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Realistic or Modern m// partner search!

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Romance, School, Slice of Life


Resident Cool Kid

m// rp search ★

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I. Introduction

hello! welcome to my first rp search/use of bbcode on this site, despite being on here for a while (i'm not very active, haha). since its summer and all, i've gotten a craving for rps that won't be satisfied unless i, well.. rp? obviously. anyways- i'm a minor in high school, have a huge preference for m// if you couldn't tell by my subtle titles, and i'm a fan of the multi-paragraph/third person/past tense style of rp. i know, i know- i don't use much capitalization, but that's just for chatting. i'm actually kind of a stickler about grammar when writing, so you can have mistakes here and there but if you're extremely prone to making errors i don't think we'll work too well. p.s, i put the panda in because i thought it was funny? hehe

II. Guidelines

i. be somewhat active! i don't like weeks in between responses, as i tend to lose interest in rps that way. if you don't want to do the rp anymore, however, just tell me- i'm pretty drop-friendly as i fall off on rps a lot when i get too busy/distracted. if i'm into the roleplay, though, i'll definitely respond at least a couple times a day or more, depends.

ii. proper grammar when writing/putting effort into your posts! ahh i can't stress this enough. i know i've already mentioned it, but, if i'm slaving over a post and putting my all into it, then all i get is a few lines- well, clearly i'd be disappointed. the best part about this is seeing what the other person comes up with, right? length also matters! i like 2-4 paragraphs, and depending on the depth of the situation, even 5-7? again, circumstance is important, but a solid 2-3 paragraphs is my bare minimum. if you give me less than that, i'll end up mirroring it. which would make me sad, since i so clearly stated my feelings on the topic, haha.​
iii. realistic characters! in short, i only like roleplaying ocs (sorry to anyone who likes fandom?), therefore i love well-rounded, realistic characters- something that i think that i also provide! if characters are too bland, predictable, don't mesh well with mine, or don't interest me enough it can take a toll on how i feel about the rp as a whole. which i'm sure is the case for all of you, so i'll do my best to provide a colorful array of personalities and all.​
iv. be okay with mature themes! i like to incorporate these into rps, so don't get all flustered when my characters curse up a storm, get into fights, have themselves mutilated to all hell, or get involved with drugs- i'm not very sensitive to writing about this stuff, and you won't be either, preferably. also, i curse quite a bit, so i don't want to put a filter on myself.​
v. talk to me! communicate, tell me if something's wrong, tell me what you think- this should be fun for the both of us, right? i want to have fun with this, and the experience should be mutual. talking just to talk is fine, too! i happen to be a very social creature, and if you like anything i do (art, anime, games, the works) feel free to chat me up.​
III. Plots/Pairings

now that you've sat through all that (if you skimmed, i don't mind, that's what the bolded/underlined text was for), i assume you'd like to see what i'm interested in rping, right? as for genres, i'm a huge fan of slice of life and fantasy for the most part, or just rps with the whole medieval/kingdom sort of setting going on. other than that, modern is my cup of tea- i don't like sci-fi or anything like that too much. if you think you want to write with me but don't want to do one of my plots, feel free to hit me up with one of your ideas.

★ here's a little guide ★
bolded = character preference
***'s = craving
strikethrough = not interested atm
all very standard, no?

i. random pairings

tutor / student ** - have a plot for this one, actually. side note- they would both be peers ideally​
city / country * - always got a soft spot for this odd pair, haha​
arranged marriage - it's cute- plus points if one of them is super stubborn and the other is pining for affection hardcore heheh​
noble / servant or commoner **** - im weak to this and can prob give a rough plot but it'd basically be shameless slife with some plotty stuff in between haha. id go either way on characters!​
ii. random ideas/blurbs/plot bunnies
★ a bodyguard is assigned to the son of a crime boss, who turns out to be a little shit and won't stop getting himself into trouble, as evident from incessant calls and demands to pick him up when he's passed out drunk somewhere or needs something as mundane as groceries. it would be a lot easier to quit if there wasn't a nice paycheck waiting for him, god. ***​
★ uptight, know it all, straight-edge guy feels threatened because relaxed, friendly stoner dude has grades up to par with his... and wants to be friends, ick. **​
bored celebrity (thinking a public figure like an actor/singer) stumbles across a fan page for himself and makes an internet friend, while concealing his identity and simultaneously falling for them a bit? (doubling req) **​
★ unrequited love/tension between close friends because of new relationships/anything along these lines ****​
iii. plots
***not a master/slave plot- don't expect that ahaha, think captive prince! thats the vibe im going for, but the plot can go any way
character a is a highly esteemed prince, preparing to inherit the throne from his father until an untimely death throws his country into a chaotic state. character a's estranged sibling takes advantage of this, originally planning to kill him but instead, for spite, he has him beaten bloody and shipped off to a rival country as a slave for their prince, character b. an unappreciated "peace offering" with a deeper meaning, for lack of a term. character a must learn to adjust in a place where he isn't recognized and valued as his new position, at character b's mercy (or lack thereof?)

