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Croinian Front

"These fresh soldiers are going to be taught some survival tactics. Many of us COs in charge of them were recently transfered from our frontlines where we've managed to push deep into their territory. They'll depend on us until they've learnt the basics of surviving." The Imperial CO replied as he directed the Nif Mortar, AA, Anti-Tank, and artillery units to their designated positions.

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The Empire has claimed yet another 3 provinces on Ascar

Internal affairs:

Construction on the first 20 Magic academics have been built, and will have Kadath advisors undertake training for Mage soldiers @Karcen
Construction of Mana extractors and dispursors have been completed and are now fuelign the schools and environments with Mana rich air. As well as collecting Mana from the airscreams to power the schools and infrastructure, along with oil,coal and electricity.

The Empire's population has also increased by another 1 million, raising the population to 25 million. The infrasturcture of the Empire is improving rapidly, as better transit systems, railways, roads are being constructed. The Empire's food production ensures that it's entire population is capable of being fed. The Zodiac colonies have also been improved dramatically.

Quality of life is soaring within the empire as the Empire continues their rapid development, even admist the war effort, which has helped create thousands of new jobs.


The Research for creating the world's first Elite Special Forces Operatives has begun, with the basic training, survival training has been completed. Now, the soldiers will undergo 3 years of vicious advanced Magic and combat training under the guidance of Kadath instructors. @Karcen
The Military's research on a new class of battleships. Research time 1 year
The S.D.W project has begun. Research time: 1 year.
The Military has begun research on larger and more heavier artillery pieces, including flak guns. Research time: 6 months.
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Sin'dorei Imperium
Silvermoon City, Sin'dorei Imperium
The anti-Khajiit sentiments are widespread across the Imperium because the Empress orchestrated it, saying that her father, Emperor Kael'thas Sunstrider and his generals was killed by the Khajiits in the Silvermoon City Raid. Empress Lyandra Sunstrider was upset that her homeland was bombarded by Khajiit navy for the retaliation of the Sin'dorei bombardment in the Khajiit-occupied land which was a mistake for the Khajiits but she was confused how the Khajiits take the Sin'dorei naval port however the bombardment is far away from the capital so it's relatively safe although the capital is heavily defended by Sin'dorei military in case the Khajiit sent its assassins to attack the Empress. All of the capital was heavily defended, district by district, street by street.

Apparently, the Khajiits only bombarded few villages and the plains were turned to waste, the Empress thank the Holy Light that no one got killed in the Khajiit's coward move however there were few who were wounded. The Empress launch a naval campaign to protect its waters against the Khajiit navy and the naval forces was separated into two groups. One that will engage the Khajiit navy and one that will retake the Sin'dorei naval port. Empress Lyandra sent a message to the feared and brilliant General Syetanni Brightsky to push back further the Khajiits back to their homeland.

Meanwhile, rumor has it that the mountains crumbled by a strange astronomical event, the Empress send some scouts to the west of the territory if it was true. After the scouts came back, it appeared that the rumor is true. The Empress send battle-hardened garrisons (who participated the Battle of Dagur between the Sin'dorei Imperium and Peredithas' Elven Empire) to the new empty lands that will be annexed to the Sin'dorei Imperium.

R and D

One of the easiest research by the Blood Elven alchemists, this is called the Cocktail. It is just a simple incendiary grenade developed by the alchemist. The bottle would be full of gas with a ragged cloth on top of the bottle, just simply ignite it and throw it to the enemy and it would explode with flames. It only takes 2 days of this research and it would now be used by Sin'dorei military forces.

"War against Sin'dorei"
Sin'dorei-Khajiit War : Chapter

Sin'dorei Front
General Syetanni Brightsky ordered the large Sin'dorei military force to push forward further to the Khajiit territory. Hundreds of dragon tanks, Gatling tanks, and inferno cannons were moving to the territory where it was bombarded by the Sin'dorei military almost a week ago. When they arrive on the bombardment area, all of the forests were reduced to ashes and villages were destroyed although they saw Blood Elves who were stuck in the battlefield fled to the north and one Blood Elf shouted, "Death to the Khajiits!" the soldiers were silence while the military vehicles were rollin around the destroyed region. After that, the bombarded areas were then seized immediately by the large Sin'dorei military force. As the Khajiits on that ambulance vehicle said that don't attack them, the Blood Elf soldiers were then dragged the Khajiits out of cart and knocked them out, the Khajiits that were part of the Red Cross were now be the Prisoners of War of the Sin'dorei-Khajiit war, the Sin'dorei mages (who are serve as the Sin'dorei military medics) who have the ability to heal a person would heal the wounded Blood Elf civilians and were asked to fled to north to ensure that they were safe, some of the Blood Elves voluntereed to escort the civilians out of the war-torn battlefield. After a Khajiit messenger arrive on the Sin'dorei territory. General Brightsky; full of anger and hate towards to the messenger, stabbed him to the chest ten times and cut of his head by using her sword.

Spies would be also sent further to the border and they saw how the border was well defended by the Khajits. The spies would then report to General Brightsky, General Go'el and General Jukha. All of the Sin'dorei military force were on defensive position in case the Khajiit makes an offensive. The Inferno Cannons were placed behind the Sin'dorei frontline and would start bombarding the well-defended border with incendiary cannons which would ignite fire when it was hit on the ground. (it's not the Wildfire, it's incendiary flames).

