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Fantasy Lupercalia OOC



Demon King of the Sixth Heaven
TLDR: Magical girls fights a proxy war for weird animal-looking alien creatures.

Synopsis: One day when absent mindedly going about your business, you come across a weird looking creature that seemingly no-one else notices (no matter how much you potentially try). It looks a bit like an animal only a bit oddly coloured.

You can immediately tell that's something is off about this creature. It's oddly clean, there's not a speck of dirt on it's fur even if the area around it is full of grime and trash. It's shadow is also a bit weird, appearing as if it's placement has no real connection to any nearby light sources.

And then it starts talking. It talks about how you're special. How everyone else has always been against you, jealous of you, beneath you. And how you're gonna show them all.

The creature keeps talking, not giving you the chance to respond to anything it says. It starts promising things. It promises power, wealth, fame, that that cute boy you like will finally start paying attention to you, everything you've ever dreamed and more thereto.

And all you have to do in return is a small favour.

You see, this creature isn't the only one around making this offer. There's plenty more around this town, each trying to convice other people just like you to do their bidding.

The problem, however, is that most of the other creatures are evil. They don't want to recruit people to protect and help others, they want to recruit people to murder innocents, steal candy from babies, jaywalk and commit other equally evil acts.

So it's up to you to take and protect your community together with the few other good magical girls. It's a win-win situation right? You're helping those around you and getting all you ever wanted.

So what do you say...?

Plot: Ok, I get that above blurb might not be super clear so I'll clarify the plot a bit.

In short, one day you're approached by a weird animal-looking creature that offers to make you a magical girl in return for you essentially waging war against all the other magical girl that said creature is quick to assure you are all very evil. In return promising to pretty much give you whatever you want.

To help you in the undertaking of your endeavour, said creature also helpfully points you towards a group of magical girls that aren't evil and as such can serve as potential allies.

However, it quickly becomes clear that not everything is as black and white as it seems and the creatures handing out all these powers seems to know a hell-of-alot more than they're letting on.

Setting: Modern-ish day America.

Gender Restrictions: This question tends to pop-up whenever I run a magical girl roleplay so I'll answer it right away. There is no gender restrictions on your characters. You can play a magical girl, a magical boy or magical non-binary person if you wish

Anyway, here's the OOC.

Talk about stuff, plan things, post memes, etc.


All according to my Scenario
Not sure how to use his dragon concept though- should he be able to turn into a man-sized dragon? Summon a dragon?


Ten Thousand Club
Not sure how to use his dragon concept though- should he be able to turn into a man-sized dragon? Summon a dragon?
Either could work.
Having some type of physicals trait of a dragon like horns then the ability to either summon one or,
Something more like this then later gains the ability to shape shift into one.
Guess it really depends on your plans for him honestly. Or which one just appeals to you more. Or maybe some how work both of them in.


Your Lovable Jackass GM
Planning ninja based powers based on Ittan-momen - Wikipedia , the strangling cloth Yokai. Just they get wrapped up by several clothes for their transformation, and use them like Aizawa from My Hero...

That's for powers. For actual character, no actual clue yet.


2000 IQ Killjoy Detective
Hmmm, I'm thinking of changing mine to Control, or the short of it is basically an Avatar and able to fully manipulate the environment around her. There's already a power that's very similar to what I was gonna do with mine, I think I can make Control work without it being silly.


Theme||Iron Lotus by Mili

View attachment 833317
Ira Ico


They are them, I am me. A singular line of logic that stops sympathy short, ends empathy early. A promise of distance that informs every cold-hearted action that makes up her day. Keep them at arm's length, far enough to ward off a mutually assured bad time. Ira's sour mood isn't set against the backdrop of a tragic past, or insecurities that trap the heart. It's a preference. A mindset born of a propensity for the taste of vile words. Where the devil may care she does not. The only solace she'll offer the layman is her desire to stay at arm's lengths, keeping herself where she belongs. But she's happy, wading in the bile of her happiness, content in her ways, enough to claim she's more than happy with thriving in the bog-standard of her life.

- Tolerance for other's bullshit (8/10)
- Feigning confidence (10/10)
- Standing on her feet (9/10)
- Packing punches (8/10)

[Brief Backstory]
Could things have been made better if Ira knew the acceptance of a family? Or maybe if she knew the warmth of peers. Maybe, maybe not. Useless musings. What Ira knows to be true is that she never needed to feel as though she belonged. Her home was as welcome as a foster home could be, but she didn't need it. Her class was as welcoming as a group of snot-nosed brats could be, but she didn't want it. So if Ira was to recall the younger days she would recall days spent alone, days spent yelling, fighting with words as sharp as swords, and sometimes fists as clubs. And she'd recall a smile on her face the whole time. If there's one thing she could say of note about her past, is that it's consistent. Ever since she was young she never knew herself to make an effort to understand others. So she lived the easy life of mundane loneliness.

Though she'd never make the effort to mention it, the kindness she had been shown by her family was something that stuck in her mind always. Inexplicable. The kindness of those kids, and of Mr. and Mrs.Ico. Her family tired by water, always so damn kind. She could never forget them. After all, Ira needs to pay them back on and all before she can feel at peace, attaining her dream of being alone truly.

[Magical Girl Appearance]
The flames that wrap and dance become her only armor. The heat haze becomes the sign that she's done all the transforming she cares to do.

View attachment 833320[Concept]
On Fire

~Heat Rising: Burning Passion~
As success leads to success, her fire only rises higher. Ira's abilities become more potent as she does better, as she fights cooler. Upon activation Ira's body becomes enhanced, stronger, faster, more durable, heating up. As the conflict continues and Ira gets into the groove she begins to manifest fire. She's able to control these wisps of heat to her limited will. Once she reaches a fever pitch, both her body and fire reach a level of terrifying might. A veritable snowball effect. However, the inverse is true. As Ira is put on the backfoot, she becomes weaker. If her attempts to gain tempo are stopped outright, she'll lose the heat. Though, it's not impossible to lose in a cool way. The biggest caveat of her own ability by far, her own flames harm her.

~Cool Off: Break Time~
A passive ability that only occurs after Heat Rising has ended. This ability works to rapidly restore her body from burn wounds inflicted on her while Heat Rising was active. However, such an ability isn't instant and is easily slowed down if Ira moves around too much. Not to mention, the more burn wounds the longer the recovery, and the more painful the recovery therein.

View attachment 833321Heat Rising
- Ira gets stronger as she does cool things
- Her powers gradually unlock in the order of Strength -> Fire -> Enhanced strength&fire
- So long as Ira keeps doing increasingly cooler and cooler things her powers will continue to increase
- Ira will lose power if she messes up or her attempts at cool actions are stopped or if she's being outshined
- Her own flames can hurt her, they have to originate from close to her

Cool Off
- Heals the burn wounds gained while her other ability is active
- Doesn't heal wounds gained before Heat Rising or after she's fully healed
- Healing is slowed when she moves around
- Healing a lot of wounds takes longer
- Healing hurts

~Alternative Interpretation: Another Blaze~
An Ico family secret, a skill that is kept close to the heart, where none may lay their eyes on it. At least until Ira herself chooses to shine like a star.


All according to my Scenario
Completed my sheet! I think he’s a bit powerful, but not too much so. And his best powers are fire-related, so it’ll be interesting to see how he develops.

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