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FF Forever
Welcome to Lunar High

"Welcome to the fifth year since Lunar High was finally opened. This year, we have finally established a dormitory system. Dorms will be available for move-in on April 2nd. To all freshmen who have enrolled we welcome you. Lunar High is no normal school and even now parts of the school are still under construction. 500 years ago this building was a castle, 50 years ago this entire island appeared from nowhere. There are no explanations given to us, but our wonderful headmaster, Nagai Kurasaki who owned this land purchased and funded the remodeling and construction you see here today. Unfortunately, one year ago he passed away. Now his daughter, myself. Hikari Kurasaki will be your new headmistress. We provide everything from education to clubs and sports. We value giving students the best of each year, however, there are a few things I would like to address after last year's recent events. There are some rumors going around like ghost stories about the castle and because of that new rules will be established."

1. No drinking, no cars, no smoking on the island permitted.
2. No walking around campus grounds after 10 pm. The fourth floor is prohibited and blocked off.
3. All forms of violence will not be tolerated.
4. Those staying at dorms, must maintain decent conduct and follow RA guidelines
5. THIS IS A NEW RULE: Do to student rumors, we will ask that everyone avoid involving themselves with the 14 mysteries going around the school. Whoever is behind the pranks and rumors will be punished. We are investigating this matter for the safety of Lunar High.
6. Some rules may be added as per student conduct.

First Term (April 5th-July 23rd) 109 days
  1. Dormitory Opening April 2nd
  2. Opening Ceremony April 5th
  3. Club Recruitment April 10th
  4. Student Council Election April 26th
  5. Bazaar #1 May 1st
  6. Parents Day May 5th
  7. Field Trip #1 May 8th
  8. 3 day Study Camp May 14-16th
  9. First Mid Term July 12-15th
  10. Sports Day July 23rd
  11. End of Term Ceremony July 20th
Summer break (July 24st-End of August)
Second Term (Sep. 1st.- Dec. 23rd) 112 days
  1. Health check-up Sep. 2th
  2. Music Festival Sep. 22th
  3. Bazaar
  4. Halloween Test of Courage October 29th
  5. Culture festival Nov. 3rd
  6. Winter dance Dec. 17th
  7. Second Mid Term Week Dec. 20-23rd
  8. End of Term Ceremony Dec. 23rd
Winter (Dec. 24th- Jan. 4th)
Third Term (Jan. 5th-March 24th) 78 days
  1. Career Counseling Jan 15th
  2. Valentine's day Feb. 14th
  3. Capsule Feb. 22th
  4. White day March 14th
  5. Finals Week March 14-17th
  6. End of Ceremony March 24th
  7. Graduation March 26th
Spring (March 25th- April 4th)

So far, these are the rumors that have spread around campus revolving around strange incidents on the island.
1. Dragon statue that appeared from nowhere. Sometimes a dragon will be seen in other places.
2. A forest that grows angry if littered upon. Plants are known to attack students.
3. Lights that flicker on and off after midnight, sometimes known to have periodic blackouts.
4. Sometimes when it rains ash will fall near the Hotsprings.
5. Sleeping on the school grounds, during class, or outside the dorms can cause students to have the same dream. Dreamers will find themselves in a throne room that existed 500 years ago.
6. The animals in the forest gather around the castle every full moon.
7. Its rumored ghost appears by the pool at night and will drag wondering students down, drowning them.
8. In the cafeteria first thing in the morning, sand will strangely fill the cabinets causing much trouble to the chefs. Many of the staff think it's a prank done by the students.
9. If a fire is lit on school grounds (candles or lanterns or such) it will spread around the campus like wildfire, but strangely enough, it'll stay contained within the castle walls. Nothing will burn down and yet the smoke will eventually fill the air and kill the students.
10. The tree in the courtyard is said to be 600 years old, has not lost a branch, and cannot be cut down. The tree is so strong and beautiful, but anything that hits or tries to harm it gets thrown away, shattered, or injured.
11. It's unlikely, but it is said if you confess to someone on the rooftop during lunch period or after school and they say yes, the two will be together forever.
12. Bullies beware, if a student is bullied, it is said the bully will be the one to fall.
13. It is said that objects come to life in the library, sometimes books are on their wrong shelf, or statures or artifacts will end up on another floor.
14. The newest mystery comes to life in the dorms as stuffed animals come to life under the right conditions. (Room 114)

"Oh, and one more thing. Dorm assignments have been assigned. In regards to anything else such as club activities or classes, I will be leaving that to last year's Student Council President, Kai Minata. Thank you for attending Lunar High and I hope you have a wonderful year. Everyone's dismissed now, so please leave."

First floor
126. Dale and Hinata
114. Wesley and Hikari
113. Aoi and Eliza
Second floor
214. Yuzuki and Dandelion
215. Seraphina
225. Pike and Riku
201. Nina and Akane
Off Campus
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FF Forever
Lunar Stone