Sin'dorei Naval Front
The newly-built Dreadnoughts and heavily-armed transport ships carrying Blood Elf soldiers who were armed with incendiary bullets were leaving in the Silvermoon City to go to the south. When they reach their destination, they were separated into two groups. Most of the Dreadnoughts armed with incendiary cannons were going to attack the Khajiit navy while the transport ships carrying with Blood Elf soldiers accompanied by few Dreadnoughts will going to recapture the island from the Khajiits. When the Dreadnoughts found the Khajiit navy and attacked them as the incendiary cannons hit the Khajiit ships, soon, the SIAF-01 planes would help the Sin'dorei navy and bomb the Khajiit ships with Wildfire, the seas would be engulfed by a large green fire while the Dreadnoughts keep firing incendiary cannons to the enemy ships.

Meanwhile, the transport ships would land on the northern beaches of the island and met with Khajiit fire, as soon as they landed, the soldiers were already got killed by Khajiit soldiers. However, the Sin'dorei soldiers who are equipped with Cocktail will throw it to its enemies and after that the Khajiits on the frontline would be scorched by Cocktail, many Blood Elves would got killed from the heavily-armed fort but Sin'dorei forces desperately throw their cocktail until the fort was scorched. The island would soon overran the Khajiit naval base and the Khajiit air base by killing many Khajiits as they can and the Blood Elves show no mercy to the Khajiits for killing their beloved Emperor. Those who were trying to attack the dreadnought or attempting to escape were shot down by the Dreadnoughts who were accompanied the Sin'dorei soldiers. After that, with no Khajiits alive, the island was retaken by the Imperium and naval reinforcements from the capital would arrive in the island. The island would now be heavily-defended by the Sin'dorei naval forces.

Casualties on the Recapture of Tous Dn'alis (the island front):
6,500 Blood Elves were killed on the island by the heavily-armed Khajiit fort
2 Dreadnoughts were destroyed

Sin'dorei war map

- Light red: Sin'dorei annexed territories (that includes the Sin'dorei expansion of the west by capturing three uncontrolled provinces)

- Orange line: Heavily-defended line by the large Sin'dorei military forces

- Red dots: Sin'dorei Inferno cannons bombarded the heavily-defended Khajiit border

- Yellow arrows: Sin'dorei Imperial Air Force movements

- Orange arrows: Sin'dorei navy movements

- Pink arrows: Sin'dorei naval reinforcements

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[The mines are already done, so.]

The troll mines had been mass produced and sent to military storage for later use, among other utilities and digging shovels.

The new superior alternative to current day planes had been completed and along with it, half of the mass production order. It wasn't exactly difficult to create the device, but it was difficult to find any of the resources necessary. Luckily there was plenty considering a entire ship-load was on hand. The very bottom of the boots were made out of metal to resist intense heat, and a soft interior. The runes built within help with stability by making the user capable of being more balanced. It is also used as a form of "Hover" when stationary. They are made in the color black, and are intended for all terrain use and capable of being used on at least most terrain types if not all. The primary military are not given any regular boot versions as it is believed that their current kit is acceptable. A new uniform which is ordered for 3,000 people are also being developed.
[Boots appearance]
[The metal bit on the heel, and the iron cross. Maybe add in the skull and flames.]

The uniforms were to be multi-purpose for the survival of the wearer, and planned to be out in the coming months.
[The uniform is the side project/subproject.] Among other news, the project continued. Attempting to make a new bullet and or modify the Mauser rifle for these units. They thought of these new air units as if they were artillery, except they wanted them to be fast and capable of evasion. The kit overall for the boots allows a user to reach and or stay in a altitude of 6,000+ indefinitely or until they run out of power. They can "fly" at varying speeds however they are capable of boosting a user's speed in a form of "dash" reaching up to 240MPH safely, and about 266MPH when forcing it to the limit at expense of extreme risk to the user. This was discovered when a crazy mage decided to set a air-speed record using the very first prototype. It is also recommended to be moving and or already at a high speed before attempting to boost, else extreme harm will instantly come to the user. Among this, the runes installed are also coupled with a form of gem, one of two for the kit. This not only amplifies the power a mage has, but how much "mana" can even be stored within. Another record had been set in which a old test plane locked away in storage, had raced against a mage with these "magical boots" and it was extremely slow compared to the mage. The plane only in dives was capable of keeping up, but the wings soon ripped off and sent the plane crashing into a nearby river.

The rest of the kit, aka the uniform primarily, would be the essential to the mages. It would be a kind of green-esque uniform with various straps around the body to aid with varying body types and builds. The straps would also be helpful for carrying more gear, attaching onto large bags, tightening clothing, and allow a form of "towing". This towing would be simply attaching a rope onto them and being capable of carrying them around. In the same time, all mages would be required to own their own form of "gem" in some way. This would usually be worn around the neck like a necklace, or built into the center of the upper chest of their uniform. A few bags were also being constructed for them along with the rifle and or bullets. The design of the boots of this current version is superior to the last, as the last required various tubes and a pack on the back.

