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hello hello! I'm cowboypete. You can call me whatever.

I'm 27 and you are at least 20.
I work full time, but I still squeeze in plenty of time to write. Based on the west coast. Only interested in writing queer characters, but I am totally down to write multiple main characters.
My current creative projects have stalled out a bit, so I'd like to do something fun n engaging on the RP side. If your real life intervenes and you ghost, that's totally fine with me. However, I will try to be candid with you if I'm having issues finding time to write or am just not feeling our current thread.
I tend to write long posts, but as long as you give me something to work with, we're good.

If you have a group RP you think would interest me, you are welcome to link me!

I can't say I have a ton of ideas to float to you (sry sry). Fantasy/sci-fi + queer characters are pretty much my only preferences atm, but I'm down to brainstorm, mood board, whatever helps us build something fun. Unsurprisingly, I like westerns as well.
I'm willing to try some fandom stuff w canon x canon or oc x oc, but I will say I am pop-culture limited.

  • superheroes/xmen inspired
  • terry pratchett inspired
  • dragons (DRAGONS)
  • werewolves (or whatever other cool fantasy creatures you're feeling)
  • curses
  • magical realism - a huge fave of mine to add a little ~spice to what might be a slice of life idea
  • sci-fi explorers (a la star trek)
  • your sort of classic fantasy epic - we sketch out some warring kingdoms, an epic quest, whatever. you play a young upstart in a colonized state who is trying to overthrow a tyrannical government, I play a pirate captain who has to be swayed to the cause, etc etc.
  • as above but Space Opera
  • faeries (a la holly black)
  • medieval inspired or modern royalty
  • found family - whether it's our typical kind of family of circumstance or a biker gang or something idk
  • dystopia (w/ cults?)
  • time traveling but...
  • star wars inspired
  • (space) cowboys
  • something indiana jones ish but in a fantasy realm - ie, an explorer/archaeologist type
  • horror-ish stuff (ghosts???)
  • magical grad school. is that anything
  • enemies to friends to lovers
  • inspired by greek or roman mythology
  • chance meetings
  • occulty stuff? I summoned and demon and now they won't leave kinda vibe
  • typical DnD adventuring party/"you meet in a tavern...." kinda thing
  • extrovert/introvert or other kinda 'opposites' attract vibes
  • something magical girl oriented (cute n fluffy, please)
  • on the road again (something about meeting while traveling? having to travel for xyz magical pilgrimage?)
  • I really love corny stuff idc. I also love a lot of YEARNING. give me your fake relationship where they are secretly in love with each other (but also drive each other up a while) idc

sexual assault (idc if it is in your character's backstory, just not during our RP plz) or anything non-con or dub-con; large age gaps in romance; stuff like boss x employee romance.
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