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Multiple Settings luna’s 1 x 1 search ! mostly fandoms, one original craving ! mxm,mxf,fxf all welcome !

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Hi there! Name’s Luna and if you’re here, it probably means you’re interested in a roleplay with me. So welcome! Take a look around and if anything interests you, shoot me a PM. Everything should be divided fairly well into different sections despite that I’m strictly mobile, hopefully it looks neat enough. And don’t hesitate to ask questions about anything here or suggest something that’s not in the list. You never know what I might be up for!

A little about me and how I write — I’m 31 years old (so an adult adult), in which case I’d prefer you be at least 18+, 21+ is even better. I know, it sucks, I started my roleplay career when I was a minor too but unfortunately I’m just not comfortable with it. I’m female and write in third person unless it’s necessary to switch to first. I can write here on site or on Discord, and I LOVE fully immersing myself in our characters. Pinterest boards and memes, music and headcanons. If that’s not your thing, it’s fine of course, just know I can sometimes get super enthusiastic! My limits are minimal, but we will always discuss them ahead of time anyway. I also prefer to use face claims but that doesn’t mean you have to. For anime/video games I tend to use anime faces, for anything else, real people, even celebrities! Central time zone in America for anyone curious and MxF, MxM and FxF pairings are all fine with me!

***Currently craving : rock bands , everything MHA***

Below is separated into different sections per fandom. If a character is bolded, that’s who I’d like you to play for me, otherwise I have no preference. If there are ‘**’ next to a ship or fandom, it means I’m REALLY craving it. If you’re looking to do an oc x canon pairing, please be willing to double as that will more than likely be my only request! I love writing multiple characters.

Seriously anyone in this fandom, especially Dabi or Overhaul at this moment since my Aizawa craving is being well met 👌

Aizawa Shouta/Eraserhead x Female hero OC
Dabi x Female Citizen/Villain OC
Kai Chisaki/Overhaul x Female Citizen/VillainOC
Sasaki Mirai/Sir Nighteye x Male Hero OC
Villain!Deku x Bakugou/Anyone
Dabi x Hawks
Kirishima x Bakugo
Deku x Bakugo

I am comfortable playing literally anyone from Class 1-A, any villain, any pro hero, just let me write in this fandom!


Gabriel Reyes/Reaper x Angela Ziegler/Mercy
Jesse McCree x Elizabeth Ashe

This is really the only ships I have an interest in on my end but if you have one please suggest it!
I am comfortable playing anyone!


Billy Hargrove x Steve Harrington

Again, only one ship here but totally down for anything depending on what ideas and characters you may have in mind!

Original Ideas

Rock band stuff! *** Specifically Japanese rock if possible but open to anything. Let me cry on your shoulder about Given, thanks. Leaning toward MxM for these.

Band member x band member
Rival band member x rival band member
Band member x manager
Band member x fan


And that’s about it! Sorry it isn’t fancier but this is no way indicative of how I write. Hope to hear from some of you soon! <3
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King of Transformers
Definitely think we could be good partners. Discord would be preferred and I think I have a few things to add to the rock idea

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