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Fandom Marvel crossover rp idea


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My marvel crossover idea, Deadpool has a daughter with his wife, but that night after she was born, Ajax aka Francis kidnapped her and left her somewhere else and either Hulk, or Ghost Rider or Spider-Man finds her and raises her as their own kid for 18 years but when Deadpool finds her again, he sees that she's an accomplished horseback rider and cowgirl but doesn't realize it's his own kid
Rp idea I want to try maybe but it'll start with the kidnapping then fast forward 18 years later but please be ok with short and sweet replies from a autistic female who had a hard time in high school English
I’m not saying no one will join this, but I think it is very specific in some parts aha
this is more a 1x1 prompt over a group roleplay because it is centered on one or two characters just saying
Only requirement I have is be ok with short and sweet replies from a autistic female who had a hard time in high school English cause English wasn't my best subject in school
This idea was going to be either a group if there was enough interest or just a one on one
I’d recommend doing this in a 1x1 setting/section due to the specific setting in the role play. But also expand on what the other role player would be doing.
Yay it's hard to find people to rp with me because of my autism making English in high school really hard for me to do and that I can only do short and sweet replies
SerenaStark SerenaStark do you want other people to join the rp or just you and me? Just curious cause if you have some marvel interested friends they can join too
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