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Realistic or Modern Making It [CS]



you are gold baby. solid gold.

Character Sheets
**REALISTIC pictures only please!**

Age: [21-28]
Position in Band:

Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Body Type:

Likes: [3+]
Dislikes: [3+]

Personality: [3 positive; 3 negative]
Bio: [1-2 paragraphs]​


you are gold baby. solid gold.
s a d i e
m e r c e d e s
limited edition
"blondes do it better."
"redheads are noticed,
but blondes are remembered."
Name: Mercedes Zabielski
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual, male leaning
Position in Band: Lead Singer

Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Height/Weight: 5'7 / 137lbs
Body Type: Thin
Tattoos/Piercings: Hella ear piercings; tongue; both sides of her nose; belly button

Likes: her bandmates; singing; dogs
Dislikes: dancing; her family; hot coffee


BIOGRAPHY (TW: Suicide):
Mercedes grew up with an alcoholic father and a drug addicted mother. She had an older brother, Luke, who swore to always take care of her. He protected her when their parents got into fights, and held her as she cried herself to sleep. Living in that house was hell, but Luke made it okay. He made sure she had clothes on her back and food in her belly, and as she got older he made sure that she finished her homework and helped him with the chores. It wasn't his job to be a parent to her, but he took it upon himself to do.

Maybe that's why he committed suicide. Sadie came home from school one day at the tender age of twelve to find that he'd hung himself, right there in his bedroom. He'd left a note that she still has to this day, although nobody knows about it. Her screams caught the attention of her parents, who rushed in to find their son dead and cold, and their daughter trying to tear him down and bring him back.

His death straightened out her parents. For a little while. Sadie started dealing with depression mood swings and was diagnosed as bipolar at fourteen after her mood swings became so much that not even her parents could handle them. They spent months fighting with her to get her to take her pills, but it wasn't until she met a bandmate (although they weren't a band at the time) that she straightened out and started taking her medication. She, along with her newfound friend buried themselves in making music. Music saved Sadie's life.

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Name: Melanie Park
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Position in Band: Stylist and Special Effects

Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height/Weight: 5'6" - 117lbs
Body Type: Slim
Tattoos/Piercings/Etc. 2 piercings on ear lobes

Likes: Black Coffee, Spicy food, Going to markets, Music, Fashion, hair, makeup vibrant colours, red lippy
Dislikes: Chocolate, time wasters, procrastinators, Beer, Vodka, wearing dark or monotone clothes, uniforms

Personality: Mel is a pretty confident girl on the inside and out. She walks with a sort of poise most people don't have, never slouches or looks down at her feet and always tries to speak her mind. Whilst her line of work isn't exactly what her parents or the rest of her family would have picked for her, she does not see herself as the black sheep of the family following behind her more successful brothers and sisters. She takes a lot of inspiration from her mother who always tells her, "Whatever you do, do it with conviction". Mel has a personality made for management and leadership. She knows how to deal with people who don't get along, she is a good mediator and she is firm and not easily walked on, however she has never had the wish to use this skill to it's full potential, favoring instead to focus on her passions as a career.

She is extreamly ambitious and maybe just a little bit selfish, if a project she is working on began to hurt her own reputation in the industry she will consider dropping it all together. Mel also wouldn't think twice about turning down a friend for a better opportunity. That being said, she has never been truly invested in something before and she has also never had anything fail or fall through so just maybe she isn't as headstrong with that ideal as she likes to think.

Although Mel can be a bit overbearing her organisation skills are on point. Her downfall is her lack of adaptability, whichever she is aware need she work. When plans change too suddenly it causes her great stress, and she has trouble adapting.

Relationships are unexplored territory for Melanie, and whist like most she gets crushes and she finds others attractive, she is rather afraid to explore them as her own mothers marriage fell apart so spectacularly. Still, when she likes someone she will relax some of her more overbearing traits and she does know how to have a good time when she tries. Sometimes the stress she puts herself under needs a release, so on occasion she will escape with a good night out at the bars. And for that, of course, she needs friends.

Despite how independent she wants to portray herself as, Melanie has always been able to go to her mother and her siblings for advice, and thus has a very team-oriented mentality. She tends to easily fall into the roll of mentor as well as of student. People who work hard and have talent and skill, she makes sure to befriend and get to know. She makes an effort to get to know the people she works with and for, and actively takes an interest in their lives. In return, she isn't very closed off, and always try's to be approachable. Melanie actually dislikes being alone, having grown up in such a big family she is very accustomed to being in a crowd. She likes to have people she can rely on and who can rely on her.

Bio: Melanie comes from one of those family's where every member is talented in some way. Her mother, a neuro-scientist, her father owns a multi billion dollar media company, all of her elder brothers and sisters are working professionals in either the business, scientific or medical fields. Melanie was the youngest of four, two boys and two girls. The closest sibling to her age is a good 10 years her senior as Melanie came as a a bit of a surprise. When she was born, her mother was in her late 30's and didn't want to have any more children. Still, she loved and raised Melanie just like all her other children. But their family dynamic was not quite what they portrayed to the public. Melanies mother and father had a fake marriage. Both of them had other partners, both of them knew and neither of them talked about it. The only reason little Mel found out was because it came out in the heat of one of their many shouting matches.

