laptop, one of which was he had added significant changes to when he first acquired it. It was a personal treasure of his, as he had placed a great deal of effort into making the sleek looking piece of tech work far better than the average laptop in this day and age. As he typed away on this, to his right and left were two more computers (a grand total of four) as well as a phone that was next to his laptop. While two of the extra computers were turned off (why bother keeping them on if you weren't going to use them) the other two were up and running. Each of them moving and working as if someone were controlling it despite the fact Kibto only seemed to be focused on his laptop.

His attention didn't leave the computers for even a moment, that is until he heard his name being called. Unable to help himself he jumped a bit in surprise before blinking and looking around his room as he had to take a minute to get oriented. 'When....did the sun go down????' He questioned as he turned his attention to the sole window in his room. Realizing he had been asked something, he closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead for a moment to try and remember what Bryony said. "Oh...right. Dinner and the Public Eye." He whispered before getting out of his chair, an action that caused a loud thump to resonate from his room, as he hadn't given his legs a chance to wake up after having been in the same position for hours on end. "I'm okay!" He shouted knowing that the sound of him falling could easily be heard from any of the other rooms. "J-Just....the chair got caught on a wire..." A lie, but to him it sounded better than saying he fell because his legs had fallen asleep on him......................again.

Pushing himself slowly off the ground so his legs could get their feeling back, he soon enough stood up and did a small stretch as he let a yawn leave him. Turning his attention to the computers he held out his hand and concentrated for a moment. Seconds after he did so, all the computers that where on stopped what they were doing. Each of them simultaneously opened up an app for an anti virus scan, he made them do this and set them to shut off once completed. After doing so he let out a small breath as he rolled his neck a bit as he went to his dresser to do a quick change (not that he was still in his pjs or anything). Once he had his usual set of clothing on, he picked up his phone and left his room.

With his phone now on and his eyes on that, he headed for the kitchen, though due to him not paying attention, he did run smack dab into a wall which caused another loud thud since he didn't stop in the least. "Ow!" He hissed as he grabbed his forehead with one hand while clutching his phone with the other. "When was that placed there????" Rubbing his now slightly red forehead, he moved to the kitchen (focused on where he was going rather than the device in his hand). He was able to get to one of the chairs without incident, and sat down. As soon as he sat down he brought his knees to his chest and once more began to fiddle with the phone. "....I noticed something seemed off with them.... But didn't take a closer look since I didn't see anything that indicated...it might bother us..." He said as he kept his eyes on the phone. "But....I'll look again at camera feeds, and see if I can pick up any audio clips.....might let me know if they are up to something.....or if its just nothing." His words were calm as his gleaming eyes focused on the phone which made the screen change completely from the usual background, as a new app opened up.


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The young black mutant rubs his eyes after looking up at the mega buildings. New York was very different from where he was raised. The desert is just filled with broken down and abandoned buildings and sand as far as the eye can see. It would take the young mutant some time to get used to his new surroundings and how things worked within New York. His main task is to get his abilities under control, but as of now he needs to have contacts or someone he can rely on for help or information. He shoves his hands in his pocket and roams the streets of New York with no real destination.
Nathan's eyes slowly peered open, short grunts as he jumped into a crawling position in the grass. The sun was lowering, the rest of his pack consisting of four other wolves were still asleep. He wiped off a small wad of mud off of the side of his hip, adjusting his torn trousers and white shirt before resting on the back of the tall tree they'd all slept on. He'd been on the run from the School of Gifted Mutants for longer than he could count, which he thought was at least seven months. Being there had never felt like home, and was all too restricting-- he was born to be a warrior, half animal, half Hyrakanian. It was a sign of the greatness that would soon follow his future. Nate glanced at the left overs of earlier that afternoon, retracting a single middle-claw as he stabbed the raw meat, tossing it into his mouth before standing up from his place in the mud.