*** i basically want to throw your character in some kind of love triangle- what can i say? i like doubling. you can do the doubling if you'd like, though- but lets be real, who would take me up on that? lmao
character a and character b are on opposite sides of the spectrum- one doesn't like to make waves, and the other is as reckless as can be. anyone would think that they wouldn't get along too well, but there's a pretty strong connection via character c. they have a pretty nice thing going on, but when character b starts falling for character c, his feelings clash with character a's already existing ones. chaos ensues.

IV. Extra

i. art! i draw a lot in my spare time, and there's a chance i'll end up drawing rp stuff if i like you/your characters a lot- so i wanted to put a little sample here, haha

ii. this is a little disorganized, but since you're here to see if you want to write with me- here's a writing sample! excuse the language, but this is what i mean when id like you to be okay with mature themes- some of my characters act like this, though if you specifically choose a plot that doesn't require a vulgar sort of person then don't worry, haha

The door opened, forcing the little beast in question to look up, a smile tugging ever so slightly at the corners of his lips. Ah, how his heart swelled every time he saw his most prized possession, recounting his time spent with Garrivan never failed to put Eris in a better mood. He wasn't one to give in to his own unconventional desires too often, but with his most beloved servant, well, he couldn't resist. The man had always fascinated him, what with his odd, beastly characteristics. His race... something he didn't care to recall the name of, was a savage one to his knowledge, as was explained by his father when he was brought to their estate. Eris wasn't too ashamed to point it out either, often teasing him about it and, when he was younger, even asking him rude questions. 'Do you know how to speak our language? Are you literate? Are you an animal?' Anything to try and get a rise out of him really, since well, even as a boy he had a knack for picking on the other.

It would normally be inconvenient to harbor such strong feelings towards one that hated him, but Eris took that distaste in stride, having a preference for negative attention himself. He studied Garrivan's clothing- nothing uncommon for a butler at his estate, but much more formal than what he was wearing. The lightly colored silk of his button-up obscured the tan skin beneath, except for the hands that cautiously reached out for the drink being offered to him. He noted that the tea was still hot, and instead of drinking he brought it close, face warming at the wisps of steam hitting him. "Always nice to see your unsightly mug first thing in the morning, my dear." The noble cooed, voice sweet despite the words it offered. He blew gently into the cup, finally taking a small sip.

Just how he liked it, as it was every morning.

Even so, he nodded his head, contemplating it. Despite how incompetent he seemed, the servant was good at his job, as one would have to hope what with how long he's been around- he's been present longer than not, to his own memory. That didn't mean he couldn't have some fun, though, right? His lips pursed distastefully, tongue clicking with a lack of satisfaction. "You didn't make it correctly, it tastes horrid." Oh, he knew that they were both aware what he was doing- making a big deal out of nothing, just as he had for years, for the sake of giving the other a hassle. His nose wrinkled and he stretched out his hand, pouring the drink out dramatically before Garrivan's feet, and glancing up when he was done. The fragile porcelain hung from two fingers, and the young man was obviously considering dropping that, too. Instead, he set it back down on the saucer, placing it to his side and getting up. "You're going to have to clean that... What a pity, if only you knew how to do your job." His own comment made him snicker, stepping around the spreading puddle so he could get to the treats set out for him.

The sly digs he made at him were always fun, Eris thought, picking at the food and settling on putting a biscuit in between his lips, biting quietly and leaning in to try and catch his servant's eye. "You'll have to make me another cup, though, I can't go without my tea." He finally let a soft laugh break out, putting his arms around himself and looking away in an attempt to stop.

iii. i'm open to sharing things like skype/discord/whatnot, so don't be afraid to ask about that if you feel like you want to chat and whatever. thanks for reading!
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Descriptive Roleplayer
Hello! You seem like you'd be fun to RP with~
I have a more specific plot idea involving a Noble x Servant pairing, if you'd be interested. (I pictured it as being MxM, but it can be otherwise if you'd prefer)


drunk on hot chocolate
Hey, I'd definitely be interested in doing the royal x royal plot with you!! Just gonna give you a heads up that I'm still under the post requirement though, so you'll have to send the pm orz


gay and ok ♡
if you're still looking i'd love to rp with you! particularly the love triangle plot, maybe we cld have that in the medieval setting? idk we can talk abt it, let's figure somethin fun out!


Junior Member
Hey! I'd be interested in a country x city roleplay! We could for sure discuss a potential plot a bit more

half-blood prince

Junior Member
If you don’t mind super lengthy replies i’d love to do something medieval/historical or maybe even Modern day monarchy type roleplay maybe? Hit me up?


pelerine dream
hey hey rennade! i'd be interested in writing out the noble / student, bored celebrity, and royal / royal plots with you! i'm really down for anything, whatever you're still wanting. if needed, i can send a writing sample. pm me!


Resident Cool Kid
bumpskis my craving is rly too specific wow I don’t even think I read the plot idk too lazy to go check tho


the bad kid your parents warned you about
bumpskis my craving is rly too specific wow I don’t even think I read the plot idk too lazy to go check tho
And which plot are you craving exactly? I was interested in the royal/royal plot but if you’re craving something specific then by all means.

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