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Martial Arts - Allowed Systems (The Two Tiers)


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Here's how this works: I am going to provide every starting character two more "O.C.C. Related" skills of choice. Players can use these points to upgrade to a "tier 1" or "tier 2" dedicated martial system. Think of your character's current hand to hand system and the number of skills it costs to receive that skill then check out the table below:

No Hand to Hand skills - total skill cost = 0 (but I hope your medical insurance is paid up...)
1 O.C.C. Related Skill - Hand to Hand: Basic
2 O.C.C. Related Skills - Hand to Hand: Expert
3 O.C.C. Related Skills - Hand to Hand: Martial Arts, Commando, or Assassin or Hand to Hand: (Tier 1 system)
4 O.C.C. Related Skills - Hand to Hand: (Tier 2 system)
(Changed 28 April 2020.) =)

There are the following additions/changes to the systems.
1. At character creation, should a system provide the bonus "Add x to CHI," the character instead adds 1 point of M.A. per 5 points of Chi.
2. When leveling, instead of receiving "One Additional Martial Art Power" or "Zenjoriki Power," etc., the character adds +1 to Initiative, +1 to Strike, and +1 to damage each time they receive that bonus.
3. When leveling, instead of receiving "Double Existing Chi," the character adds +1 to Parry, +1 to Dodge, and +1 to Roll with Impact.

Tier 1 Martial Systems
Drunken Style Kung Fu - Unpredictable striking system where fighting seems "accidental." Very fluid, loose moves.
Jujitsu - Japanese. "Art of Suppleness" with "whatever works!' philosophy. Is both a striking and grappling system.
Kick Boxing - Western, not Muay Thai. Powerful signature moves, easy to learn. Primarily striking. No philosophy.
Krav Maga - Israeli fighting system born during W.W. II. Practical, well-rounded, effective. No philosophy.
Kyokushinkai Karate - Hard-hitting striking system with discipline and deep philosophy. Not to be underestimated.
Moo Gi Gong - a weapon-based system that focuses on all ancient W.P.s and then some. It is somewhat weak without them.
Professional Boxing - does not stack with Boxing skill. Knock-outs do not have to be called!
Tai Chi Chuan - One of the "softest" systems, few attacks, but excellent defensive moves. Contemplative philosophy.
T'ang-su Karate - also known as "Tang Soo Do" - Chuck Norris's favored system. Strong striking system.
Yu-Sool - basically Hapkido. A "hard & soft" system covering strikes & grappling. Peaceful philosophy.

Tier 2 Martial Systems
Aikido - Steven Seagal's favored system. Soft system with throws and locks. Non-aggressive, peaceful Japanese philosophy.
Brazillian Jujitsu - primarily a grappling system taken from Japanese Jujitsu. Nasty against single targets.
Command Sambo - or simply "Sambo. Brutal Russian wrestling system. No philosophy, just pain for your enemies.
HEMA (Historical European Martial Art) - A wide-ranging weapon-based collection of systems to go with all of those cool movies, man! Woo!
Hwarang Do - a very old and well-rounded hard/soft Korean system for warriors. Said to be the father of Tae Kwon Do.
Jeet Kune Do - v1.0 and my v2.0. Bruce Lee's system. Excellent practical self-defense. "Take what is useful and develop from there."
Muay Thai - a.k.a. "Thai kickboxing" Utterly brutal, extremely fast, and potentially deadly "sport" of old.
Munen Muso - Australian self-defense system relying on fast reflexes. Very practical.
Panrakation/Pancracean - old Greek kickboxing system with throws - think Mixed Martial Arts in ancient Greece.
Petjut Kilat Silat/Arnis - Filipino striking system using paired swords, sticks, and strikes. Little grappling.
Savate - powerful and graceful French kicking system mixed with boxing. No grappling. GM change: Savate begins with 3 attacks per round at 1st level instead of 2. Reasoning: Savate fighters throw combinations equal to professional boxers and Tae Kwon Do artists and they start with 4.
Shaolin Kung Fu - ancient, beautiful form of Chinese Kung Fu taught both in temples and schools.
Sumo - become a human freight train. A character gets to make a roll to see their height and weight as they are requirements for this sport.
Tae Kwon Do - Powerful, fast Korean kicking system of old. No grappling. Little philosophy.
Tiger Claw - "Fu Chiao Pai." Devastating, highly-aggressive Kung Fu system. "You'll think you're fighting a tiger."
Wiu Wing Chun - unlike Ninjas & Superspies, to me, this is Yip Man's Wing Chun. Not women-only Chinese self-defense system. No grappling. Great short-range techniques.
Zanji Shinjinken Ryu - Ancient samurai weapon-based system of killing. No grappling. Honor-based philosophy.
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