  • I stared up at a dragon with scales as bright as the moon flying in the night sky. On its long neck, a series of seven small stones of various colors decorated both sides. It was magnificent and mysterious. I was staring at it from below, the ground beneath my feet almost nonexistent. And then the ground shook. From under me and all around, orange light struck the dragon like fireworks that exploded into smoke and blood. My world rocked with confusing dizziness as if each blow had hit me---and wounds---deep bloody wounds appeared in places where the dragon was hit. A loud wail filled the silence and was followed by my scream like a duet. It was clouded over by the sound of booms and thick smoke that filled the air around the creature. Then it all fell silent. The screams, the explosions, and even the pain I felt had all vanished. The dragon was still high in the sky with the smoke dissipated. For a second, I felt relieved. But the sky above the massive creature was crimson. Red like the blood dripping from the sky. And then it fell. The huge white shape that contrasted so plainly against the darkened sky came closer and closer. In an earth-shattering quake, the world fell beneath me and I fell with it.
    Yuzuki woke up to the alarm on her phone flashing 7 in the morning. Music from an anime called Toradora filled the silence. She rolled over and slid her fingers across the screen, lazily, but instead hit the snooze and closed her eyes again. Not but five minutes later, the alarm repeated. Her eyes boldly opened up and she sat up straight, "what was that?" She caught her gaze looking both ways like someone had snuck into her room, but it was empty. Empty, and yet filled with her collections. Books, manga, and figurines lined her bookshelves, but on her floor were two suitcases. One suitcase was sealed shut, while the other was opened with clothes seemingly tossed inside. She stretched and heading to the door almost stumbling on a shoe that didn't belong there. Almost running into the door, she stopped to slap her cheeks, "wake up, Yuzu." It didn't take her but an hour to get ready and finish packing, but when she headed downstairs to look for her mother the smell of vanilla coffee filled the air. She rushed down the steps into a wide room with tables and dark brown couches. The smell was coming from behind a long counter where the kitchen was. Behind the counter, a girl stood propped up by a stool and decorating a cupcake. "Ohayou," Yuzuki greeted her little sister. On the counter, a cup of warm coffee sat with decorative lettering. I'm not a ghoul, I just really like coffee. Yuzuki took the cup and sipped the warm liquid. "good morning," her sister looked up and took the cupcake with her, but not before sticking her tongue out at Yuzuki. Annoyed, Yuzuki set her cup down, "did mom tell you, you could play around in the cafe?" That's right. Upstairs was an apartment-style house, but down below was a cafe. It was fairly new so business was still slow. A month ago, Yuzuki's father got transferred to a new jewelry store so the entire family had to move, including the coffee shop. Yuzuki had spent the first few weeks decorating her new room, only to find out the high school she would be entering, had a dormitory.
    Yuzuki finished her coffee, still tired from playing games until 2 AM. "Are you ready to leave? It's not far away, but with your luggage, it's not a good idea to walk?" Yuzuki nodded and hurried back upstairs to grab her belongings. After saying goodbye to her father and sister, her mother helped her into the car and she looked down at the papers in her lap. Class schedule, welcome letter, rules, and a map? What kind of school required a map?
    It was Yuzuki's first time visiting Lunar High, and she hadn't even looked closely at the brochure attached to the papers, but when the castle came into view, she was dumbstruck. At first, all she could see was the dragon's head peeking over the buildings toward the clouds, but then the ancient stone came into view. The island was huge, but the castle was amazing. Sitting on an island with only one bridge was a view straight out of a fairytale. Yuzuki peered ahead at a huge clearing with cars and traffic filling the only drop-off. There was a fountain at the center of the clearing with new students unloading their luggage on the side of the road. There was only one way onto the island, and no cars could drive across the bridge which meant the students would be walking from there. They weren't even near the bridge because the traffic was all the way into the city, and shopowners stopped at car windows to offer beverages and snacks. Yuzuki could barely see the bridge from the line of cars, but a few families rolled carts down the road toward the school instead of waiting out the traffic. Yuzuki sighed and opened her door, "thankfully I didn't pack too much," she was relieved she didn't repack her figurines, "I can just walk the rest of the way. Thank you, mom." Even though she said goodbye to her mother and got her luggage from the way the roads were made it didn't appear that her mother was going to be free from the traffic any time soon. Yuzuki went on ahead, dragging her suitcases down the street toward the castle. It took her a while on foot, pulling the two suitcases, but when she finally came into the clearing, she stopped dead.
    The school was ancient, and the dragon that shadowed over the castle like a guardian was just like her dream. If it weren't for seeing the statue with her own purple eyes, she might have not believed it. The dream had felt so real, but the dragon was real.
    The huge dragon statue mounted itself in the front of the building with a small, silver crown atop its oversized head. The beautiful moonstone shimmers at the top. The dragon was sitting down in a calm posture similar to a dog, but its features were so detailed it almost looked alive. The white marble was elegant and aged, vines and flowers had wrapped around its body, but what caught Yuzuki's gaze wasn't the almost glowing ornamental eyes, but the small pearls lining down its long neck on both sides. She silently counted seven on both sides, each stone matching the ones from her dream. The dragon looked like it was looking out toward the city behind her, with its long claws wrapping over the edge of the building just above the entrance. The entrance, looking closer, was much simpler. It hosted a long stairway---wait--
    "A stairway!?' She started to move across the bridge when she noticed the stairs before her and hesitated. There was no way she was dragging the suitcases up the long stairway. How could such a fancy school have no elevator---or allow transportation on the island. Looking ahead, the bridge was a lot longer than she realized, and not wide enough for cars. It was probably a mile long, but that was just a guess. Dragging two suitcases along the road made it feel much longer, and every bench was being occupied by other students. There were sakura trees and flowers, but no other shading from the hot sunlight For a reconstructed castle, why was it this inconvenient?
    Yuzuki followed the students across the bridge and finally noticed the sloped sidewalks on both sides of the staircases. She stopped at the doorway and looked up for one last time, the dragon seemed to double in size and somehow looked ominous as it cast its wide shadow overhead. Even though its wings were folded in, its claws raked the edge of the building like it could leap off at any second. "Creepy," she stepped inside the building.



oi oi
Home, Lunar High
Tired, nervous
Pike Mioda
Pike's Room
Pike's Older Brother Caspian:
Pike and Caspian's Mother:

Pike sat on the edge of his bed, rubbing the groggy remnants of sleep from his eyes as he stared at the small cluster of bags pushed into the corner. Music from the earphones he slept with still thrummed soft beats through his ear. He fished his phone from the tangle of covers and shifted it into its rightful position within his palm, the feel of the electronic cold and heavy against his skin. He tapped the screen to pause the music and gently tugged the earphones out. The sounds of morning suddenly enveloped him. He could hear his mother making breakfast downstairs, and his older brother Caspian talking far too loud for seven in the morning. Pike let out a low grumble from the back of his throat. Caspian was always a morning person, annoyingly so. His brother made it his utmost priority to bother the entire house to fuel his inhuman amounts of energy so early in the day. Pike couldn’t be more opposite. He preferred laying in bed for as long as possible, awake but only existing in his thoughts, as if he was just barely skimming the surface of the depths of unconsciousness.

