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Fantasy [M4F] Let's reconstruct the "Hero"

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Hey, there! I'm looking for someone who's up for an adventure and not afraid of playing multiple characters for a "more than two people" party. Unfortunately, I'm looking for something somewhat specific on one end.

Essentially, a group of villain types have come to "redo" the world, boasting some incredible power. Fortunately, there's been an individual who has consistently risen up to challenge these sorts in the years past as he's an ageless being and is quite renowned for his weapons mastery and wisdom. Unfortunately, it seems he's also given up on this world, as he's nowhere to be found.

The setting is very high/heroic fantasy, and there are no real restrictions on what sorts of characters can come from this, but essentially I'm looking for a partner who isn't afraid to create a neat and diverse cast (and you don't have to necessarily play only females) of established combatants and newbies (not all introduced at once) to keep things lively.

The centerpiece would be this Hero who's given up, and you would have a novice character with a particularly unique magical trait (like something divine, being a summoner of powerful spirits, something that probably isn't very common in this magical and fantastical world) to play against his complete lack of magical ability. And they would forge a (platonic) sort of father/daughter and/or teacher/student relationship, essentially giving him a reason to pick up his sword again.

Despite how it sounds, only a lot of this introductory stuff has been fleshed out. The RP should be dynamic and fluid, so it's not necessarily the case (nor should it be) that this "center duo" is going to be the one to save the day.


As for myself, I'm not really too concerned about a lot of things except that I'm hoping this will be active (so I'm not waiting a week per post). I only RP over Discord, and DM me for that. Length doesn't really bother me as long as some effort is put into it. I like diving into characters, and I fully anticipate this to be a long-term RP, so we should chat and get to know each other as we play. I work from home, so I have lots of free time for posting. I won't ghost you if you've made some effort to engage with me, and I fully get if something happens that makes you disappear for a while.

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