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Fantasy M.A.G.I.C. [REBOOT (OOC)]



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A.K.A.: Magical Academy for Gifted Individuals and Creatures


Deep in the forests of Transylvania, there is a school hidden from the general public. Only a few humans know of it, and fewer are allowed admittance. This is because the school, Dubbed Stowerling Keep, is a school for supernatural creatures. This world knows of these creatures if only a little as most of them don't associate with the human populace if they can help it. There are exceptions, however. these students are all sent a letter once they reach puberty(since the age differs between races) which admits them to the school through a monorail with hidden entrances and are given a trans-lingual barrier-breaking bracelet so as to all understand each other in their mother tongue.

The Races at the school are as follows:

Fairies: excel in Light Magicks. can use both a human and pixie-like form
Demons: excel in Dark Magicks. A misunderstood race that is viewed as evil by most students, when it is simply a bloodline
Tree Sprite: Excel in Plant Magicks. must be watered/hydrated every two days
Light elves: excel in Healing Magicks. A proud race that views itself to be pure and blameless
Dark elves: excel in Illusion Magicks. A by-product of Dragons and Light Elves Mating. they are viewed as a disgrace
Lamia: excel in Hypnotism Magicks and (ironically) are amazingly talented chefs. cold-blooded, and must use heat sources(usually other -students) to get warm. there are no males of this species.
Naga: excel in Hypnotism Magicks and (ironically) are amazingly talented chefs. cold-blooded, and must use heat sources(usually other -students) to get warm. these are similar to Lamia, but are completely reptilian with no human features and are native to Japan.
Dragons: excel in transfiguration Magicks (and not just on themselves(vary in size when in true form))
Harpys: excel at speed enhance/dampening Magicks, and their flight abilities are unparalleled
Vampires: excel at no magicks, but can summon familiars. there is a monthly blood drive to allow them a substantial amount of sustenance when at school so they don't feed on unwilling classmates. However, I did say UNWILLING. THESE ARE NOT TWILIGHT VAMPIRES. THINK ALUCARD ON A LESS POWERFUL SCALE.
Werewolves: excel at no specific magicks, but their strength is unparalleled even when not in wolf form
Centaurs: excel in weaponry usage and are the fastest ground-bound race to date. Have two stomachs, and therefore eat both human and horse foods each meal. the largest appetite of any race.
Mermaids: excel in water-related Magicks, and can breathe underwater. must be hydrated constantly
Sirens: Excellent singers, and are a subspecies of mermaid
Fire Sprites: excel at fire-related magicks, but need to smoke and eat coal to sustain themselves
Firebrands: Demonkin that are half-human, these beings typically should not exist in some people's opinion. are a subspecies of demons who are somehow more powerful than demons, but also don't typically live as long. Many of them suffer from some sort of disability magical in nature, such as being mana deficient, which makes them unable to keep chain casting and tire easily despite being more powerful when USING magic
Golems: excel in earth magicks, and can use the earth to "build" weapons to use on the battlefield.
Ghouls: excel in ethereal and death-related spells of arcane origin. vary in appearance, don't eat anything and, for all intents and purposes, are basically just other monsters that died yet retained the ability to be on the material plane.
Cyclops: excel at modern technology magicks(example: like a technomancer), and keep the school up to date and modernized, but lack depth perception.
Half Breed: excel at whatever the two halves are, but are also weak to more things than a regular race.
Celestial: basically a demigod, they excel at foresight magicks and can usually tell you what will happen in the near future, however, none of them is 100% accurate. they are weak to physically strong opponents, however, they are very evasive in combat.
Oni: Japanese equivalent of a Celestial, depending on which deity they represent, their powers reflect this fact
Humans: excel in three different magical elements of your choice, but fail at most every other magical affinity no matter how developed the person gets.

