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Fantasy Magical Girl/Boy RP???? (Updated with Character Examples 8/3)


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Hello! I’ve been having this really weird craving to try out a sort of Magical Girl™ rp! I haven't watched very many animes/shows that are magical girls, so I’m not up on all the individual lore, but I’m thinking something with characters like Miraculous (which I've only see a few episodes of) or Shugo Chara (which I’ve only watched like half, don’t @ me I have a hard time finishing shows >.>) would be fun to do! I don't have a particular plot in mind right now, just general vibes and some character concept images I found on Pinterest 😂 so I’m looking for someone to brainstorm with if anyones open to it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I'll leave a list of my usual rules below, and a link to my original request thread from a while ago for some writing samples and other random characters you can peruse.
If you're interested and think we'd make a good pair, shoot me a PM with a little intro and a short writing sample for me (just a couple paragraphs from whatever you’re currently writing is fine), and/or any character ideas you have.


What you can expect from me~

-I still can’t keep track of what the difference is between literate and semi-literate, but I write in full sentences of varied lengths, with proper paragraph breaks and punctuation
-2-8 paragraphs per post
-3rd person, past tense
-One post a day, most days, with warning for any long gaps between posts
-Will be upfront and honest if I’ve lost interest or don’t think we’ll make good partners

What I'm looking for in a partner~

-Over the age of 18
-A firm grasp of spelling and grammar, though mistakes here and there are normal
-Willing to help plot and discuss ideas
-3rd person, past tense
-2+ paragraphs per post
-2 posts a week at minimum, unfortunately any less and I lose interest pretty quick
-If you’re not into the rp anymore, please just tell me. I've been ghosted with no warning so many times I’ve lost track
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Some characters made up as examples from an rp in the works, wherein my partner and I decided to borrow heavily from the webcomic Sleepless Domain and say monsters appear in the city between certain hours of the night while buildings are shielded so most everyone is safe - provided the magical girls/boys fight off any monsters trying to break through fast enough - and their magical forms show up as little animal sprites that hang around with them during the day when they’re not transformed.

Characters are mostly here as an example of what could be, but I’d be willing to use them again if anyone wants them, specifically ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Name: Zaralia (Zara, Zee) Hymeadow
Hero Name: Burning Blaze (placeholder, might change, open to suggestions)
Age: 16
Powers: Smokefall, Eye of Flame, Destiny Sword
-Tosses small bells that crest smokescreens, which can affect monster's breathing, but most often are only visual to protect her own teammates
-Looking through a small purple flame on her hand allows her to read the auras of any creature in her vicinity, allowing her team a headsup to nearby monsters before they come within visual range
-Manifests a glowing red energy sword with which to slice through or beat back monsters
About: It's rumored that a magical girl's powers formed in a moment of anger or fear will go bad, or else wither and die, and Zara believed this wholeheartedly. So when a monster managed to break past the barrier into her family's home on the night of her Dream, at 13 years old, she became briefly famous for ignoring her gifts and viciously beating it half to death with a bat until a hero arrived to purge it. She believes in trying to make herself as strong as she can be, even when untransformed, and can often be seen training in her weaker human form, with the goal of being able to defeat at least small monsters even after her powers leave her.

Name: Moonbay (Moon) Hymeadow
Hero Name: Permafrost
Age: 16
Powers: Close Combat, Subzero Smash
-Enhanced strength and agility allows Moon to jump higher and move faster than most, with his strongest blows coming from swift kicks and swings of his tail, his own body being his deadliest weapon
-If he can sit still long enough to gather the energy, he can gather freezing energy to use in an attack that can freeze a monster's whole body, or else cover the ground in ice to stick them in place.
About: After witnessing his sister beating back a monster on a rare night when their parents weren't home, he became infatuated with the idea of being able to hit things as hard as she had, to protect her and others the way she had protected him, and the way the hero that came to rescue them did. Days afterwards, he received his own Dream and gifts, and feeling powerful in his new form has had a very carefree attitude about all the do. It was that or always be afraid, and he never wanted to be so afraid again.

Name: Sophie McCane
Hero Name: Star Shine
Age: 17
Powers: Flight, Star Bursts
-Uses wings to fly
-Manifests bright golden star shapes from a shining moon wand, as energy bolts to throw at enemies or more solid (though temporary) platforms to help her teammates gain height when needed.
About: Her mother was once an extremely popular, beautiful magical girl called Crystal Quartz, and as she struggles to live up to her mother's legacy she can often be very vain. Despite worrying more about her appearance and reputation than training all the time, she is always ready to help protect her friends.
Small version of this >.> More birb than owl, but this was the closest I could find

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