He trudged slowly through the dense forest, tired and dirty in search of some source of water. Soon enough, the light of the city filled his view, the sound of the machinery giving him a slight discomfort at the ringing in his ears. This just caused Nate to grunt again, hopping over one of the road bumpers as he sprinted through the traffic-- hopefully unnoticed by any of the Public Eye. His size and speed granted him plenty of stealth, especially in the night. Racing down the sidewalk as he so easily pushed the crowd away, Nathan finally fell upon someone who wouldn't budge so easily.

Having bounced off of the tall blond, he looked up at Storm, eyes furrowing in anger as he held back an urge to attack. "Who are you?" He said bluntly. "I need your help, anyways. Might as well get something out of your stupid ass." He glanced down at Thunderstrike on the Asgardian's shoulder. Thor's kid. Dad talked about Thor too much, hopefully he's as dumb as his pops.


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Ken initially thought New York City was a great place to hide from his father but from his last access to Yashida Corp systems, a travel log showed his father was here in NYC at the NY Yashida mega tower. Ken thought about trying to get a leg up on his father but after their last encounter, he knew he wasn't ready to take him on he needs to bide his time. However, that didn't mean he couldn't strike blows at him. One way he knew how to do that was disrupt Yashida Corp's operations.

Ken knew Yashida Corp has purchased a collection of artifacts from a museum. He was in that very museum following a huge rolling lock box carrying those artifacts to what should be a Yashida Corp transport. As he entered the hangar he was surprised to not see a Yashida Corp ship. Instead what he saw was, a Public Eye airship waiting to be loaded up with the box. It was a little too late to back down now.

Ken stepped out into the open and from his sword unleashed two tachyon slash waves that disabled the ship's propulsion. The Public Eye officer turned to face him and raised their weapons. Their helmet scanners identified the X Gene and therefore him as a mutant. This just turned into a real engaged.

It appeared on the Public Eye's radar that there was a massive energy surge, they didn't know it was the Bifrost but they nonetheless were all over the site. They were quickly reviewing footage of surveillance of the nearby area identifying an odd man with blonde hair and a large hammer on his back. It didn't take long for the Public Eye to give chase, they just didn't know it would be a two for one special. A Public Eye patrol ship armed with tactical missiles and lasers lowered itself to a hovering height above the Asgardian and mutant. "Public Eye, don't even try resisting arrest!" A voice boomed from the airship as the ground troops began to surround the two.

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Storm was suddenly bumped into by a mortal. Some scrawny looking man. He honestly didn't know how this Midgardian stood next to others. They all mostly looked scrawny, and weak to Storm. Compared to his godly physique. This mortal had obviously not been taught anything to do with manners. Or survival instinct. Because Storms father would most likely zap him to ash merely for his insolence. There was a bit of electricity going in Storm's eyes from the prospect of a fight. Even against one unfortunate mortal. "If I were a scrawny, angry, mortal I would not be drawing such attention to myself".

"Where I am from when you are in need of aid. Politeness and honor are in order" he added juggling Thunderstrike in one hand. Almost warningly. "Or maybe insolent wretches are celebrated on Midgard". Storm may not be as sly as Loki. But he'd definitely learned how to deal with annoyances from his uncle. Suddenly Midgardian army men began to surround them.

"And what does the Public Eye have against The Wielder of Thunderstrike" said Storm. He turned to the insolent one who's name he didn't know. "I suggest you prepare for battle,, then run when you have the chance" he said in a lower tone. Storm hefted the mace above his head and swung it quickly in a circular pattern. A massive storm cloud appeared above them. A lightning bolt struck the mace. Causing blue thunder to radiate from it. Storm didn't feel like causing the Lightning to radiate through him directly. He threw the weapon then willed it to circle the two. Knocking any of the enemies who did not get out of the way flying. Making a little more room for himself.
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Nate scoffed at Storm's work, picking himself up from the ground. Thirteen year old stood barely at Storm's chest, and was forced to look up at the god, growling as bits of saliva dripped down the sides of his mouth. His hands were balled up in fists, straightened forearms in case he needed to retract his bone claws. As Storm spoke, he finally realised the Asgardian wasn't looking for a fight, lowering his hands to his sides with a sigh. "Look-- rolling with wolves is fun up until a certain point. I need some new clothes and a shower--" He couldn't say much else, distracted by the sudden arrival of the Public Eye's patrol ship, tactical missiles and lasers aimed towards the two.

