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Multiple Settings M/M partner search! Many plots and open thoughts!

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Dystopian, Historical, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Zombies

Green Dragon

Fire Hazard
Man, I have so many i dont even know where to start. First off, definitely interested in the scifi Captains son/Mechanic, so i would love to rp that.

I also have half a dozen ideas of my own, too long to post here I think but PM me if youd like to talk about them! Or let me know if you want me to post brief overviews here, thats cool too. Most of them are medevial era or future.


That One Person
If you wanted to share go for it! Never hurts to see if something else will work. Or just chose the one you like from me. Either way..send a PM my way! @Green Dragon

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