He begrudgingly forced himself to stand from the comfort of his bed while scratching his head. He took in the sight of his room, noting to himself that this would be the last time he’d wake up in the same space for a while. He was a bit discouraged, his room was like a safe space for him. It had great natural light, and with large windows, a great view of the sky. It was the perfect place for him to read and dream and be left alone in his thoughts.

“We’ll meet again,” He mumbled to himself, chuckling in soft amusement.

Once dressed and straightening up his appearance in the mirror, Pike stalked downstairs to confront the blinding ray of energy that was his brother. As expected, Caspian beamed as soon as he laid eyes at the image of his little brother moping down the stairs, various bags slung across his body and a large suitcase in tow.

“Well if it isn’t the star student of Lunar High,” Caspian teased in a sing-song voice. He was met with an incomprehensible grumble from Pike in response. The lack of enthusiasm merely made him smile wider. “Well, since Mom was called into work early today, guess who gets to drop off his soon-to-be independent little brother at school?” Caspian stood valiantly, his chest puffed while he waited for Pike to guess.

Pike merely rolled his eyes, making his way over to the island counter where their mother had set out his breakfast. With a soft mumble of ‘thanks’ he began eating. Caspian took the seat beside him and clasped his hand around Pike’s shoulder suddenly, causing the latter to choke on the bite toast he had just swallowed.

“Your big brother will ensure you’ll get there right on time. You can just count on me.” He smiled widely, thumb pointed backwards at his chest.

“Don’t get lost, Caspian,” Their mother warned from the stove as she poured herself a cup of coffee. “Do you even know the way there?” She asked, quirking an eyebrow at him quizzically.

Pike stifled a laugh, covering the sound with a drink of orange juice. Caspian dismissed her concern with a wave of his hand. “I’ll GPS it, no big deal,” he said. “Now--we’ll be late if you take forever to keep eating, so turn it into a to go meal quick and let’s get going.”


“You’re lost,” Pike stated flatly. He took the last sip of orange juice from his travel cup, the sound of the straw picking up air filling the silence between them a cacophonous roar.

Caspian gripped the wheel. “I am not lost. We just took a detour,” He smiled his same toothy grin, but Pike could see the tension behind it.

“Why don’t you turn right this time, we’ve been at this intersection before and we’ve gone both left and straight. There’s only one other choice at this point.”

For once, Caspian stayed silent. He begrudgingly put the blinker on to signal a right hand turn, not wanting to admit that his little brother was right. Much to his chagrin, as soon as they turned the corner and emerged past the small block of shops, signs emerged directing traffic towards the bustling school. Pike had known the way there, but he purposely avoided mentioning the way to Caspian, not wanting to reach the school just yet. He preferred looking out of the window blankly, watching the watered down blue of the morning sky grow bolder the longer the sun rose to defrost it.

He wasn’t going to bring up the fact that the former castle turned school was nearly impossible to miss on the horizon. Not to mention, the dragon statue that perched above it was incredibly hard to mistake for anything else. Leave it to his brother to get lost headed to the one place people found impossible not to gravitate towards. Caspian filled the silence of the remainder of their trip with blaring music and a horrible attempt at singing, their new feat now transformed into navigating through the sheer amount of traffic that clogged up the main road that led to the island’s bridge. Pike revelled in the familiarity of his life, knowing that it would take a lot of adjusting to fully settle into the daily occurrences that would accompany his new life at Lunar High.

After what felt like an agonizing amount of time and way too many songs that Caspian apparently had memorized in full--they reached the bridge that led to the school. Pike stretched his legs as he exited the car, his eyes immediately sticking to the large castle that stood like an intimidating shadow against the bright sky. He swallowed hard, not knowing quite what to expect from this year. He had always wanted to go to the school, but with their parents navigating through their newly broken home, it was more convenient that he go to the local school that was closer to home.

“Pike--” Caspian huffed from the car, his head buried in the back seat while he ruffled to pick up the bags thrown haphazardly back there. “Give me a hand, yeah? It’s your crap after all. I don’t remember starting the day as your personal bag man,” He scoffed, shoving one of the bags into Pike’s chest. Pike rolled his eyes, accepting the various bags as his brother handed them to him.

The two stood awkwardly while they waited for the other to begin the farewell, resulting in a shared moment of heavy silence.

“Well--” Pike stated, “I guess I’ll see you at holidays huh? Good luck with--University and stuff,” He mumbled.

Caspian threw him a lopsided smile, drawing his brother into a messy hug burdened with bags and twisted limbs. “Yeah--yeah. The usuals plus some weekends, maybe,” He laughed, watching as Pike turned to join the milling students laden with bags towards the bridge. “Don’t ignore my texts or I’ll come back and hunt you down!” He called over the throng of people, eliciting a deadly glare from Pike as he looked back at his brother.

The crowd soon pushed him onwards, unable to linger around any longer. He took a deep breath, sliding on the headphones he had placed around his neck. Pike fished his phone out of his pocket precariously and pressed play on the screen, drowning out the ambient conversation with music. He grew lost in his thoughts as he trudged across the bridge, eyes becoming fixated on the glimmering water that churned below them.

