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Multiple Settings [M4F] LF Longterm Partners!

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About Me, and What I'm Looking For:

Hello there! I'm hoping to find a few long-term partners to write with. Male, 21+. I write male characters, and am interested in one-on-ones with female characters. I'm looking to play in original settings, with original plots. That's not to say I'm disinterested in fandom settings, but I have to be in the mood for it; chances are I'll be playing an original character if that's what we go with (my preferred fandom settings are below). I'm a mirror writer, but I tend to average at least two-to-three paragraphs in a third-person, past-tense perspective. Dark, mature themes are common in my writing, especially when it pertains to my characters and settings they exist in. Romance is nice, but not required (with the obvious exception that there may be some plot ideas that encourage it). That being said, I'm looking to only write with people over 18. No exceptions. Sorry!

I enjoy exchanging ideas + communicating with my writing partners, which means world-building is a favourite activity of mine. So if you're going to contact me please be willing to co-create! If I'm the only one suggesting elements to the story, then you won't seem too engaged to begin with. The same can be said of your initial message, as effort is appreciated! Tell me a bit about yourself, what you'd be most interested in, and include the word Feather so I know you've read my post thoroughly.

I ask you to be patient if we do end up writing together. While I am not working currently due to the pandemic, some days I will not be available to write. I will let you know ahead of time to the best of my ability. I'm very patient and understanding of your schedule, too, so don't be afraid to communicate with me. I hope we'd make good friends, as well!

Replies will be done through PM, but I also have Discord available for OOC if we click.


Original settings in any of the following genres:
  • Sci-Fi
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Medieval Fantasy**
  • Post-Apocalyptic*
  • Modern/Thriller *
  • Modern/SoL
Fandom settings:
  • SCP Foundation
  • Star Wars*
  • World of Warcraft**
  • Destiny
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • Blade Runner
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe
* Craving indicated

MC is a homicide detective, returning to work after an incident caused the death of his partner. He is a loner by nature, one who lives for his work. As a result of his stern demeanor and the incident, he isn't very popular with the rest of the force. After a series of grisly murders, MC is partnered with YC, new to the division. The two are in stark contrast to one another, with MC quiet and disillusioned against YC who is more lively and outgoing. Eventually, a relationship blossoms between them as the case begins to affect their lives. Together, they embark on a long and dark journey to uncover a vast conspiracy, one threatening the resolve of their partnership and the sanity of MC.

YC, either a journalist or forensic psychologist, has either been assigned or given the opportunity to do a series of in-depth interviews or examinations on MC, a prolific serial killer. Soon, the two become engaged in a mental game of cat and mouse, both motivated by their own reasons. Through a series of twists and turns, a connection becomes apparent: as a crisis enfolds outside of the facility, one MC may have had a hand in creating, YC is the only person he is willing to speak to.

Note: I'm not exclusively looking for just these ideas, just that they've been a particular craving. I am open to anything and everything else.

Please do not respond to my thread. PM me if you're interested. Thank you for reading!
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Evening bump. Somewhat in the mood for something Medieval Fantasy... Hm. Might brainstorm for such a prompt soon.

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