Also, a Half-Breed doesn't need to be half-human. A Naga or Lamia/Mermaid would be considered an electric Eel instead of snake bottom, a demon, and fire sprite would be considered a Hellspawn, and Dark elves are the by-product of Dragons and Light Elves, Golems/Harpys are Gargoyles, Celestials and Humans are considered Nephilim(yes, I am aware they are not angels, but for the sake of the RP celestials are near gods, and I am not going to add angels because gods would have power over them), Cyclops/anything is just a one-eyed version of that other creature. a Phoenix is a Fire Sprite/Harpy...etc. the other half breeds are up to you to create a race or character that makes sense.

———:New information:———
Stowerling Keep has a class system that teaches you magic along with regular classes such as mathematics, botany and science, HOWEVER, due to the Trans-lingual bracelets, they do not offer language classes such as English. There is one minor exception. Latin is used as a magical conduit, so while there are no standard Latin classes, you are taught how to use said language to cast magic. Go figure why few humans can use magic... dead languages are a b**ch.

Secondly, prejudice is not tolerated on school grounds and if caught being racist there are punishments in place to get the message of Racial Equality across. the race of the offender will determine the punishment due to certain races being immune to certain things.

next order of business, in regards to assignments, no I DO NOT expect you to write out papers that I have to grade. During the RP, if you are asked to give a speech or lecture, you ARE allowed to paraphrase, world build, write magical law into the posts, etc... What I do expect is that if your character's backstory says "He/she is a delinquent" then you are going to have to accept the teachers handing you Fs and Ds. On the flip side, PLEASE don't make your character the star of their own story arc. What I mean by that is no "I'm a magic prodigy with dead parents who didn't find out until I started school"

AKA, No Harry Potters, No Mary Sue/Gary Stu archetypes

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So the limit was 3 characters each? In that case, I think I've solidified on having a Demon, a Dragon (possibly a Fire Sprite hybrid), and a human.


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Okay, maybe this is my fault... I didn't make it clear.

The stations that the monorail is at have not started boarding, and people are transported to the stations before anything else.

The Demon realm is openly able to show where the stations are

The human one, however, has magical portals that transport students to them, and from there they board the monorail train AFTER it arrives

Right now it has yet to arrive. everyone should be arriving at the station, not appearing on the actual train, as it isn't even at the tracks yet

I realize this was information I never specified and thought was made clear the way I wrote my posts... my apologies

Yoshi-kun Yoshi-kun VskyY VskyY TheSpeck TheSpeck Gaius Danius Griinia Gaius Danius Griinia


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I also failed to write the word station in my post where appropriate. also my apologies... I will edit this

If you could, VskyY VskyY please edit your post a bit at least to reflect these things

and Yoshi-kun Yoshi-kun if you could also edit yours... maybe I shouldn't have worded my post the way I did... I will make some edits so it is clearer


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Thanks! I really do apologize. I looked at my post and noticed that I had omitted the word station from everything except Samantha's stuff

Again, my bad everyone!


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I suppose I could allow one more.

Just so you are aware, Seele Seele I expect anyone who joins to be a minimum of 2 MAIN characters, preferably 3 if you don't mind.

If you are fine with doing so, you are welcome to put up some Character Sheets and I will let you know if they are good to go, then you can start posting


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oof, accidentally posted in the cs so I'll just reiterate. I have a few questions about this.
I want to make a firebrand character so being that he's a first year I was thinking he would be around 15-16. Would that be accurate for a Firebrand?

Making a firebrand character, would their magical ability be dark magic like demons? And on that note, are characters limited to that one type of magic or is it just something they are naturally good at?

Also, is it possible to get onto campus by driving or walking, or do you have to use the monorail to get there?

And lastly I would be interested to see Minotaurs. Should I dm you about that? JDizzle383 JDizzle383


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I'd like to let you guys know that my internet has been out and I haven't been able to finish my character sheet because of that. It should be back up now though, so I'll get back to it after work. I'm looking forward to rping with you all.

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