It seemed like the formalities of the dorm system were a blur, the information told to him shallowly pooling around his brain but none of the details really sticking. He was glad to have the pamphlets handed out to them in accompaniment to what was being announced. Pike stared at the key held flat against his palm, then at the paper he held up between pinched fingers in his other hand. No roommate this year, huh? ‘What a lucky streak that must be,’ he thought to himself, glad he didn’t have to bother with another person disrupting the times he usually spent drifting off into his own world.

Pike pocketed the key and paper having memorized the room number, lugging his bags and suitcase as he began searching for the second floor of the dorms.
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Like clockwork, Seraphina woke at 5 am sharp. Drilled into her like so many other routines, she no longer needed an alarm to wake up on time. The early morning light was starting to peek into her room through the sheer grey curtains that covered her bedroom window. With a yawn she rose, pushing her hair out of her eyes and she took in the sight of her bare room. Everything that she owned was packed into a two suitcases and a large backpack. Being part of a military family meant that they moved around, and that meant she couldn't own too much to make that difficult. After an hour of her morning exercise routine Seraphina showered, dressed, and stood in front of the mirror in her bathroom.

This was it. After she had convinced her parents that enrolling at this school would be beneficial for the family, she had been filled with anticipation for move in day. The timing was too perfect. When they moved near the coast of this country, they had no idea that open enrollment could apply to Seraphina. As if fate had placed the home in their real-estate agent's mailbox with a pretty bow. Fate's and destiny's aside, she was ready. When she saw the Dragon poised on top of the castle that was Lunar High, she knew immediately that she was meant to be there.

After making sure her classy outfit of a white blouse, black pants, and black flats. Seraphina nodded at herself, a slight glimmer in her eye, threw the backpack over her shoulder and grabbed her two suitcases. She could already her her fathers heavy boots making their way to the shower to wash his own morning exercise off. With one last glance around the room, she descended the staircase and waited for her father.

Seraphina's family lived on the northern side of the coast, and were only approximately 50 min away from the bridge that lead to the island the school resides on. By 7 o'clock sharp, they had arrived in the long line of traffic filled with family saying their goodbyes as students either waited to get towards the front of the line or immediately started lugging their belongings across the bridge.
"Are you sure this is what you want?" Seraphina turned her head towards her father in the drivers seat, his face not giving away the worry that she heard in his voice. "You'll be almost an hour away from home... I know you can take care of yourself. Your mother and I raised you to be that way, but..." He trailed off as his eyes scanned the island in the horizon. Even from here you could see the dragon.

"I'm positive. Lunar Academy is about to meet their new student council president." She announced, not even really sure they had a student council. All she knew is that she would make the best out of this, and hopefully by graduation she will have made some beneficial connections for the family. Most of the students she saw getting out of cars in front of her were pretty average looking, and that surprised her. A part of her expected to see rich, snobbish teenagers everywhere, maybe even with people to carry their bags for them.

"This will be good for all of us." She insisted, looking back at her father and smiling. He took a moment to study her face, and seemed to decompress before her eyes. No longer did he seem like the stern military father that she was used to, but now a regular father with feelings. He wrapped her in a hug, not letting go quickly like he usually did. A little awkward, Seraphina patted her dads back and stayed there until he let her go. When she could see his face, he had regained his composure.

Soon after Seraphina had both bags in her hands, backpack on her back, and anticipation in her heels. She wanted to sprint across that bridge. Before her father had pulled away, he handed her some money, and a small box with a bow on it. Confused, she was about to open it when he shook his head and told her not to open it until she was in her dorm. With a little grin, she imagined opening the box and seeing a new knife or mace. Always be ready, that was her dads favorite when he was sparring with her. The memory made her heart twinge, just for a moment, before she cleared her thoughts of home and faced the bridge. It was large and accommodating for whomever travels across it. Even at a point in the center it looked as if there was a bench, for either the tired or the awe-struck that wanted to take in the view. She began at a modest pace across the bridge, not quite running but jogging. Wind battered her hair as she jogged, stronger the farther she made it across the bridge and she had to be careful not to let her hair obscure her vision and accidently run into someone. When she reached the halfway point she paused briefly to take in the view of the water below. The water was crystal blue and fairly clear being so far away from shore now. She thankfully didn't have a fear of heights, or large bodies of water, and wondered what a student would do if they did and had to cross this bridge. Jogging away, she continued to wonder about that for the remainder of her journey to the other side.

"Welcome to Lunar High! Please make your way to Student Council President Kai and Vice President to receive everything you'll need." A student said with a smile, pointing in the direction of two people seated at a table a little farther to the right of the entrance. She nodded and began to approach the duo. So there was a student council. Excellent. Seraphina plastered a small, polite smile on her face and assessed the two. "Kai" she assumed, was the one handing out the keys and dorm numbers to students with zero possible interest. Interesting, she had assumed someone who would achieve President of Lunar High would be more.... invested. After approaching the Vice President and receiving a map and pamphlet of some sort, she watched the student ahead of her receive his things from Kai. She slid over to stand directly in front of him, and smiled offering a hand. "Hello, I'm Seraphina Gorath. Thank you for giving us new students some of your time today."


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“…up! Wake up!”

“Nnn…Saga, come home…”

“How is your sleep schedule this messed up? Come on, wake up already!”

Aoi’s eyes slowly fluttered open, spotting Akane pacing back and forth. On instinct, she turned to check her alarm clock, revealing that it was the ripe, late time of 6:00 AM.

“I’m going back to sleep.”

“You put off packing for the entirety of spring break! This isn’t some little trip, you of all people should know that!”

Aoi was already out like a light.

Akane growled and mumbled under her breath before turning around and leaving the room. She lingered in the hallway for a moment, contemplating either heading down to the garage to work the stress off or to double check her bags yet again. Worry won out, and Akane went back to her room.