"...I don't run, bub." Nate gritted his teeth, his forearms straightened and hands in fists once again. His knees lowering down before he leapt at the ship, digging his claws into the metal of the ship. Small bits of blood escaped from in between his knuckles from the initial puncture of his claws coming out, but as usual, was quickly stopped by the healing factor. Ignoring whatever pain might come for him, Nate slashed away at the ships missiles and weaponry like a rabid Animal.

"You're... interrupting... my... free... meal..!"

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As Kibto sat there with his knees pushed against his chest, his fingers kept tapping at the phone in his hand. "....?" After a small moment he reached up to his headphones (ones he never seemed to be without) and took a cord that was attached to them before plugging it into his phone. "...There's activity..." He said softly as he exited out of one app only to open up a different one, his full attention now on the phone. "....Multiple points of activity...…" Letting out a small breath, he gazed at his phone as his fingers practically danced across the screen, his eyes seemed to gleam brighter than normal as he did so. "...….I have an audio clip of the Public Eye requesting help....someone is messing with their air ships..... Only hear them speaking of one person." He said as he now looked at Bryony. "There's movement elsewhere though... They found a massive power source....came out of no where for only a bit." He grabbed the right side of his headphones lightly before tilting his head upward as he seemed to be listening. "...……….Currently engaging, two hostile......both seem to be mutants...at the very least have powers." He reported as he looked at Bryony out of the corner of his eyes. "Both situations......don't seem to be of our personal concern....nothing indicates they are coming here." He said in a calm tone as his feet softly moved against one another as he adjusted his positioning just a tad.


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Durmad eventually got tired of wandering about endlessly. The young mutant sighs heavily as he looks around at his surroundings. "I should've asked for contacts or information about the companies here before I left the desert." Durmad thought to himself, he then moved over to a bench and places his backpack on his lap as he stretches out. "I may have made a mistake coming here." He thinks to himself.


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Bryony digested Kibto's play-by-play assessment of Public Eye activity and leaned back against a wall, frowning as she considered her options.

"As you know, Kibto, we're not like other people. Humans. Ordinary humans, anyway. So I feel a sense of obligation to help those like us who haven't had the chances I've had. Much as I've done with you." The teenager received a smile at that remark, as she briefly remembered their first encounter. "At the same time, I try to avoid the Public Eye wherever possible. If they find out who I am, I could lose everything. So, I help whenever I can, wherever I can reasonably make a difference or if I can reasonably get away with it. I'm not quite sure either of these situations quite qualifies, though."

Then she shook her head. "No, the least I can do is see if there's an opportunity. I'm going out. To the pair of hostile mutants. I don't know if I can help them or not but I won't know if I don't see for myself." She tilted her head to the side, then shrugged once. "You're welcome to come or stay here. Here's safer so I'd prefer it if you did. You might be in a better position to be eyes-in-the-sky for me too, if you do. That said, coming with me could open up a door of opportunity, for me and for those two unfortunates tangling with the Eye. I leave it to you."

Whether Kibto opte to come or not, Bryony changed into what passed for her Effigy costume; a shirt, a pair of pants and a jacket, all with Chameleon Chrome fashion technology. Though mildly useful for sneaking, its chief utility lay in letting each of her duplicates vary the color and (to a limited degree) the patterning and design of what they wore. All the better to minimize the risk that bystanders or the Eye might notice there was more than one of the same redheads out in public. And naturally, she brought along a butterfly-styled mask made of the same adaptive fabric, though that she tucked into a pocket for now.

Then she took her hover car in pursuit of the two mutants duking it out with the Eye. Hopefully she'd see an opportunity to lend them a hand.


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Kibto's focused returned to the screen as Bryony spoke, though he was paying attention to her for the most part. As she spoke he slowly stood up, his head staying down as his eyes still refused to leave the bright screen. ".....You want to avoid them...but still intend to go." He said softly as he made his way to his room at a steady pace. ".....I don't want to risk it.....but I don't want you hurt... I'll come with, just...need something first." He said slowly before finally closing out the app and stuffing his phone in his pocket. Without so much as a glance to Bryony as she made her way out, he entered his room, now with a bit more speed.

