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Fandom Magical girls rp


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"Spots on!"
welcome this is where the magical girl group rp will be started

starter: it was a calm february evening, everyone was sleeping peacefully and quietly until a they all end up in the same nightmare, they awaken in the nightmare to find themselves in a labyrith maze, the villians want something from them but what could it be?

list of characters:
@Illiyasviel Von Einzbern as magical ruby and Sayaka and Kyouko
@SheepKing as Duck/Princess Tutu
@Just Me.

@Amyleii As cardcaptor sakura
@Franklin RIchards as Ichika Tachibana
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The rp starting


"Spots on!"
It was a calm febuary evening, most of the civilians were asleep, lily was sleeping in her bed but something black hits her
She suddenly wakes up and looks around ,trapped in long hallways but then figured out it was a maze
After looking around she needed to find a way out and her partner aque wasnt there to help looks like she has to find a way on her own

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