Thirty minutes of carefully examining everything later, Akane finally forced herself to admit everything was as it should have been. Allowing herself a moment to admire her trophy cabinet, she shook her head a bit and went back to Aoi’s room.

Though her alarm clock was beeping, Aoi was still blissfully asleep. After thinking about it for a moment, Akane opened the curtains. The light shining directly into her closed eyes was enough to wake Aoi.

“It’s 6:30 already. Get up and pack, I’ll help.”

“‘Oh, it’s 6:30 already,’ you say,” Aoi responded mockingly.

“Shut up.”

“Yes, sir.”

The difference between them in this situation was almost jarring. Aoi chucked her clothes in the general direction of her bag as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Akane, in comparison, was more than a little too wound up, folding and organizing Aoi’s clothing with shaky hands.

“Nerves getting to you that much, huh? You’re more anxious than before your matches.”

“No! I…yeah.”

“I feel you. Say, I’m pretty much done packing already. Go ahead, I’ll be downstairs in a minute.”

Akane got up on unsteady legs, stumbled over to her room and grabbed her luggage to drag it downstairs, with Aoi following shortly after. A short and tasteless breakfast later, the twins were on their way to Lunar High.

Despite living fairly close to the school, the sheer amount of traffic at the drop off area, both pedestrian and vehicular, wasted enough time to make up for it. Having chosen to walk the short distance didn’t make navigating the crowd any easier. And of course, one last issue awaited them.

“Right. This is why we should have asked to come here by car. At least then we’d have a bit more energy for this.” Aoi turned to face Akane. It was only then that she noticed a glint in her eye.

“I forgot you’re one of those people.”

“A challenge. I accept.” Akane had gained a somewhat excited facial expression at the voyage ahead of the two.

“At least I don’t have to walk across that bridge twice every day now. Who even designs anything like that? Anyways, we should probably head over to the dorm building to get our dorm assignments.”

The duo made their way over to the line of students waiting.
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_ (1).jpeg

Hinata yawned and stretched her arms as the sound of her alarm graced her ears. She hummed along to the tune as she pulled her hair back away from her eyes. She looked over at her clock, which read 4:30am. The sun wasn't out yet, and it wouldn't be for at least another few hours, but still she swore she could see sunlight filtering through her drawn blinds, illuminating the room as soon as she opened her eyes. She shrugged. Maybe it was just that she was so used to waking up early, for athletics practice, meets and such. She soon put it off from her mind, as she reached over to grab her earrings off of her nightstand. But they weren't there.

"Oh no," she muttered out loud. And she had a right to be worried... she had purchased the earrings only about a month ago, and they'd cost her almost all of her savings. They were gorgeous too, formed in the shape of stars (or flowers, she couldn't be entirely sure) and inlaid with beautiful bright orange gemstones. She nearly fell out of her bed trying to grope for them on the floor around her nightstand, and by the time she had propped herself up again, her ceiling light turned on without warning. She panicked for a short second until she saw her brother, Hikari, standing in the doorway.


"Looking for these?" Hikari teased, gesturing to the earrings in the palm of his hand.

Hinata didn't know how to respond. They'd barely said two words to each other ever since they found out that they were both accepted to the same new school, when they'd both desperately been trying to get away from each other. Hinata cursed to herself. Being a twin was probably the hardest thing in the world to experience.

"Give them here," Hinata demanded, exasperated, as Hikari continued to fidget with the earrings. She sat up on the bed anxiously.

"I will," Hikari grinned as he answered, "if you promise me something."


"Promise me you're not going to go to that school."

"Are you kidding me?" Hinata exploded. "I--it's been my dream! Lunar is the best school in the prefecture!" She mused for a moment before lunging towards Hikari in order to take the earrings back for herself. To which Hikari responded by pinning her arm to her back.

"Now -- give -- me -- those -- ugh!" Hinata gasped as she tried, yet failed, to grab the earrings out of Hikari's hand. "Why are you so irritable today?" she almost yelled. "Didn't you get any sleep?"

Hikari had a look on his face that was a mixture of shock, anger and embarrassment. "Well..." he tried to morph it into a smug grin as he responded, "no..."

"Well, promise me you'll get some sleep on the way there," Hinata smiled, "or I'm going to have to make sure of that for you."

Hikari laughed. "All right, but in all seriousness, this has been a problem that's been going on since I--since we got that acceptance letter. I've not really been able to sleep more than an hour or so a day. I've gotten these really strange dreams lately..." His voice tapered off as he revealed the truth to his twin sister. He decided to just leave it there.

He released his hold on Hinata's arm, ruffled some of his hair, and set the earrings on the nightstand. "Take good care of them, will you? They're really expensive."

Hinata returned to her bed as Hikari left the room. She left the earrings where they had been placed while she went to get ready for the day.

Hinata and Hikari lived on the other side of the prefecture from the school, so it was at least a 2-hour drive, not taking into account traffic. Fortunately, the twins had gotten ready very quickly, so they had hit the road before any major concerns for traffic. The two hours were spent almost completely in silence, as the two were still slightly bitter about having to endure each other, though any truly bad feelings about the matter had vanished and all that was left was petty frustration.

Hinata took to staring out the window at the beautiful landscapes and thinking how fortunate and lucky she must have been to make it into this wonderful school she was about to set foot in. But there were different things weighing on Hikari's mind. He spent the drive trying to fall asleep, but each attempt was unsuccessful, for each was accompanied with another mysterious dream.

Sweltering volcanic hellscapes.
Ash falling like rain.
A lone warrior, clad in obsidian and wielding a flaming sword.
An old man in traditional samurai apparel, a wicked grin distorting his face.
A large white dragon with purple eyes, surrounded by thirteen others. The dragon guarding them with its wings, but each one disappearing until only the dragon remained.

What do they mean? Hikari asked himself, as he spent whatever time he couldn't sleep meditating and contemplating on the dreams.

