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Fandom Marvel: Four Empires

Sub Genres
Super Powers

This is the Universe:
  • Magic Empire( 3-11): A land full of magic and fantasy under the rule of the Magic Emperor. It includes various locations previously associated with the magic and cosmic realms. It’s an empire that varies all over the landscape from Paradise to Hell on Earth. It houses places such as the Four Sanctums, Avalon, Asgardian realms, Limbo, Hell dimensions, and the like. It’s policed by his organization the Hell Lords.
  • Tech Empire( 12-26,28): It’s urban and futuristic all the way through almost as if it’s one giant city. Under the rule of the Tech Emperor and policed by his organization called the Public Eye.
  • Psychic Empire (27, 29-37): A varying landscape full of psychics, mutants, inhumanity, and the like. It’s ruled by the Psychic Emperor and his organization the Phoenix Legion.
  • Fighting Empire(1-2): The Fighting Empire is almost completely Oriental style through and through from Urban to rural to the wild. It’s ruled by the Fighting Emperor who’s served by the Hand.
  • The Wall and the Badlands( 38, 39, 40, and 41): The places were they banished people to meet gruesome deaths or dates even worse than death. Symbiotes, Zombies, Ultron, and more lurk in this land. The Wall is a physical manifestation of a conceptual barrier that keeps the nightmares and those who become infected by any of them in the Badlands.
  • Moon: Unknown rumored to be where the person who sits above the Four Emperors lives.
The stars and sun are nothing but decoration. As far as anyone knows this is how things always were. The universe being one infinitely large planet full of everything under the direct rule of Four individuals who potential answer to higher authority on the Moon. This world is full of strife, chaos, tyranny, and rebellion. There are those who assert the dominance of the Emperors and there are those who fight against them. There are those who want to unravel the secrets of the world and those who want to keep them hidden. Then there are those who just want to survive and those who want to escape. This is Battleworld, and Battleworld is the universe.

This RP will take place in a Battleworld which has few similarities to Doom's Latverion, think of this as an AU of Battleworld which is an easier way to put it. Canons and OCs are allowed but I encourage one who uses a canon to put their own spin on it because Battleworld can contain more than one version of a character. Players are also allowed to make characters who serve the Four Emperors. I will try to utilize character backstories and storylines in the main story.

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Three Thousand Club
Id be interested, Id likely grab a AU Cannon character....just not sure which. First thoughts are a Mystique, Rogue, She-Hulk or Gwenpoole
Id be interested, Id likely grab a AU Cannon character....just not sure which. First thoughts are a Mystique, Rogue, She-Hulk or Gwenpoole
I'd be interested in playing Blade as a wandering swordsman for-hire.
I would definitely be interested in playing a Canon for this. Depending on who you need.
As I created my character I think a set of rebels in the Fighting Empire would be a good start.


Three Thousand Club
Ill go with She-Hulk idea, though given starting area etc was going with a Oriental/Feudal style version instead.
Will fill in more after im back from work.

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