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Fandom Magnolia's Massacre - A Fairy Tail RP

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Super Powers


Baby Dragon
Hey everyone! It's been a bit of a while since I last did an interest check or even a proper forum-based RP as things have been crazy and what rps I have been involved in recently have either died before they started or very soon after starting. So I may be a little rusty, but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it again in no time!

The rp I'm looking of starting is actually a reboot of an RP that I ran over a year ago now. It is a Fairy Tail RP, which I guess is obvious but there we go. I may change the name of the RP to something a little less... doom and gloom but thought I'd go with the name of the previous version, for now at least.

The rp was intended to be a multiple arc rp, starting with the arc titled 'magnolia's massacre' but unfortunately never made it that far. The idea for this initial arc is as follows:
Fairy Tail is preparing to host it's annual Fantasia parade and have invited members from all other guilds in Fiore to come and watch or even participate in the parade themselves. But unbeknownst to Fairy Tail and their friends, something dark is lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right time to make it's move.

The rp will follow this opening arc still as the arc never reached any of its major plot points in the previous form of this RP. We will start the night before the fantasia festivites begin with members from other guilds arriving at fairy tail (Or having already arrived) and everyone getting hyped for the beginning of the harvest festival. And once the time is right things will take a turn. I still have notes from the plot I'd written up last time but if you would like to have something special about your character or just have some ides that you would like to be included then come talk to me and we can go about trying to find the best way to fit it all in. As well as the characters from Fairy Tail and the other guilds, you can also play one of the bad guys if you wish. If we make it past the first arc then we can also set about setting up multiple arcs to follow.

A few things I should note:
I don't like to pre-plan definitive outcomes, I have a few ideas in my head as to how things could play out, but depending on what all of our characters do the outcome of any given arc can be changed drastically.
Characters will be able to die, however only if the owner of the character has allowed this to happen and it has been pre-planned (This pre-planning can be done in secret)
Canon characters and Original characters are both allowed. Also, changing canon characters is allowed too. Maybe you want to play a super timid Natsu? Or you want to give happy a fish allergy, it's up to you.
This is an AU so we won't be following the canon. Try to refrain from spoilers in case someone isn't fully caught up with the anime.

I think that's everything.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!


Baby Dragon


Though I do have a few specific character-based questions. Mind if I PM you?

I know there’s not tons of us but I feel that there are enough of us for the rp to function so I’ll get on to making the threads

Of course you can PM me with any questions


Baby Dragon
I had a quick question for everyone here. With the first ‘arc’ being Set primarily at the fairy tail guild I feel that it’s possibly worth establishing the identity of the Guild Master.

We have a few options for this
1. One of us takes the role of Master Makarov or another canonical Fairy Tail Guild Master
2. Someone creates an original Guild master
3. Someone plays a canon character who wasn’t a guild master but makes them master
4. Any other ideas you guys may have.

I am happy to take up the role of Fairy Tail guild Master but equally am not super attached to being the master so if anyone else would like to take up the role that is a-okay with me too. What do you guys think?


weeb, e-girl, annoying af
Hello I'm interested if you're still looking for people! Question though, will this rp happen on here or somewhere else? (sorry im kinda new to this website so I just wanna make sure XD)


Baby Dragon
Hello I'm interested if you're still looking for people! Question though, will this rp happen on here or somewhere else? (sorry im kinda new to this website so I just wanna make sure XD)
Of course! The more the merrier! It’ll be awesome to have you! The RP will be happening here on RPN, but in a separate thread that I will set up as soon as I have the chance.

Speaking of which. I’m cleaning cottages all day tomorrow (and the new COVID measures are... tough) but all being well the should be up on Sunday/Monday at the latest!

Geozaki Geozaki Will we be returning to discord as our OOC?
The plan is indeed to use the Discord server as primary OOC. Due to new RPN rules it’s not allowed to post discord links in interest checks so I will post the link in the official threads when I manage to get them up! I will also, post the links for those threads here and tag everyone in at leas one of them when they’re set to go!

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