As they got nearer to the school, however, the dreams seemed to impress themselves more into his mind, and he started feeling light-headed. Instinctively as the car came to a screeching halt amidst the long line of cars trying to make it across the bridge to the academy, Hikari curled up into the fetal position, cradling his head between his legs. The sudden movements of the car coupled with lack of sleep and stress were enough to make him want to pass out.

Hinata worried as she looked over to her brother. She knew he'd been carsick since they could remember, but it had never been this bad. She looked over her shoulder towards the traffic around the school and knew it would be at least half an hour until they could cross the bridge and enter the school grounds. She leaned over to him and rubbed her hand on his back. "It'll be fine," she simply comforted as she tried to make him feel better.

At last the twins reached the other side of the bridge. Hinata, still concerned for Hikari's health, offered to take both of their luggage, but Hikari insisted he take his own. He simply tried to ignore his splitting headache as they walked towards the main building.

Hikari couldn't help but notice the dragon statue on the front of the building, and as he did, instantly in his mind flashed again the dream of the dragon he'd had on the ride there. He winced, and could no longer hide the grimace on his face. He sat down on the steps as Hinata went inside to find the directions to the dormitory.

They soon found their way to the dorm building, just behind the sports complex. How Hikari could keep up with Hinata at this point, he didn't know. He was obviously in pain -- he knew it, and he knew everyone else around him knew it. But ever since laying his eyes on that acceptance paper, he knew this was where he was supposed to be, and seeing the school in person now confirmed that in his mind. But everything started going hazy for him upon entering the dorm building.

Hinata grabbed Hikari's hand as they shuffled through the swarm of students and finally found the student council president. She took two packets, one for herself and one for Hikari, and her dorm key. Hikari had just enough mind power left to grab his dorm key, before his legs gave way and he collapsed in the middle of the hall. Hinata turned back toward her brother but was too late to keep his head from hitting the tile, knocking him out instantly. "Oh my god!" she gasped as she knelt beside her brother and saw a small puddle of blood gather around his head where it had struck the floor. "Someone help, please!"


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If anyone told Nina she would be transferring to a private school in the middle of her highschool years after being entirely homeschooled a few months ago, she wouldn't have believed them. But here she was, by herself. Markus Lee informed her at the very last minute that he was bailing on her because she depended on him way too much. He said he wanted her to be able to make friends on her own, and make her own choices. She wasn't even mad at him, he was right. That didn't make this situation suck any less, but she had to make the most of it. Markus Lee would feel guilty if this ended up being a negative experience for her.

Nina looked a little lost in thought as she walked towards the entrance to the school, glancing down at her phone. She had sent her Mother and Sister a text, telling them that she made it safely. No response. She sighed and pocketed her stuff before picking up her pace. She wasn't really sure exactly what she was supposed to do on the first day, she only had a vague plan and a little pamphlet from the school. She liked the little dragon printed on the cover. She stared at it to try and avoid the nervous thoughts swirling through her head and twisting in her stomach.

Nina managed to get through the line and get her keys, now it was only a matter of finding the dorms on this huge campus. A daunting task, but she had faith in herself. Sure, it was fake faith that she was forcing herself to have. But that was better than nothing. Nina looked around as she explored the campus, following the map to the dorms. She couldn't swallow this rising sense of deja vu that she was feeling…

Has she been here before?

The familiar sense of awe was almost immediately gone when she reached the dorms and heard a fearful call for help from down the hall. Nina tensed up for a moment before rushing forward towards the voice.

"Oh my goodness!" She gasped, looking at the scene in front of her. There was a girl calling for help and what looked to be a relative who had failed down and hit his head. Nina rushed over with a worried look, her eyebrows furrowed and she looked down on what was going on.

"What happened?!" She questioned the frantic girl, should they call the police? Or maybe a nurse? Is there a nurse here? Surely a fancy school like this would have a nurse?


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Lunar Stone

  • Following students to the dorm, and yet somehow she still managed to get lost. She only found her way back when a teacher saw her wandering around the courtyard. The courtyard was beautiful. A square-shaped area between the school with a huge cheery tree and garden on all sides. It was a beautiful place, but no students had come this far in which made it a wonder how she managed to lose her way. She was escorted to the dormitory where a student directed her to the sign-in sheet, but by then carrying her luggage seemed like a hassle so she set the two suitcases off to the side and retrieved her key from the vice president. She only glanced at the president once, he was a tall blond with handsome hair and a nice face. He was speaking to another pretty girl with black hair and mentioned something about a tour. A tour at ten o'clock, she had to make sure to attend. She got lost easily, but maybe it would help her sense of direction. She took a sheet of paper and grabbed her luggage, heading down the hall. Not even halfway down the hall, she heard a scream. Yuzuki dropping her luggage and ran to the source of the noise. On the floor were two students that looked very similar, their hair the same shade of brown, but one was lying on the floor. Another student approached just before her, but she didn't give herself time to think about it. The student on the floor looked passed out, but the crimson puddling around his head suggested otherwise. She screamed on impulse, panicking at the sight of blood. Without thinking, she turned around and ran back to her suitcase to unzip it. Digging through her suitcase, she pulled out clothes and underwear, tossing them into the hall, until she found a small first-aid kit. Without hesitating or losing her footing, she stood back up, abandoning her luggage. When she arrived at the fallen student, she took a few rushed breaths and dropped to her knees. "Raise his head," she opened up the case. A memory came to her thoughts like a mental exercise, How do I do this again? She recalled tripping down the stairs multiple times, walking into walls, and other injuries. Her sister laughed at her, but it always caused trouble at the café or at school. Her mother forced her to pack the kit because of her clumsiness. She pulled out the bandage, trying to remember how her parents taught her, but instead she stared at the crimson--completely frozen. Her hands were shaking and she dropped the kit on the floor. An image of blood flashed across her thoughts like a memory that should not exist. Move, she thought to herself, he's hurt. This is not the time to hesitate. She mentally slapped herself, pushing the thoughts to the back of her mind in a forgotten memory. She reached back down and stuttered, "w-we need to get him to the nurse's office, but first where is his injury?" Her family had no doctors, but in her youth, she had spent a lot of time being treated for injuries. It wasn't only because she was clumsy, but her mother said her body was physically weak when she was a child so it often gave her injuries. Running, sports, climbing trees, and even helping friends. She was often wounded and frail, but that also gave her a chance to learn how to treat her own injuries. So then why? Whenever blood was involved or death, her hands shook and her body froze. Memories had a tendency to try to surface, but she forced them to bury themselves before she could recall anything.



