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Realistic or Modern magic gets lost in the mundane // cupid's cravings (open)

Sub Genres
Adventure, AU, KRP, LGTBQ, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Supernatural


𝘴𝘵𝘶𝘱𝘪𝘥 𝘤𝘶𝘱𝘪𝘥

hihi! my name is rosie, but you can call me cupid or whatever floats your boat lol i'm not picky

i took a pretty long hiatus but i am back and ready to write!! i have a few ideas in mind already,
which i will list here, but am always open to new and fresh ideas. furthermore, if we had an active rp prior to me leaving
the site and are interested in continuing, please pm me! chances are i am more than willing to pick up where we left off!!!

i'm going to include some pretty basic information about yours truly but please feel free to refer to my original thread for any
additional information
. moreover, if you have questions that can't be answered by either thread please feel free to send me a pm,
i promise i don't bite!! ^^

i am currently 20 years of age and i am a semi-literate to literate writer. i have been writing, rping, etc for as long as i've
been able to hold a pencil
. i love world building, discussing plot with my partners, and brainstorming. to put it simply,
i just love love love writing in general, and i take my rps very seriously. i am willing to provide replies at least once a week
and expect the same frequency from my partners. i'm not going to sit here and hound you for a reply, but if i don't hear from you in
over a week or two i'm going to consider the rp as good as dead. i'm looking for a partner that i can vibe with about plot or characters or just
whatever, really. i'd prefer my partner(s) to be 18+, open-minded and flexible, and someone with whom i share common interests.

before i get into the nitty gritty of my cravings, let me just add this little disclaimer: i have a mild case of dyslexia.
i make a lot of mistakes in my writing that i often don't catch the first time around or at all. i can promise you to keep all of my
replies aesthetically pleasing and clean, but they will not be perfect

☼ it should also probably be added that i am extremely ghost friendly. though i would prefer
it if you were to simply tell me that you are no longer interested in the role play, i completely
understand what it's like for things to fizzle out on your end and to fear confrontation. as i mentioned
before, i typically give it a solid week, maybe two, before declaring the rp dead and moving on. ☽

now that i have that out of the way, i have a few specific plots i've seriously been craving. please feel
free to send me a pm if you're interested!!!

i'd search the universe
genre // supernatural

theme(s) // supernatural elements; mermaids!!! lol; strangers-to-friends-to-lovers; think "The Little Mermaid"; lots of fluff; some royalty/medieval elements?? idk; can also be set in present day i'm not picky

inspo //
this fanfiction pls read it it's exceptional; universe - exo; home - bruno major; your dog loves you - colde (feat crush); betcha - baekhyun

pairing // mxm, mxf, fxf

preferred role // muse 𝒜

notes // a timeless classic!!! i've done this a couple times but never grow tired or bored of it. i prefer to do fxf for this one but can be persuaded either way.

i'd search the universe 】⚘ muse 𝒜 is the best friend of their nation's crowned prince. their country is small but rich and vibrant, resting near the water. 𝒜 was born with a natural love for the ocean, and so it only seemed fit that when 𝒜 was asked to help plan their best friend's wedding, they suggest a ceremony by the sea. the prince's wedding goes down in history as one of the most beautiful weddings in years, goes off without a hitch. that is, until the after party. it was the prince's idea that they rent out a boat and take it for a spin around the bay, and it was the prince's idea to spend $2,000 on the finest alcohol they could find. and so, it's the prince's fault when he gets a little drunk and falls overboard. 𝒜 jumps in after him without a moment's hesitation, but neither of them get very far. the night is rough and the waters are relentless, almost as if the ocean itself knows that trouble is brewing. the next thing 𝒜 knows, they're being swept out of the water and deposited on land alongside their nation's future leader, who is alive but very much unconscious. their savior: muse 𝐵. 𝒜 only catches a glimpse of 𝐵 before they retreat back into the water, but they're sure they saw what they saw: a startlingly beautiful face and, wait, was that a tail? 𝒜 is later able to write it off as a trick of light, but they're almost 100% positive they saw the glint of scales reflected in the moonlight. maybe they were just hallucinating out of fear and the waves carried them both back to shore. maybe it was one too many glasses of wine. whatever it was didn't matter, because mermaids are not and have never been real. end of story. 𝒜 is able to convince themselves that they aren't crazy and move on with their life for a grand total of four days before someone (something?) comes knocking on their door. when they open it, on the other side is muse 𝐵-- with legs this time, sopping wet and voiceless. despite the fact that they're sure they're losing their marbles, 𝒜 really has no choice but to take 𝐵 in and clean them up. after all, this was the being that had saved their life that night (it had to be) and maybe, just maybe, they were a little curious as to what other wonders the ocean was home to aside from the fish.
my head says no (but my phone keeps calling you)
genre // friends-to-lovers, mob themes