Melanie's mother was a proud woman. It was very hard for her to admit when she was wrong, and fights with her just went on and on with no end in sight. But the couple and their family had such a good reputation that the drama that would unfold if they divorced was almost not worth the headache. Still, neither of them forced their children to pick sides, nor did they try to manipulate them, so life just went on and the Park siblings just ignored it and focused on becoming a success like their parents. None of them talked about how this environment effected them, but none of the Park children had very successful relationships. Melanie has seen so much go wrong in her family's love lives that she no longer believes in love and feels that it would be best to stay single, if she can help it.

Unlike her siblings, Melanie was never interested in academics. She liked playing the piano, painting, fashion and design. She spent most of her schooling ignoring this passion and told her parents she was going to be a doctor when she finished her studies. For a time after graduating, Melanie worked for her father. She learnt all about electronics and media. She could edit videos, set up lighting and staging special effects. She was quite good at that too. She began to do work experience for theater companies and she began studying Lighting and staging. It was during that first course that she met the band. She began working for them, for free of course, as work experience. Whilst she was studying and helping out, she also kind of fell into the role of stylist as she was alredy quite adapt at hair and makeup, though she never studied it.

Mel feels, although she is doing quite a lot of work for free, it will all be worth it if the band go big and her name gets out there. Plus, she wont admit it, but she kinda likes them and openly believes in them.
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Does Not Know Kung-fu

Samson 'Sam' Amsel




Position in Band

Eye Color

Hair Color
Dark Brown

6'4/194 lbs

Body Type


Mountains, Fishing, Family, Country, Whiskey, Cider, Rain, Snow, Stars,
Smell Of Paper, Animals, Music, Cartoons, Movies, Naps, His Job,
Rivers/Lakes, Video Games, Sappy Romance Stories, Cooking,
Reading, Football, Tomatoes, Holidays, Flea Markets/Garage Sales

Fresh Cut Grass, Social Media, Small Cars, Heat, Oceans, Barbers, Vodka/Tequila,
Loud Noise, Crowds, Coffee/Green Tea, Smoke, Working On Cars/Talking About Cars, Egos,
Liars, Pity Parties, Soups, Malls, Clothing Stores

Driven || Demanding || Ambitious || Caring || Humorous || Distant

Sam is incredibly driven in everything he does. It was how he was raised, the idea that if a man sets out to do something, he had better do it right and he embraces that idea utterly. Whenever he starts a project, takes on a client, starts up a hobby, he throws every fiber of his being into it. He wants to succeed, he wants to thrive, he wants to achieve everything he set out to do and there is not a whole lot that will, or even could, stop him from reaching his goals. This drive is one of his greatest strengths and is a center pillar of what makes Sam, well, Sam. That raw intensity and will to carry it out which, while incredibly useful, is also taxing on Sam. He will, and has, gone days without sleeping or eating in order to meet a deadline or finish a project, working until his body gives out and very few things can convince him to take a break from his task especially when he is under the, often mistaken, belief that he is nearly finished. Should he fall short of his goals, or even worse, fail completely, he will tear himself apart. It doesn't matter what people say or how good people see the final result, if he didn't meet his own expectations or if he screwed up, he will berate himself for days on end and even become upset if he thinks about it months, or even years, later. He is, by far, his own worst enemy. However, Sam can also be everyone else's worse enemy because that drive and demand for higher standards extends to people around him. Sam expects a level of dedication and will from those around him and he will never fail to let them know when they are failing to meet those expectations. There is no better way to get on his bad side then to utterly disregard one's work and duties because 'they just can't be bothered to at the moment'. It is important to note that he is nicer to the failings of others then he is his own failings. He will forgive slip ups and can even admit when he is being too demanding.. sometimes. But if it becomes something that happens often, Sam will write them off and no longer trust them to do what must be done, and if possible, he will do it all himself, as at least then, it'd be done right. This drive and demand for excellence is motivated by a few things: Ambition and Fear. His sheer ambition as Sam doesn't just want to do well, he wants to win. He wants to succeed. He wants to change the world. He wants to help his clients get their music to every corner of the world and inspire countless generations, to better the world his kids are growing up in. While he doesn't care about material possessions, he wants to leave his mark on music history. Ambition, however, is not all there is. Sam is terrified of failure. Terrified of proving his father right, that he is nothing but a fuck up, just like he was, just like his mother was, just like both his brothers are. Nothing more then trailer trash with delusions of grandeur. While he does not sit and dwell on this fear, or even acknowledge it, it lurks in his subconscious driving him to spend that extra four hours on his reports, to set up that back-up gig, to triple check the finances, and if he were being honest, his desire to excel has long since passed into the realm of obsession.