Armor modernization would continue and complete it's first attempt at armor. While primarily consisting of nothing too notable but a modernized helmet with neck plate and torso piece, it is rather tough plating as it can survive direct pistol fire. While not holding together against a rifle bullet from the Mauser, it is quite durable and has a guarantee to aid the survival rate of infantry on the battlefield. This would be quite rare within the primary military, however the order of knights have shown interest in utilizing the armor. They had military changes which had similar classification as the new imperial fist, in which it would consist of scouts, and eventually a idea of of using "firearms" would be considered. The "armored" uniform was similar to the imperial fist uniform but had a much more separating characteristic of being drastically colored differently. Consisting of dark earth color and desert sand color. The color scheme in influenced by the colors of the desert and the various crusades which took part within it. The classification of the actual armor would be light, and hinder mobility very lightly if at all.

Construction of armor would simply proceed as planned. With the smaller vehicles being a large success, this allowed more hope for much larger designs along with it. Despite the mark 1 - 3 being a failure in sustainability but a massive success in crossing some trenches, mark IV would be the only vehicle capable of sustaining itself over time and with considerable damage while crossing trenches. Eventually it's engines died, but the research was quite helpful in the planning of the empire's next ultimate weapon. It would be a massive terror upon the ground, and carry various weapons systems while also having been planned to use it's size for considerable ammunition stockpile. Originally the idea for the terror on tracks aka the mobile WMD, would be a weaponized troop transportation unit. This idea was quickly scrapped after realizing the amount of space required in the tank, the possible illnesses that come with poisonous interiors, and the fact that shrapnel within the interior was a equal problem. There was also the problem of vehicle ammunition as carrying troops would severely limit the amount of storage, even with the developers techniques. There was also the fact that after the troops disembark, the vehicle is just a massive hulk of metals combined and will probably have used all of it's ammunition on the way. There was simply far too many problem to address to allow this to be a feasible idea. They also didn't know how weapon systems would come into play, considering the fact that the only weaponized vehicles was a "female" mark III armed only with multiple firing ports for infantry, and the mark IV which barely but surprisingly carried some of the older cannons. Considering that the military advisor had asked for a vehicle which can carry the new 42MM and the magical variation, it was unknown if the vehicle would even survive the weight of itself.
A few troops who were in the series between mark III and IV would nickname the metal demon as a "tank" named after containers of fuel and such. While the term was not officially used by the military, and was currently only known to the 12 people excluding crewmen, it was considered as a nickname. However there was no official name given, especially since none of these terrors had experienced the field of battle. The only true simulation they ever have achieved were surviving live fire tests, in which mages were on standby to help surviving crewmembers. The "tanks" which were sent out on live fire exercises and research would primarily be crewed by criminals or volunteers. The custom engines still being developed would primarily be for vehicles such as this, in the hopes of increasing it's agility. The lead designers, Yuri Gorbachev, and Heather Brackenson were also coming up with new ideas to improve previous designs, and have made a entirely new system overall for the vehicles, including transmission. There has overall been 40 mobile WMDs created during the run of the entire project, with only 5 being successful, and 2 being successful in every field. The 2 being a currently being remodified mark IV "male", and a IS-15. A small quick vehicle with a rotating 360 turret. Is being named after the Saint Natalia cathedral's priest, who had participated in the last war and became a war hero, and also supported in the last crusade.

The queen would continue standing on the bow, but in a different position. Despite a man in a strange colored suit just slamming into the bow's deck and leaving a dent, the queen simply didn't budge nor change her facial expression. She simply just proceeded to look down and then upwards at the figure with her eyes, raising her eyebrow as the strange choice of tight clothing and strange color. She simply just snapped her fingers enabling translation and spoke back monotone. "So big boy, what brings you here to my ship?" She asked.

The other ships would only proceed attempting to go around the steam wall. @Danzo @Lord TacoBell

Bob's expression simply changed to a look of extreme despair and loss of hope. @Danzo

Exploration of the north past the spiders have begun, and have discovered a inhabited land. @Domini Regum

A second exploration vessel has scouted out the east in a straight line until hitting the otherside of the mainland.


Emily would be off living in the wild being given no supplies, or any other essentials such as a knife. Emily was expected that if she was what they believed she was, that she would survive the wild and return to civilization. Among the journey, she had to make a small makeshift hut with sticks, and she had been bitten by a poisonous snake which was hanging off a tree branch above. Despite all of this, she had survived. She however had started to starve to death, and thus she would have to fight the empire's greatest animal foe yet: A reindeer with extremely hostile intent. She had picked up a nearby rock, and would have proceeded to smash in the reindeer's skull with it, before eventually finding a way to cook and then eat it. She also survived in the ending stages of her wait a bear attack, in which she was incredibly injured, but not mortally. The wounds however, would proceed to heal away a week later.