He snatched up his laptop, and grabbed his computer bag just incase. Swinging that over his shoulder, while he kept his laptop under his arm he grabbed his boots and swiftly put them on. Once he did so he ran out of his room and in only a moment caught up with Bryony. Without a word he slipped into the passenger seat of the car, buckled up and pulled out his laptop which he instantly turned on. "....i'll give you directions... Also...what about the situation with the airships...and the public eye? Single mutant....do we help that person as well?" He asked before giving the other the needed directions for the two mutants at the park

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Some of the Public Eye officers got off a few shots at Storm before being knocked out by the mace. The real problem was the ship when Nate went for the weaponry. The second the first of the missiles were damaged their payloads went off and a large explosion like someone fired all the missiles at once went off causing great destruction to the nearby area and who knows what may have happened to the attackers. Public Eye and bystanders were all dead. This would definitely be made right back into anti mutant propaganda. More heavily equipped Public Eye reinforcements were already en route.

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Storm’s armor took many of the bullets and a few rounds of ammunition would not be the end of a god. The explosion however knocked him senseless. A rough hand seized Storm when he came to. He was looking in the face of a draugr. It had curled horns above its head with glowing orange eyes. It’s skin was somewhere between wood and stone. It simply stood holding the asgardian breathing heavily a bit of blue spit. Storm wasn’t scared of it. Simply annoyed. Really, now was not the time for one of his undead soldiers to show up. They were useful. Draugrs couldn’t feel pain and were extremely obedient. At least when there was only one.

Storm could not control when they appeared or how many. And quite frankly it was getting annoying. He got up and held out his arm. Thunderstrike flew into his open palm. “Go away” he commanded the draugr to no avail. It stood there waiting for some sort of order. Aside from being asked to leave.


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Tye awoke in the middle of the night to his apartment shaking some. "What the hell was that, an earthquake? No can't be," he thought. He raced over to the window to look upon the city. Off in the distance, he noticed what had caused the shaking. Their was a huge explosion far off and what appeared to be...lightning? As Tye pondered the many, many ideas that started to flow through him, Light spoke up in his head saying, "That sure is alot of Public Eye ships heading towards that explosion." Sure enough, he was right. Tye looked into the sky and saw 3 or 4 Public Eye soldier transports heading towards the explosion. "That can't be a good thing right?" thought Tye. Dark spoke up this time, "Well, why don't we go check it out then? Gives me an excuse to let loose ya know?" Tye was not a fan of the Public Eye yes, but that doesn't mean he just, runs off to fight them all willy nilly like without a reason. Light spoke up, "Tye, not that I want to agree with Dark, but I can feel an extremely large power source there and also a smaller source as well. Both are people. So we can assume they are either mutants or metas. Don't you think you should help them out?" Tye did want to help. He was always like that. Help where you can, not if you can. With that, it was clear to him what to do. He threw on some clothes, opened the window, shifted into Bright Light form, and shot out of his apartment towards the disturbance.
Nathan did his best to dodge the bullets, flipping over the mouth of the guns so they fired off somewhere else. He had one final slash at the weapons, jumping back and over the ship as the bullets exploded in rounds towards the civilians. He landed gracefully onto the floor, glancing down at his stomach. A bullet popped out of his body, blood drying up quickly as skin covered up the wound quickly. "Ow..." He said, watching as the ship continued to fire off. "Storm! Follow me, I smell more." Nate wrinkled his nose, he could smell the next round of the Public Eye ships approaching. He ran quickly to Storm, ducking down as some bullets flew his way.

"We have to get out of here. They can see my x-gene, you're a god. We don't have much of a chance here."

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Durmad immediately jumped up from his seat on the bench once he heard the gunshots. "This could be good for me. I could see what equipment the law enforcement carry, considering those gunshots came from the law enforcement." The young mutant thought to himself. Durmad swung his backpack around on his back and began running to the sounds of the gunshots.

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