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Make a character and then write the backstory of the character the person above you wrote...yeah.

Farr Cyrone

i made an attempt
Make a character and then write the backstory of the character the person above you wrote...yeah.
This is pretty self-explanatory by the title. Game start!!
No mature themes. Make any character but you can't write a backstory the person who posts next has to write your character's backstory. Have fun!! :3

My character:
Lyon wynnstep- Human. Male. Dark skin, yellow eyes, and short, curly black hair. Likes dogs, birds, spicy food, and watching the news. Dislikes spiders, basically any other bugs, chocolate, and pineapples.


Official Pikachu Mascot
Lyon grew up in the slums of Mumbai. He was a beggar, until a old man started beating him with a stick. A police officer watched and laughed, slum kids were viewed as subhuman. Lyon grabbed the stick and hit the old man with it. The old man lost balance, hitting his head and dying. The police officer chased Lyon. Lyon pretended to surrender, but hit the officer in the groin with the stick. Lyon ran to the country side. The old man was wealthy and a large bounty was put on Lyon's head. He ran and ran, the staff being his only friend. He ended up in the mountains of Tibet to be trained in a warrior monk monastery.

My Character:

Pikachu. Pokemon. Yellow. Cuter than cute. Likes Lightning, being Pikachu. Dislikes strict rules, being captured.


The Purple Soul
After being struck by lightning in a freak circumstance and being saved in a lab, the mouse that gained intelligence and a strange yellow discoloration called itself Pikachu, and fully realized the torture that befell him each day from the hands of scientists. This brought on the mouse's fear of strict rules and close spaces with no consent, and was finally able to escape, too late realizing that the human race had been degraded to ugly, monstrous beings that made even the mouse itself look cute, despite its small and dirty, mustard-based coat of dingy fur.

Male. Discolored. Black Hair. White Skin. Black Shirt. White Pants. Rainbow Belt. No Eyes.


Potions Master
This man is a sad man because he cannot see his friends' and family's beautiful faces, although he does not have friends and family. The only traces of those he has are pictures, which he, of course, cannot see. They came from before the evil scientists took him away from his loved ones to see why he was so colorless save for the belt. In their mission, they scooped his eyes out for the fun of it. Eventually, he escaped and is now searching for the perfect replacement eyes, which, so far, he has not been able to find.

Alora Simit. Human. Genderfluid. Completely white-skinned, purple eyes, pink hair which is always in a ponytail, black lips, blue tongue. Likes tarantulas, questioning, writing, laughing. Dislikes being touched in any way, being interrogated, cats.


I'm not a boy or girl, I'm a WARNING
Alora grew up in a strict, abusive home. Nothing they did wrong was ever overlooked, which, when their inhuman assets showed themselves and revealed them as something other than human, made a little more sense. Now thought to be dangerous since nobody was quite sure WHAT they were, they were kicked to the street to fend for themself.

Suyi Minilo. Nonbinary. Long brown hair. Multilingual. Pale skin. Red eyes. Likes animals, distrustful of people, pyromaniac, doesn't talk much.


Totally human, I swear!
When ever since Suyi was a small child, he wanted to be a horse trainer, but sadly lived in an urban area with a low-budget family, so for a long time she thought xir dreams would go unfulfilled. Their determination eventually waned, but then he got a surprise: She was going to horseback riding camp!
Xe was so excited to go, looking forward to it for weeks. But then, an unforeseen question came up: Who would look after her pet tarantula, Betty, while they were gone? His parents assured her that Betty would be well-cared for for the four weeks of Suyi's absence. Suyi assumed that they would be taking care of xir tarantula, but they were mistaken: After horseback riding camp ended and Suyu came home, Suyi saw the neighbor kid sitting on her porch with a tarantula on her shoulder- One that looked suspiciously like Betty.
He approached her, silently hoping that the neighbor kid would only have a tarantula of the same species and age, but in that fateful moment the tarantula climbed down the neighbor kid's arm.
"No, Betty!" cried the neighbor, "You're my spider now!"
Suyi could do nothing but cry at the first of many events evidencing with apparency that her parents had ulterior motives for many of the things they did.

"Schooner Stan" Morris. Male. Vampire. Grayish skin, green eyes, muscular. Long, brown beard. Fisherman. Likes singing, the color red, and talking. Prejudiced against Fey, afraid of chickens.

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