Other/national events:
Reports of large crabs are starting to appear in a local fishing town upon the beaches. These crabs are immense in that they are the height of 4 feet, but incredibly slender. They are known as living on the islands of the empire, but not within any areas surrounding the celestial sea. They are not hostile unless provoked, but even then they are not too much of a threat besides scratches. They are known to act independently. However there are two other crabs which appeared over the week in immense numbers. One is a 8 legged crab with a height of around 5 ft 7 and elongated arms aimed upwards, with the rest bent downwards with small claws. It appears to be easily provoked but again, it cannot cause severe injury. The worse it is capable of doing is harsher scratching and the fact that it will jump ontop of a victim pinning them down, and then continually attacking the victim. However, attacks can be lethal should the crab actually attack the neck. It is classified as a "Spider crab" and is known to inhabit deeper depths of the water. Then there would be 2 rare and more horrifying sights. Crabs similar in appearance to the spider crabs except being at waist height of a 6 ft 7 man. It is slightly faster than all the other crabs, and is theorized to dwell MUCH deeper in the unexplored depths. The more interesting detail about these which separate them from spider crabs, which is one has much heavier and bigger claws, it's body is much more wider and massive than it's spider crab cousin, and it's body is the width of round table with a elongated back half but a still keeping it's crab-esque appearance. These are much more hostile if not instantly hostile, and considered a immense threat when close. It and the other crabs appear to have a strange type of intelligence. Combining that of a ant and individuality. Once the "queen" of them was killed, 3 went in an "inactive" stationary-statue state in which they wouldn't move. Only one "reactivated" when tests to get closer were done, in which it violently attacked a researcher. the spider crabs simply showed self preservation and often became much more hostile and violent to eachother and others, and the 2 crabs named the "Hypori" only got immensely more hostile despite the "queen" not appearing to belong to any of their kind, and measuring in at a foot higher than the Hypori crab but keeping a small body mass like the spider crab. It was passive until attempts to kill it were made, in which it violently attacked 3 people and nearly killing them in the process. The Hypori crab is still considered vastly more of a threat, due to the fact that the one with smaller/normal looking claws easily half-way cut a man in half but it's claw size prevented any more. This however was because the elf was thin and she was not exactly muscular, and the bigger clawed version was capable of cutting a man in half with one claw. However this was only done after having one claw hold the elf up, and then used it's other claw to decapitate him. Both crabs utilizing surprise if at all, pouncing/jumping onto victims, holding them down or up or against objects, and preys upon larger fish and humanoids that is slightly above it's height or lower. Unlike the spidercrab which it is in reverse, and the first crab species discovered in the 3 months named the "Velmor" crab only feeds upon fish and other aquatic lifeforms. Despite this, and the alarming fact that if one appears, a week later 5 appear again afterwards... All of them were sent to a large research facility in the arctic tundra due to it's extreme isolation. Since the facility is used for observations, resource analysis, environmental statuses, and contains plenty of observation rooms which can be sealed in emergencies, it was a great choice to begin with. If the crabs ever escape and kill everyone at the facility, it was hoped that they all die out or never finds a way back to civilization.


Expansion continued south, and now south west. Since death was not always guaranteed anymore, more of this area would soon be taken. This in turn aided the primarily arctic population gain more acceptance as being their own region in the empire, despite remaining objection from verindum. Thus allows them to separate from the "poor region" known as riverside, and also gain a large presence and defense within the varying arctic conditions and environments. They had planned to become superior and one day rise up against the supreme oppression of the enemy, and stating that they will be back and in greater numbers. This however did not make them prevent the empire from further constructing, expanding, and analyzing the unexplored regions.​

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Zetraz, Zodiac Empire

The president looked at the spider-like creature with awe. In his years he has seen numerous species that are non-human capable of thinking on it's own, but never a half human and half spider. "I-I see, well this settles everything. I apologize for my bumbling Congresses actions, and I hope that your people don't experience this war first hand." Enrich said to the spider person. "Reports i've read seem to show a lawless and bloody landscape, it's amazing that how war crimes haven't committed and i hope that it stays that way." Saying the last part mostly to the emperor. "And yes those two youngsters will have to learn quick that this world is quickly changing and harsh, as they will be apart of a generation of great and rapid change as with my own son." Enrich then directly faced the emperor while also keeping the spider person in mind as well. "As for your naval detachment i assure you that the risk it faces from the Vadian navy is very low, but the risk from coastal defenses is great as even our own ships are taking heavy damage from those batteries. As for strategy I would request a push directly to Vadian forces closest you can, thereby cutting them off to their southern coasts. By doing this we can freely move troops between that area and form one large front that will greatly spread Vadian forces."
@Chairman Amnestas @Karcen

Republic of Croina

The nation has gained more land in Escana. Production of C7V and SOA increases and are sent to the Northern Front to prepare for an all out defense. Meanwhile Koffer M.2's are deployed all across the front while Koffer M.1 production is also increased and orders are the same as the M.2's. A new gun, named the Ludwig Gun after it's inventor, was added to the production lines and would be sent to service within a few months. The magazine held 95 rounds, had 550 rounds per minute, had a attachable bipod and anti-aircraft sight meant to aim at enemy aircraft, and a configuration to add onto fighter planes. The weapon also had a velocity of 740 meters per second.
Zeros, Zodiac Empire:

"Operation blitz has been going on for several months now. So far, we've managed to push deep into Vadian territory with the operation. Now we await for the Reich to start their landings on the east. Hopefully we can secure more coastal areas with this operation." @Loyal Guardian

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Das Reich Von Låtvya:

As the ranger stood on the deck of the ship the Captain would step down and approach him. "What brings you onto my ship, strange one?" He asked, obviously eyeing down the damage done to the deck of his prized vessel, meanwhile the fleet would start to pull back in an attempt to get out of the region.

More territories would be brought into the empire from the west, not much else to say.

New larger aircraft were being developed to form a larger Air Force, detailed as a transport aircraft with he capability to hold 12 men and the 4 man crew, totaling at 16.