He isn't all harsh, he is a deeply caring and nurturing man. Sam loves to take care of others, to baby someone, to protect them. He cares about people, especially his friends, family and, yes, even clients. While he may brush their affection off, push them away when they get to close, he truly does want them to be happy and be happy with them. Sam loves to cook for people and while he may roll his eyes at someone's mistake, he secretly likes fixing it for them. As cliche as it sounds, he is happy when he makes others happy. This is why his sense of humor has always flourished. He doesn't just have a quick tongue and an even sharper wit, but he truly enjoys making others laugh. There are very few things he loves more in the world then seeing a smile on someone's face and their eyes light up when he says something clever. Despite being a rather considerate man, Sam is a distant man. It seems odd, how can a man so determined to bring out the best in others, care for them and make them laugh be distant? But he is. It is a trick he learned long ago, he feeds them small amounts of 'personal' information, small displays of kindness here and there and they never notice how little they know about him, how they are not truly 'friends' but merely associates or, more often, just clients. This distance is intentional. Sam doesn't want to get close to anyone. He has his kids, he has his grandfather, he has a best friend and an ex-wife, he doesn't need anyone else nor does he want them. The harder someone pushes into his life, the harder he pushes them out. So, while his client may be babied by him when they get hurt, nurtured when they are sick and pushed when they falter, it is simply because that is who he is and not because they are special to him.

Sam was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado to a teen mom and a man who was eight years her senior. They married to ensure he wasn't a 'bastard', likely because his grandfather would not have stood for it, but their marriage fell apart barely a year later as the truth was... they never loved one another, merely loved the
idea of one another. His mother did finish high school and bounced around between part time jobs still eager to live out her life, and so Sam spent most of his childhood with his grandparents. While he will say it was for the best as his grandparents are great people, which they are, back then he often would cry himself to sleep because he could never shake how unwanted he felt, nothing more then a burden on his mother's life, a regret and a mistake. She remarried and 'settled' down with a mechanic and had two more children, both boys. While Sam did live with his mother and step-dad, he spent his holidays and nearly every weekend at his grandfather's who was his true parent and father figure. He rarely saw his real father who worked the assembly lines of a local bottling factory. While he had a 'home', he always felt like the outsider. His step-dad often attempted to bond with him in all the wrong ways and the divide between them only continued to grow as they discovered they shared little interest especially in automobiles. Whatever bond they could have had was destroyed when, after finding out his 'real' sons and Sam's younger brothers, shared his avid interest in cars he had, off handily, remarked that, at least, they were real men with proper interest. Of course, automobiles and working on them being one of his grandfather's favorite past times didn't help too much in that feeling of inadequacy. His family were far from 'wealthy' as there were many a time where they would have hotdogs and mac n'cheese three days a week with ramen filling for the rest to make it to the next paycheck. His real father rarely, if ever, paid child support and had six other children with four different women, but it was a... not a bad life.

When Sam was 17, he impregnated his girlfriend. An accident but one he has never once regretted, but he does regret how things turned out after. The news of his coming child forever destroyed the relationship he had with his step-dad and mother. He doesn't recall much of the fight, but he does remember how it ended. With his mother asking if he wanted to be trailer trash like his father and ruin his life like it ruined hers. An off-handed comment made in anger, but it hit in all those childhood fears of being an unwanted mistake and she had smacked him in the face with it. That deep down, she felt he had ruined her life. People say that people say things in anger they don't mean, but Sam has never believed that. When someone is angry, truly angry, that is when they give their honest opinions. He moved in with his grandfather and married his girlfriend that summer. His now wife, Leah, gave birth to his beautiful daughter Katie, and a few years later, they had a son, Charles, named after his grandfather. To support his family and help his grandfather, Sam worked an overnight job as he went to college. It was in college he found his calling, a few friends of his were starting up a band and wanted his help. He had no idea how to play any instrument and to say he can't sing was incredibly kind, but no, they wanted him to manage as he was a damned good nanny and as an economics major, he could help them push something. It failed. Miserably. However, Sam had never had so much fun in his life. Helping get their music, their art, their creation to other people, helping them create this wondrous new thing it was.. almost intoxicating. After graduation, he signed up with a major label and within a few years was managing several bands and artist... and he was good. Sam established connections, set up gigs faster then they could keep up, pushed merchandise, settle financial disputes, managed schedules and handled unexpected issues with a single minded determination that was almost scary. Before long, he didn't get assigned to people anymore, he picked who he wanted to manage. He garnered a reputation for making stars and, more importantly, for making money.

But not all was well. Leah and Sam fell apart and, after six years of marriage, divorced. They shared custody down the middle which neither of them were completely happy with but neither were willing to give up the kids either and take less. While it is not something Sam would ever admit, he has been single for the last five years devoting himself to his family and his work. But something was missing, he didn't know what until he stumbled upon his daughter watching a YouTube video of this band. The video was low quality and forget about sound quality, but something about them... from their beautiful red-headed lead to their passionate drummer... sparked something in him. It wasn't the kind of music he was into, but he didn't need to be. They had a spark, it wasn't all the way there yet, it needed to be nurtured, it needed to be pruned and allowed to mature, and he also found out it needed a steady guitarist, but it was there. Sam could almost see them becoming the next great hit, the next music revolution, the next Queen. To say his boss was less enthused them him would be an understatement. They were some unknown band with no clout and little experience, there was no way in hell they would be signed.. so Sam quit. Dropped everything he had built, tracked down the lead singer, Mercedes Zabielski, and introduced himself. He was Samson Amsel and if she worked with him, he'd get their music to the world... and, well, that was that. He likes to think he made an impression, but in reality, he is fairly sure it was the lack of other options they had that led them to him. Sam does intend to utterly devote himself to the band and make them his sole priority... when they get there. He is currently managing a few other artist and bands on the side to pay the bills... and while he never tells the band this, most of his pay from their work gets put back into the band breaking one of his core rules.

