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Martial Arts - Savate


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Savate (From Rifter #7)

Savate (Sav-A-tae) is actually a French style that was first developed in the early 1800's. Many speculate that is is derived from bull-fighting, but this is total hooey. It is just one of those martial arts that developed where there was innovation and spirit collected in the right amounts. Savate is actually listed as one of the top three martial arts to learn as a self defense. Though great flexibility is required, this flexibility comes very easily with enough constant training.

Savate masters are aggressive and effective, but also elegant at the same time. Devastating, sweeping kicks are the order of the day, with some close-in boxing style handwork to fill the gaps. No grappling is taught. Many may compare Savate to kick boxing, but the separation between the two is vast indeed. Savate is very upright, which kick boxers tend to send low like a boxer. Savate is developed so the student can utilize the techniques in any situation, without having to warm up or sink into a ready stance. While many martial arts stress this point, Savate is especially good at it - a master could quite easily be standing at attention, and then crescent kick someone in the temple without moving his shoulders. Hence the great hip flexibility required.

Stance: Simple, narrow stance with the legs only shoulder width apart, one foot facing forward and the other facing out ready to step or kick. The forward hand is held out, while the back hand is held close to the torso for defense.
Costume: Any loose training clothing with suffice.

Character Bonuses
Add +3 to P.P.
Add +1 to P.E.
Add +5 to S.D.C.
Add +2 to Spd.
Add +2 to M.A.
Attacks per Melee: 2 (Game Master note: upgraded to 3 in Shop Talk)
Escape Moves: Roll, Maintain Balance.
Basic Defenses: Parry, Automatic Parry, Dodge.
Advanced Defenses: Circular Parry (Special! This is more often done with the feet than the hands), Disarm.
Hand Attacks: Strike, Backhand, Elbow, Palm Strike.
Foot Attacks: Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Snap Kick, Crescent Kick, Axe Kick, Reverse Turning Kick, Jump Kick, Jumping Reverse Turning Kick, Trip/Hook.
Special Attacks: Double Kick Technique (Special! Savate masters are so well trained they can kick twice in the air before landing again, similar to many flashier Kung Fu styles and Tae Kwon Do; once per melee round the character may, if he has won Initiative, perform any two kicks in a row, rolling to strike with one immediately after the other, the first kick gets full strike bonuses, while the second only gets half bonuses, rounding down).
Holds/Locks: Leg Lock, Elbow Lock (Special! If the opponent is on the ground, such as after a Sweep, either of these may be performed with the feet).
Weapon Skills: None.
Special Katas: None.
Modifiers to Attack: Jump/Leap, Critical STrike from behind, Death Blow, Knock-Out Strike, Pull Punch.

Level Advancement Bonuses
1st - Critical Strike on a natural roll of 20 and from behind, +1 to Strike, +2 to Parry.
2nd - +2 to Dodge, +1 to Initiative
3rd - +1 Attack per Round, gains Multiple Dodge technique.
4th - Knock-out on a roll of Natural 20, +1 to Initiative.
5th - Select one power from either Body Hardening or Martial Arts Techniques (House Rule: Add +1 to Initiative, Strike, and Damage).
6th - +1 Attack per Round, +2 to Disarm, +1 to Kicks (Strikes and Damage).
7th - Critical Strike on a Natural Roll of 18 or higher, +1 to Parry, +1 to Dodge.
8th - +1 Attack per Round, +1 to Holds, +1 to Locks.
9th - +1 to Disarm, +2 to Initiative.
10th - +1 Attack per Round, +1 to Strike
11th - Knockout on a Natural Roll of 18 or higher, +1 to Parry, +1 to Dodge.
12th - + to Kicks (Strikes and Damage).
13th - Death Blow on a Natural Roll of 20.
14th - Select one power from either Body Hardening or Martial Arts Techniques (House Rule: Add +1 to Initiative, Strike, and Damage).
15th - +1 Attack per Round, +1 to Parry, +1 to Dodge.

Why study Savate?
For many reasons. It's very impressive, it's highly effective and it also has strong moral background. Students are taught control and respect every step of the way. Another advantage is its relative obscurity - very few people expect to fight someone who has learned Savate.

"SAVATE boxe francaise" on YouTube

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