New mechanized humanoid type objects would be developed, code named "Operation Meteor". Not much else was known expect they seemed to have a human pilot and large weapon systems.
Knight’s Order Ship

After hearing her words Pahu Black put a hand on his chest then, gestured with his other before passionately saying “I am the one known as Pahu Black. I was sent here by my leader to inquire you as to what was going on. Yet as I stand here before you, astonished, I can't help but feel lucky to be before a beauty such as yourself. You bring a sense of regal elegance that I did not know was missing from my life...M’lady.” After finishing he continued his pose for a little longer before crossing his arms and speaking seriously “As it is though my Leader will be here shortly to talk it out. Think of me as a guard of sorts.” @Kazami42

Latvya Ship

After not understanding a single word spoken to him, Pahu Blue decided to take a non hostile pose of crossing his arms and leaning against the railing. He was going to wait for Leves to translate. @Lord TacoBell

Shared Border

After seeing Bob’s look one of the children tugged on Andrea’s robe to tell her that, Bob had said where he was from already. Andrea after realizing such quickly apologized and ask if a meeting between her country and his could be scheduled. @Kazami42
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Operation Blitz was a success with the Zodiac Military be able to break the stalemate along the northern fronts. The Zodiacs were also able to flank inland in order to capture some more coastal territory along the southern coastal areas, along with reinforcing their garrisons that are stationed there. On the east, the Zodiacs have launched an amphibious invasion.

The Imperial Marines waddled ashore at night, losing many boats from the rough seas but, thousands of Imperial marines managed to land onto the eastern strip, quickly occupying the beaches before scaling their way up the hills and deep inland. The beach itself was not as heavily fortified as places such as the southern coast or parts of the eastern coast which the INSDF failed to occupy but, the Marines still took on hundreds of casualties from what Vadian resistance was present.

Imperial HQ- Zeros (Capital of the Zodiac Empire)

"Grand General Moros Glatéz. Operation Blitz was a success. The Military has managed to capture key installations, as well as meeting all objectives. Casualty wise, the numbers of wounded and KIA are bellow our initial estimates." One of the military advisers said presenting the high ranked General with the operation details.

"Good. Good, good." The Grand General replied. "Now. Next objective. Rally with the Cronians in the west, and our landing forces in the east. And cut off their forces stationed in the south. As for our lines. Fortify them. And begin preparations for our next objectives."

"I expect to head from Grand General Réznév about his eastern offensive. The timing has to be perfect."
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Croinian Front

After months of combat, the Vadian central line collapsed and retreated further into their territory while Croinian forces pushed deeper into Vadian territory. The central line attack is now known as the Battle of Stadla, in which Vadian forces stood against a larger Croinian force but in the end failed to maintain the most vital section of the front. Both sides took immense casualties with tanks, artillery pieces, bullet casings, and bodies littered all over the battlefield. Once again Croinian forces were to exhausted to pursue their enemy, so they pushed beyond the trenches of both sides and began shelling enemy positions.

In the northern front Croinian forces, now bolstered with more planes and tanks, launched a second attack against the weakened Vadian forces from the previous attack. Due to the now more well equipped and refreshed Croinian troops due to news from the other portions of the front. The 2nd Battle of Osyth lasted weeks despite the odds but in the end the outcome has changed, and the Croinian forces won over in the northern front after taking immense casualties. Finally after over a year The Standoff is over and after four immense, deadly battles the Croinian army claimed victory after devastating defeats to the Vadian army.

In the Pocket very few Vadian forces arrived at the area, so Croinian and Cascadian forces pushed deeper into Vadian territory nearly meeting up with the northern Croinian force. With such pressure being put on Vadian resources, some estimated it was only a matter of time before the country fell apart to the invasion. Then in the south the large Battle of Rye was taking place as both sides shelled each other immensely. By now Croinian forces had completely cut off the city and it was now besieged but Vadian forces still inside fought to every last man, evident by their fanatic fighting. At sea the sudden order was given to the combined Zodiac-Croinian force to push to the city of Rye.

The naval battle was immense and devastating. Croinian, Zodiac, and Vadian ships sunk and costal batteries kept firing at the naval forces until their last shells were fired. However the two lead ships leading the charge, the KSS Ochsner and the GPN Gorez, stayed strong has their fellow ships began to fall. However the Gorez was taking heavy damage as it was seen to be the deadliest ship in the water. As the last coastal battery was about to fire the last shells that would have spelled the end of the Gorez, the three Croinian battleships deployed fired their guns in near unison ans destroyed the last coastal battery. While accomplishing it's first objective to destroy Vadian naval and anti-naval forces, they failed to remain near the city to provide fire support to aid ground forces permanently. The Gorez was tugged by the three Croinian battleships back to the Zodiac capitol port. While there was casualties for all four ships, the Gorez took the most casualties losing 300 out of the 1,200 sized crew. Thankfully all four captains survived.

In the end however the city of Rye fell after a few more days of fighting and much of the southern coastline of Vadia was captured, and Croinian forces pushed to link up Zodiac forces. With the capture of the city, Croinian forces finally began to settle into the front and rest a little after the devastating battle. Over the course of the land war General Otto Barwald was praised for his skilled use of troop movement and supply to capture large portions of enemy territory capture by Vadia.
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Arret War.png
Much to the dismay of many Imperial government & civil sectors. Especially the Imperial High Command,who would actually ended up shouting a ton of curses and profanity at the envoys. The Envoys returned, this time with 500 children, along with blueprints on how to modernize a society. @Danzo


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The queen just kept her eyebrow raised at the figure. "Riiiiight..." She would proceed to stare with her arms crossed. "So despite you being a guard, do you mind telling me the reason why you have prevented us from retaliating against our invaders, and risk revealing our location as a consequence?" She asked.