Sam has a few personal rules he abides when it comes to managing:
Family First
Never tie your own fiances into the band's.
They are not your friends, they are your clients.
Most importantly, never, ever, get romantically involved with a client.

Writing Sample
[I didn't see this in the CS, so I figured I'd throw it on. Its super late right now, so I'll do this tomorrow.]



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one life, one encounter
Zyon Gradio
Z, Scorpion
eye color
hair color
Light Brown
5'11'' 183 lbs
body type
Tattoo on lower back in shape of a scorpion
#Spicy food
#Motorcycle riding
#Shopping at all
#Bad drivers
Zyon is a very ‘punk rebel’ type person. He enjoys hardcore EDM and rock music forever, and can also been found out on his motorcycle when he has down time. His attitude can scare away some people, but those he cares about can see he’s just a loyal teddybear on the inside. He cares for the band and will stick up for everybody in it or directly involved with it. He’s the kind of person that honestly could care less about the fans and the fame. He’s just in it for the thrill and excitement of being onstage with his group. He still gives it his all every time, rehearsal or performance.

Z can also be very impatient. He doesn’t like to sit still and wait for long. It’s hard to keep in interested if he’s just sitting around. He’s also reported to be kind of manipulative to get what he wants outside of the band, and it’s come back to bit him in the butt before. Not to say that he’s not trying to change that. Z has trouble trusting new people.
Zyon grew up an orphan, passed from foster home to foster home until he finally grew old enough to be kicked from the system. Luckily, at that time, his last foster home was kind enough to help him get his feet fully planted. Growing up Z was always doing something musical, weather it be making music on trash can lids or trying to sing his heart out. His third foster home, when he was 13, got him his first bass guitar and let him keep it since then. He’s had to get a new one, but that old bass guitar is what got him set on the road to the band.

His last foster family, the Anito family, helped him find someone to teach him how to properly play and also hooked him up with a voice coach. He worked in close relation with these people from age 18 to about age 20. He landed a few solo gigs but they never worked out right. Eventually, he tried getting into a couple different bands, some worked for a while but some didn’t, and finally he landed with his current band. He hasn’t left since and is looking forward to making music with them for as long as he can.
he/him, gmt-8, zygra
cheers, lamb
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Name: Ezequiel Rayes
Nickname: Zeke, Kill, Killi
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Position in Band: Drummer

Eye Color:Grey
Hair Color:Brown
Height/Weight: 6' 3"/223lbs
Body Type: Muscular, Athletic
Tattoos/Piercings/Etc.-Too many to count, nose piercing, two ear piercings on his left ear.

Likes: The Band, His family, Music, Night, Rain, most sports, ice cream, action movies, books, poetry
Dislikes: Clubs, Hot weather, Cats, Math, Vegetables, coffee

The Good: Loyal, Determined, Fearless, Laid-Back, Adventurous
The Bad: Brash, Stubborn, Reckless, Tactless, Callous


Music was always the escape, it was his drug of choice, and it was completely necessary. Ezequiel's problems did not stem from a bad life. From the outside, his life was actually pretty good; however, it was the premise around how he was able to live such a life that made living so difficult. The Rayes family is powerful and famous for all the wrong reasons. It is no secret that they are involved in a variety of shady businesses; moreover, it is all the more proof of how dangerous they are. They have always been able to dodge, settle, and erase charges, lawsuits, and would be victims. Ezequiel, of course, took part in many of these illegal activities, and witnessed them at a young age. Back then, this kind of life was as natural as breathing air, and it was only until he matured that he began to question some of his family's practices. Although Ezequiel was always the odd ball in the family, his true change did not happen until he was 15.

When anyone in the family went out, security was usually sent out with them, after all, they did have many enemies. However, being the pubescent teen that he was, he snuck out to hang out with his girlfriend at a local arcade. Teens were always difficult to deal with, but they were no match for a crime lord. Ezequiel's father sent his brother to go pick them up. Even though Ezequiel knew he was going to get beat down again, it was worth it. Their date was practically over, and he had never felt happier. Unfortunately, he would never get to see where this relationship could go. On the way home, they were attacked by a rival gang and gun downed. Everything was a blur, and he blacked out in a few seconds. Ezequiel woke up in a hospital, alone. His mother arrived a day later and told him what had happened. It was then that he learned his uncle, as well as his girlfriend died in the attack. The doctor even stated it was a miracle that he had survived after spending two weeks in the ICU. To pour salt on the wound, he knew that his father secretly blamed him for the death of his brother, so when he enrolled him in a school that was out of state lines using his connections, Ezequiel knew at that moment he was disowned. The first few days was hard being cut off from his family, even if most people would not describe them as a family. He fell into depression, and became a problem kid that his "guardian" could barely control. Eventually, Ezequiel discovered the drums. It began as a way to channel his aggression and then became something he truly loved. He had always listened to music, but now he could help create it; however, his past continued to haunt him.

