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Fandom Marvel Cravings! Always Open!

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> My name's Emily, but you can call me Nebula or Fandom, whatever! Haven't been on the site in what seems like forever, but I've been roleplaying for 4+ years now!
> I write semi-literate, 1-3 paragraphs on average. Please write the same! NO ONE LINERS PLEASE.
> I generally play OCs best but can play canon too! I can do Canon X Canon, Canon X OC, and OC x OC for FxF and FxM pairings (I'm a female). Note, Im very open to doubling and will play male characters for doubling, just not as my main! I'll play pretty much anyone :p
> I only write in third person.
> Please Please Please be willing to talk OOC with me! I only ever really get into roleplays that I can talk to my partners about, send memes, gush about characters! Im a pretty talkative person when it comes to this.
> I reply really fast, generally. Several times a day unless I say otherwise. I'll always let you know when I can't reply, and I expect you to do the same. Please don't ghost me! Let me know if you're not enjoying the rp and we can change it up or just stop.
> Please don't control my character. Side characters you can do whatever you want with, in fact I'd prefer tossing them back and forth, but let me do my thing with my character(s).
> Please contribute to the plot! Can't do everything myself :(
> I only roleplay over PMs and Discord! Feel free to ask for my discord if you're interested.

As much as it looks like I'm emphasizing pairings, I want these rps based around story building and canon-typical fight scenes as much as I do romance, if not more!
I love to make up villains and plots that may or may not drag our characters through the mud emotionally and physically. Dark themes are my shit.

note: I enjoy various AUs that mess with the current MCU canon timeline cough certain people are alive, certain things didn't happen so keep that in mind! (tl:dr we got endgame and now spiderman ffh and Now Im Sad.)

<3 - Craving
:bishiesparklesl: - Idea!
Bold - Prefered Character

Peter Parker/MJ
Peter Parker/OC <3:bishiesparklesl: (I actually got ghosted after writing a huge starter for this one so like- oof please be my savior)
Harry Osborn/Green Goblin x OC:bishiesparklesl:
Miles Morales/Gwen Stacy
Bucky Barnes/OC <3
Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanoff
Steve Rogers/OC :bishiesparklesl:
Clint Barton (I don't really read the comics but I want to put some elements of them into his character rather than do the MCU version. icky.)/OC
Wanda Maximoff/OC
Pietro Maximoff/OC
Tony Stark/OC
Tony Stark/OC/Steve Rogers :bishiesparklesl:

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