Meanwhile, the INS Victoria, the zodiac ironclad, and INS Vermont, Vector, and Juno would have bypassed the wall. Not to chase the enemy, but to proceed to secure the water-border. "Wait a minute here, they haven't fled... They appear to have just kept reversing and taking their time. CONTINUE FIRING! We must not allow the invaders to detail our location!" and with that, the INS Victoria continued to fire upon the few surviving enemy ships. Since they apparently haven't turned around just yet and continued to use some form of reverse gearing, the imperial navy was simply just behind by a few minutes. The INS Burk only continued searching the ocean for whatever had attacked earlier, and soon another patrol of 3 ships had arrived from the east. This consisted of Riverside ships and Verindum ships. After noticing the strange steam wall, and constant lights in the distance from the bow of the Victoria, they would proceed to make chase with what the Victoria was firing at.

In the same time, the boarding of 4 ships from the enemy would simply continue, with varying results on each. 1 ship would easily be taken over due to the Verindum general stab-freezing the defenders, the 2nd ship would suffer some casualties on both sides from a witch electrocuting the enemy and accidentally her own forces, the 3rd biggest ship would simply be bayonet charged on the deck, and face close quarters combat against daggers and sometimes rifles, using their gas masks to prepare themselves deeper in the ship due to possible poisonous gases within, and also because of the troops having access and using the only chlorine shell given to the military on board... The shell originally being used as a concept for capturing the celestial guardian but was side tracked by the naval invasion before they got there. The 4th ship would suffer like the 2nd ship, except the friendly fire was caused by ricochets. Any surviving captured crew were simply thrown onto the bow for close observation, or thrown overboard. It didn't matter that the ships might have the crews seal off some doors, as the only important matter would be controlling the bridge, the weapons, and the engine. Since the Verindum general was a ice specialist, any form of blockage was easily dealt with. While on 2 other ships it'd be impossible for breaking into as easily if at all. The following ships were affected by boarding either by intended targets, or vya intervention: 1 Kâvston class scout cruiser, 2 Rväsotv class destroyers, and 1 Mzbuthand class destroyer. The ships all being stormed not by regular infantry, but by still-under-training death corps which it has been nicknamed by the military. Consisting of military units trained in melee, martial arts, survival in desert, arctic-antarctic-tundra, and the vast imperial jungles and mountains. Surviving live fire simulations which are worse than currently known warfare, and being hunted down by experienced military personnel during training. The specific subdivision in the battle are for naval uses primarily, and are still under training for water purposes. Having so far trained 6 months in close quarters combat and swimming. These 4 "units"/groups are titled as Ravager, Redemption, Rose, and the celestial sea company and handpicked by the captains of the ships they serve upon. They wear similar uniforms as the imperial fist, but differ in the aspect of mobility and more naval-esque equipment. Armed with a variety of tools for specific purposes, and all "groups" being dedicated with squads. So while there may be even 1,000 of them for example, all of them are toned down into 5 - 10 man squads to lessen commanding stress. The Ravagers consisting primarily of assault troops, the Redemption consisting of assault and support troops, the Roses having assault troops and supporting engineers, and the celestial sea company having supporting engineers, assault troops, regular supporting troops. The CSC is more unique in the fact that their supporting units are trained more in swimming scenarios and stealthily climbing upon ships as a "fear factor" and are armed with daggers, double edged cutting bayonets, and rifles. While the assault troops carry rifles, daggers, and act primarily as diversions to the former. Their supporting engineers are armed with the same unique bayonet, and the necessary items in the arsenal for sabotage. The assault troops, unlike the imperial fist's primarily units, are also trained in rapid fire of their mausers and rapid reloading which is difficult for anyone else using a normal mauser. This is also due to the fact that the troops have hand-modified some of their mausers safety rigs, and reloading mechanism to allow a faster rate of fire. However they are stuck with the same reload as anyone else. This modification is also helpful in naval scenarios due to how close combat it is expected to be, and thus allows them to place much more lead into their victims before they do. 2 of the boarded ships would already have it's bridge and weapons systems under direct control, and would immediately be redirected at firing at the reversing enemy while they attempt to turn around and give chase to them. While the others were still fighting the ships occupants.
@Lord TacoBell @Danzo

Second contact:
Bob would return to reality. "I do not deal with diplomacy. I am currently just a border guard." @Danzo

National events:

Research would continue on the crabs in observation. Nothing has so far been found as the majority of the more suspect crustaceans are in a "inactive" state.​

Domini Regum

The Lord of Kings
Khajiit Union

Exploration of the north past the spiders have begun, and have discovered a inhabited land. @Domini Regum
Soon, a Merchant Navy vessel reported in the ships from afar, and a KU Navy Vessel soon followed. A loudspeaker blared to the ship.

"You are on Khajiit Union Territorial Waters, please state your nation of origin and cause..."

Sin'Dorei Front

(Union BAR, standing for Bad-Ass Rifle. Official name is the Union Automatic Rifle, or UAR)

(The first of 10 of the new "Sub-Marine" warfare units)

(The new Rail Mounted Super Artillery Piece. 5 are being installed on every Fort against the Sin'Dorei, and 15 to assist around. Only two are in service now. ETA 3 months)
With the Bombardments from the Sin'Dorei behind the First Defensive Lines, it proved disastrous for the enemy. Khajiit Air Superiority was used to strategically pinpoint and divebomb Sin'Dorei "Fire" Bombardments.

