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Multiple Settings luna's long term partner search ✦ superhero, pjo, & more!


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Hello! My name is luna. and I am currently searching for long term 1x1 partners.

I prefer OCxOC roleplays, and even though some fandoms are included, I would rather not use canon characters. Instead, I'd like our roleplay to be set in that world with our own characters.
For pairings, I am only comfortable with mxf pairings because I have the most experience with them. I can write as either gender though, or doubling, where we each take a male and female, would be preferred.
In terms of what platform we use, I don't have any preference. I am fine with writing over discord, pms, or a thread on here.
I'm 22 years old and would prefer partners and characters involved in the roleplay to be 18+.
I generally write anywhere from 500-1000 words, and would be glad to provide a sample if you'd like one!
Please be able to reply at least once a week or let me know if something comes up.
I understand that real life comes first, but please let me know if you have lost interest.
Even though it's not necessary, I do enjoy ooc chatter and would love if we could talk outside of the roleplay.
I'd like if you're able to help contribute to the plot. I don't mind helping come up with ideas, but I'd rather not have to come up with the whole story on my own.
Please be able to write around the same amount as me with decent grammar and spelling!
When expressing interest, please message me instead of posting here with what you'd be interested in writing and plot ideas if you have any.

IDEAS/PAIRINGS OF INTEREST (*next to preferred roles, craving in bold)
*hero x villain

hero x civilian
hero x hero
sky high inspired

humans with powers
percy jackson with ocs
atla/lok with ocs
soul eater with ocs

Thanks for taking the time to read this && I am looking forward to starting some writing adventures!!


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