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Lúcio? Reaper? I say, sign me up!


just gettin' started!
Lúcio Correia dos Santos, one character that deserves the whole damn world, yet still doesn't seem to have as much variance in those that he's often shipped up with. Which has always confused me, given the fandom's interests. One popular dynamic that is often played up is the edgy, dead baddie with a poor attitude and an affinity for violence catching the lovebug for the quick-footed, compassionate dork with caring eyes and heroism to the fuckin' throat. So, one thing I must ask is: Why hasn't anyone thought of Reaper/Lúcio? Has this just slipped under the radar?

Okay, okay, I can already see the arguments surrounding canon interactions and all that jazz, which is perfectly reasonable! I, however, have a special place in my heart for rarepairs. Specifically, the DJ Revolutionary and the Deteriorating Man.

Want to roll with canon? Sure! I would love to have the whole enemies-to-friends-to-lovers trope goin' on. Hell, a forbidden love across enemy lines? A mutual understanding brought by circumstance? Ah, yes, that's the good shit. Besides, that trope of the character often portrayed and viewed as a monster being treated by a gentle, friendly hand for the first time in forever always gets my heart atwitter.

You've got more of a taste for AU's? The young, rad-as-all-hell music shop employee, trying to lead an unsuspecting customer away from Evanescence's album? Sure, let's do it! Keep ol' Lúcio as a rockin' disk jockey, turning it up at underground parties and coming across an older wreck of a human being that develops into a romantic interest. Maybe a begrudging uncle accompanying his niece to a concert, only to be the lucky winner of a raffle for a day of chillin' with the DJ himself.

I'm ready for fantastical bullshit. Ghosts? A damn siren saving sailors? It all can be done. All of it. I've been ready for this moment since I thought about the possibilities of their dynamic. If you're interested, reply below, and we can share other means of getting something going!

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