Also, the new Union Anti-tank rifles wreaked havoc on Sin'Dorei Tank attempts, as many were peirced with holes and a few even were cramped in a small

An offer was made to the Sin'Dorei, that the Spider Nation would create a DMZ between the two nations
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Cat nation:
It wasn't known whatever the noise said, but in return a small bird on the ship was sent with a small piece of paper written in german. It simply read:
"The Reich" @Domini Regum
Knight’s Order Ship

“Guard? Ma'am I am no guard, that's simply demeaning to my leader. I am apart of the Power Augmented Hyper Unit, Reaching Across the Nascent Ground Ensnaring Rights Squad, or Pahu Rangers for short.” Pahu Black said before turning around and saluting to Leves as he landed beside him. After landing Pahu Black quickly briefed Leves on the situation. After being briefed Leves turned to the Queen and began speaking to her saying “I am Leves Pede Vehementi, leader of the beautiful Pahuluku Aina, we had received a message by bird with a weird language and coordinates. I feeling the need to stretch my legs decided to come here, bringing my Rangers along with me. Arriving here I had my Rangers create the steam wall, to allow us time to talk to each of you and figure out the situation. So with saying all that I am asking, who are you?” Leves patiently waited for an answer but, secretly prepared to release a barrier and leave with Pahu Black. @Kazami42

Latvya Ship

Pahu Blue saluted as Leves landed next to him then, briefed Leves on the language barrier issue. Hearing this Leves casted universal translation magic then told the leader looking man “I am Leves Pede Vehementi, leader of the amazing Pahuluku Aina. We are here inquiring about a message by bird we received with an unknown language and coordinates. We followed the coordinates and arrived here in this battle. Seeing as such we erected a steam wall to talk to the two of you and see what is going on.” Saying that secretly prepared a strong barrier magic to use to cover him and Pahu Blue if need be. @Lord TacoBell

Coast of Pahuluku Aina

Having received the blueprints and children Nuntitus informed them to bring two hundred more children. After saying such he had a escort send the children to the Grand Temple to begin their conversion to the use of Ruin magic.
@Chairman Amnestas

Shared Border

“Well Bob tell the government or whatever, to come back here within five days. A diplomatic group from my country shall meet them. I shall mark this spot so it will not be hard to miss.” After saying so she used her magic to blow a deep line into the ground. “There we go, now good day.” she left to escort the children home. @Kazami42


Goddess of pure genocide, god of insanity
"So they invade my home and kill my people, destroy millions worth of ships, and then they attempt to run away and tell everyone where we live. Brilliant indeed." Her expression not changing in the slightest nor her tone, despite her open reply sounding aggressive towards the enemy. Thus her true emotions being unknown in visible form to those around her. Having more than hundreds of years to obtain the ultimate blank face. It was obvious that she didn't care if the strange colored people heard her or not. She would proceed to actually reply to them, still not changing her tone. "I am the queen and nothing more." She would say, Keeping anything else of herself private. "And those people on the other side of your wall are murderers.." She would add to make it more clear. @Danzo @Lord TacoBell
Knight's Order Ship

"A queen huh? I haven't seen a queen since Causa Satani Huic Ergo Parce was queen. She ruled with a benevolent hand before she was dethroned. A shame really, she was a kind queen. Also murderers you say? Well to be quite truthful I don't know the full details so, I won't be rash to act. Just think of us as an observer at the moment." Leves said while reminiscing on his first fifty years alive.

"Beautiful and a Queen, quite a impressive character you've built for yourself. You seem as gentle as a summer's breeze yet as strong as a spring gale. How poetic you are, such a lovely queen." Pahu Black said while Leves stared at him. "You'll have to excuse my subordinate he been around a person in the last three months." Leves said apologetically. @Kazami42


Goddess of pure genocide, god of insanity
Natalia would simply just point at a sinking ship. "Example A." She would then point besides the massive ship at a man missing half an armed and starting to sink beneath the water. "It is quite simple really. They kill us, we can do far worse to them in return. Mercy may be given, but in this scenario it is unlikely." She would respond. "I also would not exactly say making a wall and possibly leaking our existence to the world, through invaders indirectly is simply observing if I have to be blunt about it." @Danzo
Knight's Order Ship

"Yes scenes like that are on both sides. We simply are just here to look around and talk. As it is now we have two others speaking to the other fleet as well. We simply wish to hear both sides, make a note, and assist in a peaceful manner. As for the wall of steam it was put in place as a way to have you all stop firing at one another. Makes things such as this much easier." Leves explained to the queen while making sure his hood was still up.


