Fantasy M×M(maybe F×F) LONG TERM partner search, strictly for those who rp the 'top' in the rp

Discussion in 'Looking for Partners' started by HiddenWhisper, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. I am definitely interested in new roommates (especially if we tried odd parings with another person.)
    Although I cannot pm you first - too new.
    Other than what was aforementioned, I'm basically interested in all of your pairings, just let me know what you would prefer. c:
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  2. Sup fellow 'trans trash' as you so gorgeously put it :P Nice to meet ya, to meet ya nice. I'm a humble noob so can't pm you, but here's the things I'd love to RP with you!

    - tattoo artist x customer (I LOVE this idea <3)
    (someone working in a bookstore or something)

    - artist/photographer x new model (Adore this one too)
    - new roommates in combo with bad boy x anime/manga fanboy/nerd/geek
    - You said you were interested in trying three-way relationships: I was thinking a band RP could be super cute for that, or like a music academy kind of thing?

    Mpreg is fine by me but only for adult characters.

    Hope you're well!
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  3. I’d love to do artist/photographer x new model!! This is such a cool idea!
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  4. PM me
  5. Huh?
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