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Fantasy Magi Chain Lore



Zero Mortal Plan!
It’s going to be a lot to read up on so bear with me I don’t like confusion in my games so I rather lay a good chunk out before starting the story up. I suggest you watch this page as I’ll constantly be updating it!

Sparrow Takeshi
*1st Wizard King*
The first man to conquer the entire Magi Chain in his era. He is the first wizard to become the king of the wizards. Common folk believed he was a man to be king of the world due to his team being the only group to explore the entirety of Asgard.

He had died due to a illness that couldn’t even be cured by magic which made his crew believe it was a curse that was placed on him possibly. Those who encountered him would even say that he was a monster when it came to fighting. A kind gentleman and very intelligent in everything he did. His blade “Kame” was a Supreme Graded blade and helped him through his journey.

His team name was the Soaring Griffon. His main noticeable trait is always enjoying his time no matter what and laughing. He had no fears, but death. He was a simple Human with no magic. He had control of all highest forms of Conquerors Devotion.

Before he died to the curse he had a public Execution which he turned himself in. There is when he told the world about his treasure that he kept on the most hidden island in the world. He stated this treasure will give you more then fame and glory and maybe could influence them to make change. Whatever that may be it caused a massive fluctuation even boosting the moral and participants in the Magi Chain.

  • Magi-Chain also known as the Great Magic Tournament. An non-legitimate rank system that many follow who wish to become known throughout the world. A fun game that was created in the underground scene that transpired throughout the world during the Glory Era. It itches the time where those who wish to fight have the chance to gain glory and fame. Over time the Magi Chain became well respected as an actual ranking amongst those who classify themselves as “fighters”. People who do not wish to follow the biased life of politics and warfare yet to fight amongst each other to be on the top of the food chain. As time passed and the game became a part of real life, Rankings transpired to titles for many individuals. People in the Magi Chain live their normal lives and become whatever they like, but they’re all devoted to reaching the very top. Team based game.

    1: Fight to the Death!!!!!
    2: If you let your opponent walk away alive, you can’t backstab and kill them.

    If this happens you get lowered ranking. Done twice leads to disqualification.
    3: Surrendering lowers one rank.
    4: High ranks cannot challenge ranks lower.
    A rule that's flexible for certain situations.
    5: Climb up to the TOP!!

    The battle doesn’t end until the leader is defeated. Alliances can be made.

    Enrollment Rules:
    Must be 16+ to enter in the race to the top.
    Must have a starting of five members.
    Team limit up to 10 members.
    Kids are not allowed.

    Team Formations

    Teams are formed with a captain going out and seeking his or her crew out. There is no “Official” way of choosing her teammate. The underworld will know you’ve added someone to your team once your bounties show up together officially by the World government.

    The maximum limit for teams has a 10 member cap. Even though people participate in the magi games still live their own lives. Some are pirate crews or even kings of their land.

    King of the Chain (Wizard King)
    Emperors of the Chain
    High Class
    Low Class

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