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Lunar High Dormitories
Yuzuki, Nina, Hinata & Hikari
Pike Mioda

“225, 225,” Pike repeated in his head, the thought mixing in with the sound of his music. He followed the crowd of students towards the building, hoping that it would lead him in the right direction of the dorms. “You’d think they’d put signs up to denote which way to go,” Pike mumbled to himself.

The chill air of the school interior washed over his skin as he entered into one of the hallways. Judging by the numbered doors that lined down the hall in uniform pattern, he assumed it was the first floor of the dormitory. He noted a small group of students that had gathered around something on the floor. They stood further down in the hall and were discussing something among themselves. There was a heavy feeling of either fright or worry lining each of their movements. Pike slid one of his headphones to the side, listening in on what the commotion was about. Something about the nurse’s office and an injury. The girl who had been speaking about reaching out to the nurse looked like she was about to tend to the wound, her hands fiddling with a first aid kit. One of the others clustered in the group shifted their position, leaving a wide open view for Pike to see the blood that had pooled around a downed student’s head.

“She really shouldn’t be touching his blood with her bare hands,” He thought to himself. Pike felt the dorm key burning a hole into his pocket. He itched to find his room and pretend like he never stumbled across this scene. A group of students on their way to their own dorms pooled around in a group behind him, like startled sheep unable to think or move. He sighed, flipping through the pamphlets he was given to pull out the map. His eyes traced over the flattened floor plan of the first floor, tracing the direction to the nurse’s office with his finger. To get to the second floor he’d have to pass the group anyways, and he was sure it’d come across negatively if he simply walked by without any effort to help out. Once committing the route to the nurse’s office to memory, Pike readjusted his headphones over his ears and walked from the scene.

His thoughts drifted off to what the school year would have in store for him. He had heard the bored looking vice president mention a tour to one of the other students. Ten o’clock. That would give him enough time to go back to his room and settle in a bit before he’d have to come back out and pretend to listen to whatever was being announced.

Pike approached the area where the nurse’s office was located. He double checked the placard that labeled the room before he peeked into the sterile environment tentatively. “Excuse me,” he called, his voice monotone. “There’s a student in the first floor dorms needing medical attention,” He added once his eyes laid sight on the nurse. She responded quickly, asking him about the nature of the injury and where it was located. She grabbed supplies quickly, which included, to Pike’s relief, a pair of disposable gloves.

Pike began to lead the nurse in the direction of the student, which soon turned into the nurse leading him. Her strides were brisk while Pike’s held no sense of urgency. He ambled behind her listlessly, thinking about looking around campus on his own later in the day. Surely there would be some good places he could find around the castle that were secluded with a good view.
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Eliza waved farewell to the nice driver in the taxi she had arrived in. With all these cars clogging the exit, before having gone on her merry way, she made sure to tip well for his troubles. As it had and would continue to be a rough day for the both of them. They had been in that cab for nearly seven hours. So upon finally getting out, she smiled with the fresh air flooding and filling her lungs. Despite wobbling on her feet at first, it just felt so good to be on solid ground again. And so before making haste with her simple set of bags, she stretched her arms and took turns bending each knee a couple times, trying to break away from their stiffness. Doing so, her eyes continued to soak in everything around her.

Never had she seen so many cars in one place. The town she resided in the quaint countryside was so small everyone just walked or rode a bike to where they needed to go. There were hardly any automobiles at all. Mainly trucks for farmers hauling harvests. But as her attention turned from the cars to making glances at passers by, she felt much like a fish out of water. There had only been one or two other times she had been around such a mass. Already it was such a large contrast to the simpler life she knew.

Unaware of how her body lightly trembled from nerves, her hand shielded her eyes from the radiant rays as she looked to the dragon in the distance. There was no need to see the bridge or the stairs ahead to see she would be walking for a good while. By the morning, Eliza knew she’d be sore.

Though with a spring in her step, she refused to worry about anything at all. Instead, her mind was racing with her curiosities and the pure amazement of this moment. The smile that graced her glossed lips refused to go away. She couldn’t believe she was about to officially be a student at Lunar Academy.
The stories her grandfather had told of her of his own time at the school had been bouncing in the back of her mind for as long as she could remember, only fueling her desire to go out and see them for herself. Although there were definitely a few screws loose in the old man’s head, from the seriousness in his normally crazed gaze, everytime he retold his tales, Eliza knew it couldn’t all be made up.

Her face started to tickle. She was just blushing madly with how eager she was to get inside that castle and start the year. All she wished was to do well in her classes and maybe make a few friends along the way. But at the end of the day, if she ended up learning nothing new about the rumors or anything else, at least she was determined to have herself a good time.

