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Time Traveler

Hey there!

My name is Madruga, but you can call me anything that you'd like. I'm twenty-one, American, and living near Atlantic City with my old man. I learned to Roleplay at eleven years old and have stuck with the hobby since. As I was taught to Roleplay through Chatango, I have a preference for writing through IMs (especially Discord) though I'm looking to write on these forums as well. While Roleplaying dominates most of my time, I'm currently looking for a job and have other hobbies as well. Among those hobbies is playing video games, napping, and chatting with my many online friends. I am currently in a long distance relationship with a wonderful girlfriend (who is also a Roleplayer) and I am very invested in the online sleuthing community as well. I think that's about it for me, but feel free to ask any question that you might have!

  • Availability and Frequency • Please be aware that my writing speed may be hindered by a variety of factors including real life. If you want constant responses, then I'm not the partner for you.
    • In terms of posting speed, you can expect anywhere from several posts a week to one per month. I will keep my partner(s) updated if it'll be any longer.
    • I welcome occasional pokes and reminders to respond. I am also open to OOC communication and plotting during "downtime".
    • At the moment, my schedule is extremely sporadic and I cannot promise when or if I'll be online everyday.
    • If we are using Discord, then my responses will be much more timely.
    Skill • I'll write anywhere from a single sentence to multiple paragraphs. Generally speaking, I aim to match my partner's writing length.
    • I only use art, anime imagery, or written descriptions for the physical appearances of my characters. This is not negotiable.
    • I'm terrible at writing romance, but I don't mind it appearing in my Roleplays! I'm comfortable writing FxM, FxF, and MxM.
    • I have been Roleplaying for almost ten years now and have written on multiple platforms (ex: Discord, Tumblr, etc).
    • I tend to play male characters, but I am flexible to play female, transgender, and androgynous characters as well.
    • I prefer to double and have more than one Muse at a time. I can and will also settle for using NPCs instead.
    • I tend to write in third person perspective, but I am flexible to write in first person as well.
    • I would prefer to not write a character sheet, but I will be happy to do so if requested.
    Limitations • Slice of life bores me and I have little interest in writing it. This mostly includes high school, college, and campground plots. There are some exceptions, however.
    • In terms of romance, I will not be writing any abusive or illegal relationships. Historically forbidden romances, however, are completely welcome.
    • I will not tolerate any form of godmodding, metagaming, or the act of forcing romance onto my characters.
    • There is no room for Gary Stus, Mary Sues, or otherwise boring characters in my Roleplays.
    • I have no interest in writing futanari or anthropomorphic characters. Sorry!
    • I'll drop any partner that constantly pesters me for a response.
    • We can discuss further discuss triggers or squicks together.
    • I will not write any smut or ERP ever. This is not negotiable.
    Communication • Partners will be notified if I become disinterested with the Roleplay and I expect the same courtesy in return.
    • I love to plot and discuss with my Roleplay partners! Friendships are also always a welcome bonus.
    • I am willing to hand out my Discord to any partner that asks. My inbox will also always be open.
    • I consider myself to be an "aggressive" Roleplayer, but I am willing to act passively as well.
    • In the case of a hiatus (or semi-hiatus), all partners will be notified via PMs or Discord.
    Seeking • An individual that is interested in what we are writing and able to bring fresh ideas to the table.
    • This isn't required, but I would prefer to have a partner that enjoys OOC chatter and plotting.
    • Someone who is willing to deal with my sluggish responses without much complaint.
    • Someone with relatively decent grammar and who does not Roleplay in script.
    • Partners of any writing level, age, and/or gender identity are all welcome.

alien invasions • aliens • androids • angst • anime • apocalypse • AUs • civil war • conspiracy theories • creepy aesthetics • dimension hopping • disabilities • diseases • drama • dystopian • exploration • fictional racism • fictional slavery • folklore • forbidden romance • futuristic technology • history • horror • hurt/comfort • LGBTQA+ • Lovecraft • mental illnesses • mental institutes • multiverses • mythology • nuclear warfare • oppression • political tension • social tension • supernatural • survival • time travel • tragedy • warfare • wild west

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Infectious Eldrazi
Hey! I'm definitely interested in RPing! As far as plots go, I'm very much a fan of ones that feature dimension hopping, exploration of interesting and surreal locations, survival, and just weird happenings in general. I'm also really about building a collaborative world for us to later explore and expand/refine as we progress. Just let me know if you're down!

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