Goddess of pure genocide, god of insanity
"Since we cannot put the invaders to justice for unjustified murder now because of your intervention, the higher the chances are of their possibility of escaping. Thus even if this is solved peacefully, our existence would most likely be leaked to outside parties and lead to further invasion or other problems. You are free to try coming up with a peaceful solution, but I believe the voices of the families of the ones lost will eventually become much louder than diplomatic solution. I also do not intend on letting anyone here leave until proper action has been taken accordingly... The cries of mothers, fathers, children, lovers, and friends being a driving force for war." Natalia responded, adding nothing more and not changing her position. The only movement change Natalia has done now is stop having her arms crossed. @Danzo
Knight's Order Ship

"While I can see how this is a cause of concern for you and your country. Presently this is happening just far to close to my great nation. Which is why I will try and find a way for this to be settle in a way that will not spark a war. Also at this point the invaders, as you call them, could possibly have sent out more than one bird. I myself was only out by two days and came this way out of curiosity." Leves said while he and Pahu Black leaned back against the railing. They were set up in a way so they could easily fall into the water, while Pahu Black was prepared to cast a ruin spell at a moments notice. @Kazami42


Goddess of pure genocide, god of insanity
Queen had mixed emotion about this response. "Far too close to your country?" She was obviously confused especially in tone. "Do you live in the empire? Because from this open ocean back to the mainland it'll take even our most advanced ship about 5 days. However I must return to your original statement... The situation is that we have tried keeping isolated for so many centuries due to outside problems, and our discovery isn't just a problem because of diplomatic reasons, it is a problem in every way imaginable. The leaking of our existence to the outside world can lead to various outcomes including possible annihilation of our population, and various wars happening at the same time. We would have far more problems than you could possibly have, and allowing such a secret out to the world, or at least without imperial aid is the death of us all. This I can not allow and have taken an oath multiple times promising that such an event will not happen unless we wish for it to happen. Heavens forbid if anyone realizes all the materials and resources we have, it'd only be a nightmare. If I have to ensure that my people will continue to live not oppressed by a tyrant myself, then so be it. However word must never make it out until the time is right, and that is not today. I will not have my people oppressed, murdered, or entirely exterminated because some random invaders decided that," she paused to breathe. "whatever it was that made them attack us in the first place. Also because of the reason of murder, we cannot allow them to leave anyway until as I said before and will repeat myself, justice has been served upon them accordingly." @Danzo
Knight's Order Ship

"Yes close this is about three weeks out from my perfect nation. It's probably even close to my spider people friends. So I'd like to avoids any conflicts in this area when so close to spots that need not be harmed." Leves said while looking at the queen. "As it is I think you're free to decide what's best for your nation I guess. Although I doubt everyone will be out to harm your nation. So since I can't convince you to not fight, I'll have to ask you to at least pursue then for ten days before attacking them. To keep you all a safe distance from my glorious country, okay? I do not mind keeping you two from fighting long enough for that to happen." After saying such Leves grabbed Pahu Black and jumped away heading towards Pahu Pink and Pahu Yellow in the sky. @Kazami42
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The queen simply nodded as a response, "Very well, I promise that no blood will be shed." and turned around to her guard, yelling in russian [esque since this is a different world and all, gotta add in esque.] Telling them to proceed after the fleeing enemy, but to not return fire just yet. She also ordered in both russian and german for some crewmembers to send birds to the eastern patrol, and to the more important ships like INS Burk. There were a total of 3 birds but they would all be sent to strategic ships with more, or ships which had any to begin with that may of survived. The process was done one at a time, and would take 2 days to fully circulate. Other ships besides the few chosen to give chase, [INS Burk, INS Victoria, the zodiac unnammed ironclads, and 4 other vessels.] would remain to recover resources, broken disabled ships, and the dead and wounded/overboard crewmen. They would begin to go towards the wall, with both ironclads and INS Victoria already at that time having started to pass it. Despite the fighting being contained and easily dealt with in imperial territory, the fighting would be chosen to end elsewhere in the ocean in 10 days. There was no way to really communicate with members currently hijacking or have hijacked enemy ships, but the fleet would eventually only grow in number from 8 vessels to 12. The birds sent to contact the former stated ships before crossing the wall would also tell them to employ tactics used by other ships once seen, and begin stalking the enemy ships. The ironclads and the Victoria would travel slowly instead of their regular speed, to match the retreating vessels so spacing can be easily removed or increased at will. One ironclad however would continue at it's topspeed because it was somewhat slow to begin with, while the other ironclad would be ordered to slow down so it could be behind and inbetween the wooden ships. @Danzo @Lord TacoBell [Another post that waffle may or may not be interested in seeing. Some of the above details are not actually currently happening and or are for future dates. The post is made this way to allow waffle to catch up and or reply to whatever in any way. This thus allows him to continue talking with the rangers uninterrupted.]

Loyal Guardian

*Insert Anime Thing Here*
Thread starter #499

Tech cap is now increased to 1920. Population cap remains the same, but everyone now gets a bonus of automatic 4 million population added. Naval cap is increased to 200 or 230 depending on nation. There is a new policy now for wars. If the enemy combatant or combatants do not respond within a page or two days time, unless they have a reasonable excuse, then you are more than welcome to continue to make gains. If it is blatant ignoring by the player in question, they will be deemed inactive and full annexation by the RP Leader and Mods will be considered.
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(Short post, I can't focus)
The Reich
The War
The initial attacks of the Kaiserschlact campaign ended up in success, taking a considerable amount of Vadian land, along with isolating the East coast by land and creating another small pocket. The Kaiserschlact campaign will continue as planned.
War Map.png
@Loyal Guardian @Chairman Amnestas @Lordvader59

Development of the SL.16, AA gun, and Field gun would continue. The SL.16 would exit development in 6 months, the Field gun in the same amount of time, and the AA gun in 9 months.

Population grows by 2 million.​
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