When Ezequiel turned 18 he official removed himself from his family. He asked to be cut off from all funds, protection, and anything else that his father provided. He was through with being shackled to something he never cared for. He would gain his freedom, but his life would revolve around many tribulations he had to overcome before becoming the person he is today.

Relationships-Surprisingly, no one in his immediate family is dead, although he has witnessed the death of two uncles, and has attended more than one funeral for several other family members and friends. As the youngest of five brothers he always had to earn respect the hard way. Although they cared for one another, and would watch each others backs, they often expressed themselves through violence, so Ezequiel drew the short straw. Moreover, his father seemed to be more concerned with his business, so most of his attention was on that, or those who would eventually inherit the business. This lack of love, may have played a role in who Ezequiel is today; however, he actually did not mind it too much sense he grew to hate his family practices anyway. He has a stable relationship with his mom. Unlike everyone else, he was actually her favorite since he was the youngest and was a bit different from the rest, and Ezequiel felt a little sympathy for her after witnessing several affairs. Nevertheless, he had little remorse for someone who did not want to get themselves out of a situation, so once again he did not hold too much resentment for this revelation.

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𝘵𝘢𝘭𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘮𝘰𝘰𝘯.
"you've got a heart as loud as a lion's so why let your voice be tamed?"
Name: Marigny Noëlle Cara Deòir
Nickname: Dove [ by her Father ] , Mari, Marie, Noë
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Position in Band: [ New ] Guitarist

Eye Color: Green - Hazel
Hair Color: Red - Blonde Brown
Height | Weight: 5'3 [ 160cm] | 115lbs [ 52kg ]
Body Type: Slim
Tattoos | Piercings: Will eventually get a tattoo | 2 pair of ear-piercings

Hardworking and determined is the best way to describe Marigny Noëlle. Quite hard on herself, she will never half-ass any task given to her, however, that only causes more pressure on herself because of her perfectionist attitude. She has immense pride in all of her work, though, it can be her shortcoming as she feels critiques and criticism harsher than she should. Easily stressed and over-worked, Marigny Noëlle tends to keep her hardships to herself, never wanting to burden others with her problems. Nevertheless, although she may not talk about her problems, she is always ready and willing to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. She will put her family and friends before herself, sometimes never able to take "no" for an answer. Although others may berate her for working herself to the bone or even never being able to say "no", Marigny Noëlle feels as if she owes it to not only herself but others to be able to aid and assist if she can to the best of her abilities.

Quite stubborn, once Marigny Noëlle sets her mind on something, it is quite hard to talk her out of it which is surprising since the young woman can be quite indecisive if given the chance or choice. Nevertheless, she allows her creativity to shine through with her many different outlets: creative art such as contemporary painting and other artistry plus her musical outlet: her guitar. Although Marigny Noëlle tends to never share her worries or frustrations with others, her expressions may give way to her tiredness and stress, but she is always willing to smile and looked ahead. Her music is what helps release her pent up energy. But, all in all, Marigny Noëlle is an empathetic, creative, inspirational soul - always ready for a good time, quite cheerful and bubbly, and most of all someone who would stand up for what she believes in and for her family and friends.

Virtues: Cheerful, Trustworthy, Empathetic, Understanding, Patient, Bubble, Energetic, Hard-working, Motivated
Vices: Stubborn, Perfectionist, Self-Conscious, Sensitive, Emotional, Worry-wart, Peculiar, Gullible, Superstitious
Likes: Scary stories, Music, Painting, Animals, Coffee, Tea, Rose-scented lotion, Candles, Outdoor activities, Dreams, Star-gazing
Dislikes: Bent books and bindings, Odd numbers, Wet socks, Stickiness, Elevators, Dark alleyways, Walking home at night, Stormy nights
Quirks: She is a bit fidgety when she is nervous, especially when she shakes her hand and legs. Marigny Noëlle can fall asleep anywhere and fall asleep in any position.

Soft cries echoed through the hills of Ireland. With tearful smiles and elated faces, the Deòir household finally felt complete. After three miscarriages, Aileen and Edric Deòir were finally able to conceive a child and couldn't be more faithful. Life in the Deòir were filled with many adventures as the family moved from one place to the next due to Edric's job. Thankfully, Aileen was able to find an accommodating career that allowed her to be alongside her husband. Marigny Noëlle was raised to be independent and tended to see through the eyes of her parents, being quite influenced by them as she was homeschooled for most of her primary to high school education. Although the young female was born with a weak immune system and sickly, that never stopped her from exploring the world around her and maintaining a positive outlook.