And so once she made it to the entrance, she couldn’t say she knew where to go from there. Overwhelming it was just trying to even hear her own thoughts over the voices all around, but soon enough she was lucky to overhear a student showing another newcomer where to go. And so she followed the girl with the dark hair and pretty crimson eyes to a table where information was being handed. To which, taking in Kai’s seeming lack of enthusiasm, Eliza instantly felt hesitant. So she carefully studied Seraphina as if to slyly prepare herself. As friendly as she was, Eliza couldn’t say she was so bold. Timid and as quiet as a mouse, especially when people gave her a sense of strangeness. Of course she could always be wrong, it was never right to make assumptions after all, but something about this guy didn’t seem to match up. Just get what you need and go, she thought, though while in line, she temporarily turned her focus to the map as she studied it with a hollow look.

“Good gracious..” Eliza’s head shook. It was almost unbelievable how gargantuan this school was. Well, at one point it had been a palace.. So it wasn’t entirely unbelievable, but all Eliza could think about was getting herself lost and how easy that would be. It had been such a long day already. Needless to say, she was beyond simply tired. All she wanted was to get to the dormitory, unpack a few things, and unwind. But where on earth even was the dormitory? Eliza took a minute to try figuring out where she stood before realizing the map was upside down, however, even after turning it the right way, she hardly felt any less lost. Perhaps a little more than before. She never had a good sense of direction, though she supposed it would be easy just to follow where others with their luggage led, but then mention of a tour caught her attention, but just before she could open her mouth to ask the blonde a question, the startling shriek made her jump before glancing around.

The pitter patter of tiny bare feet grew ever louder from beyond the dark room Riku slept. Light was quick to flood in. Like a dam being breached as the door slammed open. Bright eyed and grinning wide, the shadow of a hyper little girl loomed over him. Though Riku was a heavy sleeper and still very much lost in his dreams.

There he stood in a wasteland. The sky above, dead and dull. It was a battleground pooling with blood at his feet and littered with lifeless bodies. Stirring in his sleep, he suddenly felt paralyzed, and everything faded as a blade was just about to be plunged into his stomach.

But he sat straight up in cold sweat only to realize he was awake and that feeling in his gut had only been Mira running head-first into him. He shielded his eyes to the bright hallway shining on his scowling face. Already forgetting the nightmare and grumbling below his breath, he simply tolerated his sister as she began jumping on the bed to get him up.

“FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!” She squealed. Obviously, a thousand times more excited than he was dreading this. Despite her seeing the world through a rosy lens, she knew very well her Riku was not looking forward to today. It had been hard on her too, having to move to a brand new place and start all over, but that’s why the child was on a mission to make it better.

Determined and bugging him even more so than she did on the daily, Mira had followed her brother all morning like a shadow as he prepared for this new chapter. Yet until Riku was being dropped off, it hadn’t yet dawned on the kid that he wouldn’t be coming home every night like before. So upon seeing him pull his backpack and two suitcases from the trunk, tears began bubbling in her eyes and she began to wail. Riku looked around, embarrassed by all the eyes abruptly on them. While their mother, Kiyoko, worked to calm the rambunctious girl, he spotted something that caused just a hint of a grin.

“Hey..” Having grabbed Mira’s attention, her sobs quickly died down to merely sniffles as he knelt down to wipe the tears off her cheeks. “I’ll visit as much as I can, I promise..” He told her with softness before he dug in his pocket to place a coin in her hand. “Let’s go make a wish.”

Her eyes sparkled with joy. Taking Riku’s hand so eagerly, she kicked her sadness to the curb, replacing it with nothing short of smiles as they went up to the fountain with mom following. Having done this a million times, without direction, Mira closed her eyes and thought hard about what she wanted most.

The coin soon shot up into the cool misty air, twirling down to plop into the water. Like always, Riku let loose a chuckle as he asked, “What did you wish for?” The girl just puffed her cheeks before bursting. “I can’t tell! Won’t come true!” She beamed, sticking her tongue out.

“All right now, It’s about time we head to your first day, missy. That is.. If we can get out of traffic..” Kiyoko muttered the second half with a sigh, referring to Kindergarten. “You’re going to get to make new friends and play all day!” She chimed as nicely as she could, though it seemed Mira was just fine with leaving as she was now all happy and bouncing on her feet, even more excited to start her new school than she was for her brother. To which Kiyoko gave Riku a glare. “You call us.” She said, almost like a warning, though he had been told this for possibly the hundredth time this week. All day everyday leading up to this moment. His mother had become even more overbearing, but after all that happened he couldn’t say he blamed her.
Nodding his head, he took his hefty suitcases with ease. After a few final words, Riku turned to begin the long walk, but he was stopped by little arms clinging to his leg.

What was it now? At this point he was already running late.

Turning, Mira had almost forgotten to surprise him with a bracelet she had made out of beads and a pipe cleaner. Proud of the present she made all by herself, she smiled so big and bright. “Oh thank you, it’s so pretty.. Be good for Mom, okay?” He said as he had carefully put the bracelet on his wrist before holding out a fist for her to bump back.
And with that, he began the journey to Lunar Academy. Only giving one glance back to his family before continuing to cross the bridge. Yet with every step, Riku’s mind only turned evermore darker, hating himself for what they didn’t know.

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Seraphina listened to Kai as he informed her of what was to take place later during the day. He was good looking, in his own sort of not caring, cool kind of way. She pocketed her key, adjusting the bag on her shoulder. First floor, that was good. She would have an easier time getting around, not having to worry about stairs as much. A dark figure in the background caught her attention at the same time Kai asked if she'd heard anything. She opened her mouth to answer when the figure in the dark shadows of the foyer came into focus. Seraphina used her one free hand to fist at her eyes, clearly not sure she was seeing things correctly. Was that... a dragon? A black dragon, to be specific. She blinked, looked at Kai and then back at the gargoyle looking mythical creature. Surely it hadn't been there before? But that meant it had either walked there or randomly appeared...
"Uh" Pointing over his right shoulder directly at the thing. But when she looked backup it was gone. "What?" She said rather dumbly, not entirely sure what the hell had just happened.

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