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Fandom Maho Shojo Yōma Sentōki (Magical Burst) [Forum]


Pusheen on the Ritz
[QUOTE="Unbridled Originality]*Considers how hypocritical it would be to say "weaboos," considering they're running a Magical Girl game.*

This made me spit muffin.

SephirothSage said:
*Maniacal Laughter continues. Axe blows are heard hacking in to a large meaty substance.*
As did this. >_<

Damn, shame the waitlist is already pretty full with enough to be the Outer Senshi. ;) This sounds way too fun to be okay.

Winged Cat

Who are you?
SephirothSage said:

"Kiwi God? Sugar Throne?" Mari narrows her eyes. "These things can be assembled. And punched. Which of those would you have me do?"


Eldritch Abomination
A Facepalm resounds across the multiverse. ".....A Throne of Sugar, to feast upon so that we might have energy for the coming battless! AND THE COMING GLOMPS!"

Winged Cat

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"Alright then! HAAAAAAA-" Mari punches bags of sugar at a rapid pace, her blows sucking in ambient light until only a glowing kanji for "SWEET" can be seen. Then it fades, showing Mari with her back to the camera, standing in front of sugar caramelized into a throne, upon which sits a humanoid figure made of kiwis stuck together with spines of more caramelized sugar. "That I can build even gods...is there no recipe that can challenge me? Take this sacrifice and grow yet stronger!"

Winged Cat

Who are you?
There's a waitlist, but this game went on haitus before the recent forum adjustments. Last I heard, the GM's battling medical stuff.

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