The Deòir's are quite well-known due to their major influences throughout the world. Although Marigny Noëlle's family were quite stylish, if not, incredible, Aileen and Edric tended to stay under the radar, not wanting fame and fortune. The family rarely visited their relatives unless it was an emergency. To say the least, Marigny Noëlle didn't mind being considered estranged from the rest of her huge family. She was content living life with her small close-knitted family. Music was a great pastime in the family. A day never passed that music didn't fill the small Deòir household.

But, at the age of 16 years old, everything took a heavy turn. One stormy night, on the way home from a meeting at the office Edric was attending, the roads were blocked and the night was dark. Within a blink of an eye, the sound of screeching burnt tires, broken headlights, and a loud crash collision occurred. Marigny Noëlle and Aileen Deòir's desperately changed that day. Their routine was interrupted. Aileen found herself diving into piles of work while Marigny Noëlle tried her best to comfort her mother, but to no avail. It wasn't until the anniversary of his passing and when Marigny Noëlle got sickly ill did the two decide to turn their lives over once more: a do-over. The two women vowed to never take life for granted, opening their eyes to how precious life would be. It was a struggle, but life continued and the two tried their hardest to support each other: through finally finding a forever home, keeping up with the bills of her mother's new Cafe, to keeping up with everyday struggles of bills, medical bills, and finances.

At the age of 19 years old until now, Marigny Noëlle took odd jobs: from being a babysitter to working as a secretary, Marigny Noëlle did it all. At times, she managed to find time to take online classes, getting degrees to take on higher paying jobs to save and afford money to attend a music college. Her mother, as hardworking yet tired as she was, managed her Cafe well, bringing in customers year after year and business was average. It wasn't until Marigny Noëlle stumbled flier on her way to mother's Cafe that she found something that ignited her desires. At first, Marigny Noëlle was reluctant to go but with encouragement from the local Cafe customers and her mother, Marigny Noëlle decided to tryout for a band that was looking for a guitarist. Perhaps, it would be her and maybe it would be a step closer to her dreams.

🎸 . She absolutely loves finding new ways to paint such as balloon painting. Her art is quite abstract and contemporary.
🎸 . Her music got her through most of her hardships and she's able to express herself more through it. She must always play her guitar every morning, it's a bit of a routine and schedule she has.
🎸 . She can speak Irish, Spanish, French, and English.
🎸 . Marigny Noëlle has a German Shepherd named Scooby.
🎸 . She was born in Ireland but have traveled to many places. However, she officially moved to the States when she was 12 years old for medical treatment and stated in the States with her parents ever since.
🎸 . Marigny Noëlle's dream is to become a well-known guitarist, playing for millions in the world because music is her connection to her father.
🎸 . When stressed and angry, her accent slips through.

The sound of the vibrato of the musical instruments bounced inside the ballroom as the guests of honor indulged themselves by either crowding the dance floor - their bodies swaying to the music - or were gathered on the outskirts of the floor - playing a good game of cat and mouse by fooling with the notion that the nobles and other guest had a thought of actually liking each other. Nevertheless, the party was fit for a Queen in all of its extravagance and glory with the bright lights and pleasantries of small gossips and intrigue. The beauty of the ball was the blatant cover of prestige that hides the ever-looming coldness of misplaced trust and blossoming love that would only end in an aftermath of a scheme that none wanted to endure. Fooling each other for the sake to get closer to the Crown. Quite a feat, really. The lot of them were like pawns on a chessboard and as they say, behind every King is a Queen waiting to strike.

Her gaze was fixated upon the small little mishap that took place right under the very nose of the palace. Although her attention was drawn to the low profiled attempt at a maid that almost attempted to poison the Queen but failed miserably, the young woman could only internally shake her head seeing that the maid forgot key notes - the taste testing before anything was given to the Queen. As the drama was nearing its end, something that kept Evangeliya from going straight over towards Her Majesty and Anna was the fact that she was engaged in quite a lengthy and tiresome conversation with a Duke. The young lady-in-waiting still managed to keep her wits about her, thoroughly pretending to enjoy the conversation she was having with the young Duke from - well, it didn’t really matter to her who he is and where he came from. The truth of the matter was he bored her with his unashamed ideal that he was a catch of every pure-hearted noble or servant’s dream. Evangeliya waited for an invitation from the said Duke for a dance but none came. What a pompous strait-laced air head.

Despite Evangeliya not being at the Queen’s side as she should be, she had complete trust that Anna had everything handled and from the looks of things, the older woman knew that something was off about the maid that wanted to serve the Queen a drink. A rookie mistake. The party seemed to drag on as the small little riff ended and Evangeliya found herself not being able to tolerate the Duke anymore that she excused herself from his presence and moved on without looking back. The baffled look on the man’s face was a sight to see but nonetheless, he tried to remain cordial with her but with the strained smiled he had given her, she almost had to bite in a laugh as he reminded her of someone who was constipated. She simply would not allow herself to be just another conquest and a woman to show off as some arm candy only allowing herself to be sought after as they chased her, not the other way not around.

