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Realistic or Modern [M4F] Stalked in the forest, to close to hide. I’ll be upon you by the moonlight side

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LoCarb Madman

New Member
I’m on the hunt, I’m after you!!

I will keep this short and sweet. I’ve been writing well over 14 years at this point. There’s nothing I really haven’t done, save for stuff like furries and what have you. With two nieces in my and my wife’s care and this pandemic has lead to a lot of new viewing for me, as reluctant as I might have been. However, one show has stood out and it’s a bit of an old one: Hey, Jessie is what I’m eluding to. I’ve always loved writing in sitcoms(I’ve done years worth or work in the Scrubs and Office fandoms). And this is a new venture for me. And if you know it too I’d love to cross into a show called Bunk’d as well! Since they share actors.

I am currently looking for someone to write as Jessie Prescott across from my OC. Now, I don’t have any kind of definite plot but, I’d like to ground it in some type of reality. Be it childhood friends, former coworkers, or even former lovers who just so happen to cross paths again I want ALL the fluff and goofy sitcom antics that come along with it.

As far as replies and availability goes. I work 7-5 every day of the week but am usually off weekends. And during my downtime at work I’m glued to my phone watching movies or reading stuff anyway so I’ll definitely be able to pump out the replies. That in no way means I expect you to do the same. Life is life. We all have busy spells and I’m understanding. I don’t ghost either. Unfortunately that’s a plague upon this community and I despise it.

Feel free to reach out if any of this interests you.

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