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Realistic or Modern Mafia RP (looking for males)

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Action, Mystery, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life
(Please say if reading. Males only. Warning: Mafia roleplay. Hi, my name is Valery. I am a 19 year old female from the U.K. To start with a description, I am a natural brunette with dark burgundy. The length is quite long, ending just below my lower back in natural waves. I change it up by leaving it straightened, curled or as is. My skin is a rosy pale color, not olive but definitely not to the point of never seeing the sun. I like to believe my dark hair brings out the color of my grey eyes and rosy pale skin. I have natural rosy cheeks with light dust of freckles over the bridge of my nose and cheeks which is only noticeable when close up. There are dimples at the corners of my cheeks that appear whenever I laugh or smile. I stand at the height of 5'2. My body is slim and curvy. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask! I am looking for a detailed male who is very dedicated to his character when roleplaying. Your messages must be over 5 lines as I prefer paragraph responses. I am looking for someone with correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also, Omegle is not always reliable and I will only rp if we can use one of the following: ch@tzy, kik, dis.cord. If you are interested, please leave your name, age and a very well written out description of yourself before you continue. Thank you!) I looked in the mirror and fixed a strand of hair of mine before sighing. I wore a black lingerie outfit which fit every curve of my body but was not overwhelmingly revealing. My hair was nicely done in loose waves as the strands tumbled below my chest. A single red rose was clipped to sit beautifully in my hair. This was not the occupation I opted for but it kept a roof over my head and food on the table. I aimed to find a better job soon, but as of now, I still needed to keep a steady hold up. With school as well as bills I was barely holding my head above the water. As of now, it was a typical late friday night at the club. I was working a late night shift currently, and as my phone clicked into the next minute, I stood up to leave for my performance on stage. Music echoed everywhere, fueling the beat into every room. The laughter and loud conversations followed in sync with the music as many customers filed into the place. My heels clicked against the floor as I made my way to stage. "Hold on, Rose," My boss speaks my stage name, holding up both hands to stop me from leaving. "Change of plans-You aren't going up tonight." My eyebrows furrowed as I looked at him and I open my mouth. "Harry I-" He shakes his head. "No, you'll still get paid but I need you to attend to a special guest." This special guest was you. You were a mafia leader, and tonight you were here on business with another mafia group of men. You brought some of your own men to this meeting you would be attending here tonight at the club. There were private rooms specifically made in the back of the club upon any special requests. According to your business, this important matters meant to be kept private. The mafia was not exactly safe territory upon the business area as there were many illegal crimes comitted between all that roamed the city. "You see, a friend of mine is here on business with a few others. I need you to fill in the placement for one of the girls. There down the private hall, I need you to go down there quickly. They're on a tight schedule." Without another word, Harry left in the opposite direction. I sigh. A tight schedule? What made this guest so special over all the others? My legs carried me down the hall as I placed on my black mask I normally wore with my outfit. As I walked into the room, an entire group of men in suits engaging in discussion as they sat at a table. I witnessed as girls served the men, and some sat in the laps of others. While I curiously took in the room, my eyes met yours. You seemed to already have your eyes on me as I walked in. I looked away. As I moved to grab a tray, I swayed into character and acted unphased when so many questions ran through my mind. I walked around and offered drinks, and at one point I was beckoned to sit in the lap of a man. Although, his beckoning ended with another girl on his lap and me on yours. I couldn't describe it but as our eyes met briefly, I could feel a hit of my breath taken away. There was no denying the small attraction I had towards you, you were undeniably avoidable but this was a job and it was only an in the moment. I dismissed you quickly and restrained from looking back as I attempted to keep character.

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