As Evangeliya watched the discreet movements of the guards and the knights in the ballroom - to an untrained eye nothing was the matter, but through the eyes of a daughter of a High General there was, obviously, something admist - she could tell they were quickly trying to settle the matter without disrupting the ball and avoiding the Queen's temper, not wanting cross her. However, before Evangeliya wanted to further investigate the happenings of the night, her gaze turned towards the throne where Queen Almina was sitting and where Anna stood closely beside her. If it was any other time, Evangeliya would have quickly made her way on the other side of the Queen as there was a small little competition between both her and Anna - may the best lady-in-waiting win, fair and square. Out of everyone in the court, the only one Evangeliya trusted was Anna - learning from the best and looking up to the older woman. Evangeliya had waited for Anna to take note of her, waiting for her eyes to lock with hers and hopefully her gaze would be noticed by her. She had secretly passed along a message to Anna and only she could decipher it through Evangeliya's facial expressions and use of body language. The secret was theirs and they found a way to convey messages to each other if there ever was a reason they were not together and needed to quickly tell the other something without causing suspicion.
note: this only half of the writing sample since this in-character post is much longer. if i were to send the whole writing sample it would have been quite the read so i shortened it! if would like the whole thing, let me know and i'll add!
hidden scrolls, if hover over photo, there's a secret message
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Alexandra Kim

Name: Alexandra Kim
Nicknames: Alex
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Position in Band: Keyboardist
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown (Natural color) Blonde (dyed)
Height/Weight: 5'5"/100 lbs
Body Type: Slim
Tattoos: 1 2 3

Alexandra's personality could be describe like a lone wolf being the black sheep from her family lead her to prefer being on her own rather than being surrounded by a lot of people.

She has a strong personality and would say what's on her mind without thinking twice if she is hurting someone's feelings, she would never sugarcoat things and would make things clear if she isn't satisfied with something or someone.

Alex is a perfectionist and would continue practicing until she feels she is doing perfectly even if the rest tells her she is playing amazing and for this reason, she gets pretty annoyed when someone is having trouble or is offbeat and would make clear that they need to practice more or they shouldn't be on the band if they don't want to take things seriously.

Even if she is the youngest one of the band she doesn't really care of treating them with respect just because they are older if someone is messing up she would make that very clear, she doesn't really mind if they think her attitude is inappropriate she is not really there to make friends and make wonderful memories she is there to make music.

Alexandra was born on your usual Korean family where her parents wanted her and her younger sister to excel in everything that's why her parents sign in them in music classes while her sister decided to take violin. Alexandra decided to learn how to play the piano and since her parents were perfectionists they wanted that the girls would be the best of their class.

So participating in recitals and contests were usual for them and as they grew up, the sisters make a name of her own due to their abilities while playing their instruments. And as Alex grew up became a pianist that was invited to play with Orchestras or would go to international competitions just like her sister who excelled on the violin.

Everyone expected great things from the sisters and they were sure they would became professionals since a lot of music colleges wanted them and would do anything to have the Kim sisters as part of their alumni but Alex couldn't handle the pressure she felt that everyone was expecting a lot of things that she wasn't sure she could accomplish she was tired of always proving that she was the best pianist and that she only worth thanks to her talent on the piano.

Until one day on a competition she decided to stop playing the piano in the middle of her presentation she couldn't continue anymore and being only what everyone expect her to be. That brought her a lot of problems with her parents and they gave Alex the cold shoulder she was not part of her family anymore and she felt lost trying to find her ownself. She dyed her hair and got some tattoos she was going against the rules of her parents but since they forgot about her and only focused on her younger sister as well as all the music colleges. Alex had to find a way make it on her own and even if she wanted to leave her parents house she couldn't afford a place on her own, she would rather keep her family situation and her past as a pianist to her own.

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That Damned Cowboy
Name: Jake Huron
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Position in Band: Rhythm Guitarist/Multi Instrumentalist

Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height/Weight: 6’2” 250lbs
Body Type: Endomorph
Tattoos/Piercings/Etc: Nope, Nada, Zilch

Likes: Rock, Bluegrass, Metal, Old Country, Jazz, Funk, Folk Music, Old Movies, Trucks, Old Cars, Starry Nights, Stormy Nights, Driving, Fishing, Bourbon, Gin, Tequila, Good Cigars, Camp Fires, Rocking Chairs, Steak, The Outdoors

Dislikes: Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Modern Country Music, Government, Politicians, Heavy Winds, Road Construction, Frou Frou Coffee, The Smell Of Weed, Parties, Raves, Malls, Sushi

Personality: Jake is usually the quiet and shy person in the corner of the room. He’s very old fashioned, so he doesn't always fit in easy. This being the case, he tends to just stick to himself. When interact with people, they find he’s always quite friendly, albeit a little out of sync. Still though, he’s one of the most loyal and caring people you could ever meet.

It takes a lot for Jake to blow a gasket. His thin has become pretty thick living under his father. You can say anything to him and it will glance off of him. If you try to fuck him over or get physical, he will generally respond tit for tat. And as competitive as he can be, he plans to win. But to truly earn his hate, you chastise, mock, or hurt those he cares about.

Pre-med is a bitch, and because of it Jake is constantly stressed to make the path he has chosen for himself work. He’s rolled the dice and is working his ass off to follow through. So he is prone to near nervous breakdowns at times.