theme(s) // mafia/mob/crime, forbidden love, coming of age

inspo // see: literally every crime drama ever

pairing // mxm, mxf, fxf

preferred role // i genuinely have no preference!!!

notes // this doesn't have to be super duper angsty!!! although i am a huge sucker for some good ol' fashioned angst, i kind of envisioned this one to be a bit more lighthearted idk. also, the personalities of the muses are obviously flexible based on preference, but i sort of like the idea of them being polar opposites, don't you?

my head says no (but my phone keeps calling you) 】⚘ muse 𝒜 is the sole, sheltered heir of a highly influential, widowed crime boss. carefree and wild, 𝒜 lives almost lavishly in the heart of the city, spoiled endlessly by their parent and the mob that they command. muse 𝐵 is the eldest child of chief of police in the same city. hardworking and dutiful, 𝐵 has had their entire life planned out for them since the day they were born. 𝒜 and 𝐵 belong to two different worlds, but have two distinct things in common: both have been chosen as their parents' successor against their will, forced to pursue careers that neither of them particularly care for. that, and they've lived on the same street all their lives. this is all it takes for them to connect, and despite their many differences in personality and lifestyle, they've been best friends for as long as they can remember, sneaking into each other's yards since the ripe age of 6 just to play or hang out or share each other's space for awhile. in a world that's just as intimidating as it is confusing, 𝒜 and 𝐵's relationship just makes sense. they understand each other in a way that no one else really does, and their friendship isn't deemed appropriate by any means, but they're not hurting anybody by it. it's easy until it isn't, and suddenly they're getting older and responsibility and familial duties rears it's ugly head.

i don't care, i want to see you fight back
genre // fantasy/royalty

theme(s) // angst, forbidden love

inspo // n/a

pairing // mxm, mxf

preferred role // no preference

notes // another timeless classic, done it 1000 times and will do it 1000 more lol. i would rather do mxm for this one but can be persuaded into mxf.

i don't care, i want to see you fight back 】⚘ muse 𝒜 is the heir to the throne of a country with extremely unfair and strict policies. the lower class working people are starving in the streets while the rich grow fat and greedy. children are forced into manual labor or into military recruitment camps instead of into schools. people are flogged or, worse, beheaded for practicing religions, behaviors, and/or ideas that oppose the church. acts of rebellion are punishable by death. 𝒜 wants to make a change for the sake of their people and be the leader their nation deserves, but can't do diddly squat until they assume the throne (which, as per tradition, will only happen if the preceding monarch perishes). growing up in a nation in turmoil can be stressful for anyone under any circumstance, even more so for 𝒜, an aspiring monarch with a vision for change and a dangerous secret. everything went south when 𝒜 had finally started to come to terms with their sexuality, and unfortunately for them, so did others. unwilling to risk being outed and beheaded before they get the chance to change the world, 𝒜 has no choice but to flee, with nothing but their trusted animal companion, a pouch full of coins, and the clothes on their back. 𝒜 travels west to a neighboring country: one that is warm, welcoming, forgiving, and very much at war with his own. enter muse 𝐵, the carefree heir to the neighboring nation that might just be the answer to all of 𝒜's prayers, hellbent on making things right and doing their part to help (even if only because 𝒜 is the cutest thing they've ever seen).


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