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Realistic or Modern [m4a playing F] Romantic, dramatic roleplay


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Hi all i'm looking for a MxF (with me playing the Male role) romantic slice of life roleplay. With a mix of gritty/angsty drama and cuteness.

I've got a few ideas; some are well developed with ideas for characters and storylines, and others have little to no development. I'm open to hearing yours too! I believe in a team effort.


(preferred role in bold)

detective and detective
enemies to dating
rebel x nerd
teacher/professor X student
band members
musician x fan
The new person in town x town staple
Long lost friends
celebrity and non-celebrity (I've got an oc celeb)
both celebrities (you can do oc or real celebrities)
single dad x free-spirited woman
pregnant/single mum X upper-class man
(e.g. he saves her life)
Doctor/ Nurse x Patient
Also open to family roleplay/sFather daughter ones. PLATONTIC ONLY.

Looking for:

Must be 18+. NO EXCEPTIONS.

MUST be willing to play side characters when appropriate.
For me, a roleplay is far more realistic and engaging when we build the world and interact with side characters (friends, family etc) so if you aren't able/willing to play side character then we aren't compatible

I like ooc chat but it's not essential. love memes, making playlists etc but if you don't that's fine, just don't tell me if you don't want ooc chat so I don't bug you!

prefer 3rd person and past tense. (But that's flexible)

I write multi para. I'm not overly fussy about length as long it contributes to the story, moves it forward and gives me something to reply to. I do tend to match partners so the more I get the more I can write. NO ONE LINERS.

Someone who can spot and follow the crumbs of drama I put out as well as being proactive by creating drama themselves

Mix of planning and surprises

(I had this advert on a different account a while back and was roleplaying with some people. it was linked to my discord account which was hacked so no longer have access to my other account. so if you see this, i'm sorry for ghosting, it was unintenitonal!)


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Hey! I'm new to the website but have years of experience, id love to rp with you!

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