When it comes to music, Jake could never give a damn if anyone ever heard him. He plays to master a craft and be the best he can be. Music is about skill, heart, sweat, and emotion. Not fans and praise. Of course, he never, ever intended to ever try and play music seriously. When straight jamming for fun, he’s super friendly and up for almost anything. But on the few times he ever tried to play with people more serious, he expects to see the same kind of dedication he gives from other. It should also be noted Jake isn't without showmanship, he’s more than happy to play up a crowd, it's just that the craft is the priority in his eye.

Bio: Jake comes from the famous City of Sin, Las Vegas, Nevada. Or technically a half hour outside of it in a place called Boulder City. Aside from the rush of traffic coming in and out of the town, life had always been pretty lax. It was the best of both worlds really. The city was close by when he needed it, but he could also enjoy more of a small town life as well.

His family situation wasn't by any means perfect, his dad often times was the most outrageous ass-hole you could ever meet, but it wasn't bad. Bills were always paid on time and they usually had some money to spare. He had nothing to complain about. He just ended up with tougher skin. And his dads extremist expectations usually instilled a need for him to excel.

He was blessed to have known both of his grandparents throughout his childhood as they lived nearby. It was his pops who taught him how to play Kentucky bluegrass music on the guitar whilst he played banjo. His other instilled a love for listening to rock and roll and some jazz. His mother was more of a metal-head and hooked her son on modern rock and metal. His musical tastes are all over the place now as a result.

He went off to University after high school and got himself an expensive degree in Biochemistry. He’d planned to take it to med school, but the GPA lacked slightly, so he decided to take a year off and focus on studying for the MCAT as well as see some sights. His time at school had been getting to him and he seriously needed a break from it anyhow.


Moon Man
Okay you guys I've had this character for awhile I just wanted to update this sexy sausage

Name: Enzo Tita-Munoz
Nickname: E.Z.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual

Role: Manager

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 170 lbs (77.1 kg)
Body Type: Mesomorph
Tattoos/Piercings: None, hopes to get a few.

Enzo is mostly known as the "good egg." His father was a strict and judgemental man, but since he wasn't raised to disrespect people and their talents like Emilio was, Enzo would work with his mother, trying to pick up the rubble his father left behind by treating others kindly and using their money to give it to poorer people. This doesn't make Enzo immediately become the "flexible manager." He is uptight when it comes to business deals and knows what his people want, he would negotiate for hours on end so the people that have hired him would feel satisfied with his work. He would spend hours upon hours working by himself to just get another gig for a band. He is loyal, but would also regulate his bands. There have been many times Enzo would have to quit from a band because their work threatens the business' look and overall PR if they would be partnered for any longer. He would tell his band what they need and what they should do to get to these spots, but if anyone suggests otherwise out of disgust or demise, Enzo would do his best to change it.
Likes: Cars, fashion, business, helping others, coffee, dogs, music, rock, animals, sleep
Dislikes: Hates long-sleeved shirts, watermelon, flavored cigars, vodka, racecars, pop music, dark colors, prodding people, loud/annoying personalities, liars, disrespectful people to his business..

Bio: Enzo grew up in Naples Italy, where his father, Emilio Tita-Munoz, would spend his days producing and creating shows for aspiring musicians and bands who want to get far globally. By the time Enzo was 10, he had already known a lot about letting down musicians and bands but also knowing who could really make it and get far into their careers. He watched many of them burst into tears and beg for another chance while his Father would ask for them to move on, he would gape when his father would treat some of the people on his team horribly, wanting to prove that he was overall superior, and nobody could stop him. His father was scandalous, and that was his downfall. Emilio Tita-Munoz passed away eight years later, Enzo now becoming the CEO of the company. He accepted the offer but wanted a team of advisors to lead the majority of the successful global business, so Enzo could invest his time in helping bands across the world make it, and get far into the industry. He graduated from business and management college and traveled the world making a name for bands and tying them to the industry. Known in Hollywood through the company, he is actually a bit famous for what he does with the bands.

Writing Sample
As he drove, he realized he might be a bit- fashionably late. He saw all of the scenery, and practically pressed up against the glass when he saw the ocean, it was beautiful! The car slowed to a stop in front of a sidewalk, the taxi driver said he wouldn't have enough gas to make it up and down the large hill that was in front of them. He would have to walk. Enzo was shoved out of the car, leaving him to the large hill and an interesting woods with a sharp incline following the path. He laughed, "Fuck it." and wandered into the woods, going up the hill as he walked. 30 minutes later, he found himself in the backyard of an interesting villa, it had large stone staircases, a pool and the grass on the lawn was perfectly clipped. "Bella.," he said, the only word he could muster. He found himself standing in front of the pool, his hair a bit tousled from the walk, and his posture a bit exhausted from walking. He was pretty sure this was the right place. He knew this because taxis were leaving and a few people were standing in the front from what he could see. He then saw a lady inside the house, through a window he saw her in the supposed "kitchen." Enzo smiled, then carried his bags up into the house, dropping them lightly. "Hello," He said, his strong Italian accent showing through his one word.

Noteworthy Relationships
Open to relationships, PM/OOCC me.


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