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Multiple Settings Many plots, head full,,


*+I'm trying, I promise.+*
Head so full of plot ideas,,,
{Quick rule list: Must be under 25 (I am under 18), comfortable with darker topics, romance not a requirement. I WILL NOT rp with a vampire or neko/catgirl character. They make me uncomfy.}
{I prefer M// plots! And I almost always play a male character}
I have bolded my preferred role, but if you want that role we can talk about it !!
For time periods, I prefer mainly either a Renaissance-ish sort of era (not quite dark ages though), Late 1800's, modern day, or futuristic sci fi (Cyber/Solarpunk sort of vibe!!)
<Monster x Monster Hunter> (I have multiple monsters to choose from)
<Nonmagical Person x Magic User (This one I believe would work best in a world where magic is illegal and must be hidden)
<Prince x Commoner> (This would be best in the Renaissance-ish time period)
<Human x Werebeast> (Good old slowburn romance at the mercy of the moon)
<Siren x Sailor>
<"Bestie help the magic thing worked/didn't work I am turning into a (blank) Please Help"> (Basically Muse A decided consuming a random potion was a good idea and is now paying the price)
<Demon x Angel>
<Demon x Human>
<Supervillain x Superhero>


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Helloooo I would be interested in a few of these plots!

Villain/Hero might be my favorite! But I could also go for Demon/human or angel, magic/nonmagic, or prince/commoner. Some of these plots could also be mixed! I even have some ideas for mixing a few plots and whatnot.

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