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Realistic or Modern M/M Interest Check!

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LGTBQ Friendly, Romance, Slice of Life


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So I am back with a few ideas! Like the title suggests these are all m/m plots for now. Also, I have another interest check thread in the works involving less romance based storylines and a lot of weirder, plot based stuff. But right now I wanna do some romance based plots, I'm in a mood, I guess.

I've got only a few rules, so I'll go ahead and list them to get that out of the way. Some of these aren't rules so much as just information but anyway!
1. I do not do fandom! I will do things based lightly or heavily off of an existing setting but I will not play canon characters that do not belong to me, just not comfortable with it.
2. Semi-lit to literate is completely necessary.
3. I am very talkative, so if you're one of those people who likes to be friends with your roleplay partner, I am a good match for that. However, I am also very laid back so if you wanna keep it strictly business and not have ooc be a big part of our experience together that's totally fine with me as well. My only requirement about ooc is that you are at least willing to spend some time getting things in order before we begin, and of course, if we need to talk about the direction the story is going in, that you are willing to do that as well. But again, I am a chatterbox and I will reciprocate friendliness 100% and plot with you and talk to you or whatever you want!
4. Noooo smut! Romance is great. Smut is not great.
5. I don't expect super frequent replies. Everyone has a life, people get busy. If you are gonna be gone for more than a few days at the time and you can give me a heads up, awesome, but I won't bug you for replies if you are gone for a while because I get it. I work and go to school and have other obligations right now. Life happens and it comes first. I have a kind of chaotic life honestly so I'll probably have things come up. I'll try to always let you know if I do.

Just to throw this out there, some of my ideas here seem a little light hearted or whatever but I really live for angst and darker themes so feel free to throw in anything you want. I have no limits, personally. And I fully intend on adding a little bit more darker content to some of the ideas later in the world building process.

Now, plots! I have a few of them so I am down to try any of these but you are welcome to suggest changes or ideas to make it more interesting if you would like to!

Song inspiration

Includes romance, angst, playing doubles, etc. I have no preferred role in this one.

Muse A and Muse B met in high school and have been friends ever since then. Muse A has always been a little wilder, was always the one sneaking out to parties, breaking the rules, getting suspended from school. Muse A is also an artist, a painter. When they're not acting on some sort of youthful rebellion, they're painting. Muse B was the good kid. Tolerant of Muse A's behavior for the most part but rarely joining them in the chaos. Muse B much preferred to spend time at home writing their poetry.

Eventually the two fell in love, or so they thought, but all they ever really do is fight. They fight, they break up, they make up again and everything returns to normal. It's a vicious cycle.

Muse A gets accepted into art school in their dream city, San Francisco. Muse B doesn't want to leave the east coast and go west for any reason, and especially not to a city where Muse A could get into so much more trouble, given they have an affinity for the partying life. However they reluctantly agree, because Muse A would be happy there and would get to study art.

Instead Muse A and Muse B both get involved in different lifestyles within the city and eventually, both meet someone else that gets them.

So I don't have more to add to this right now. Basic premise is young couple moves to a city after growing up in a small town together, they have a somewhat toxic and difficult relationship, they both meet different people who are more like themselves than their current partner and get involved with these other people secretly. I dunno, I like this plot and if anyone wants to help me add to this or work on it be my guest!! I wanna use doubles for this because of the people they end up talking to would be a huge part of the story even if they don't come in until later or whatever but I'm open to ideas like I said.

I really wanna do this plot.

So I realize I said I don't do fandoms, and I still don't want to. However, I just binge watched The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina over the last couple of days and it put me back in my mood about witches. I don't wanna do that exact setting or whatever but I do want to play a witch character who is involved in their practice and their coven and stuff and maybe the other character is really religious and has a huge issue with anything occult because of how they were raised but oh no they fall in love and now the witch doesn't know whether to come out and say that they are in a cult or not.

I loved the aesthetic of the show too and everything so I do kinda wanna go with that general idea for a setting but it doesn't have to be exact. But yeah I really wanna do this still sooo.

Muse A is going out of town (or out of the country maybe) for their older sister's wedding that is taking place in a dream location. A handful of other family members and friends are going as well, and it is supposed to be the perfect two week vacation leading up to a beautiful ceremony. However Muse A has never come out as gay to their family and while on vacation they meet crazy, rebellious, fun local Muse B and fall madly in love but how are they going to keep sneaking out of the hotel to see them? The family is gonna find out... And two weeks isn't that long, the fun is all going to end soon...

This one may take some plotting but I've had this idea for a while and still wanna do it. My preferred role would be Muse A but I'm flexible. (also there's a version of this I thought about where maybe Muse A falls in love with his older sister's fiance while they're all on vacation together? Because he is stuck spending time with him a lot while the sister hangs out with her friends and stuff. Anyway that's just an idea.)

And here's some random ideas or plot bunnies or whatever that I'd be absolutely happy to work into a plot of some kind and make it more interesting/definitely add angst.

-Closeted best friends who grew up with religious families falling in love with each other.
-Single parent struggling with life/ambitious college student
-Complete hippie/Cynical or dealing with depression character who does not wanna put up with the hippie bullshit.
-Christmas time and one person is very excited and the other person hates the holidays altogether and doesn't want to do all of the fun christmas-y stuff at all.
-Long distance relationship. (I'd be interested in coming up with more for this with someone cause I kind of want to do a plot with that kind of relationship)

And honestly you guys see what I'm in the mood for here, so if anyone has any plots they want to share with me in the slice of life theme here and you don't mind us adding some darker themes to it as well, hit me up!


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Long distance relationship, but one of them is a celebrity and would up having a tour in the other one's country so they could meet!
I'm thinking that the one didn't know that the other was a celebrity when they met online, and possibly still doesn't know, just thinks that they'll be at the concert and can meet up in person for the first time afterwards. Maybe they're in a famous band or something?

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