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Roleplay Lover Seeks Good Storyline
here are my character's information will be added as they are created. I will gladly make up a new character if needed. Love to picture hunt.


Jessie Taylor (Daniella Pestova)
Verse : Modern
Background: Jessie grew up in California with her twin sister Elizabeth and parents who ran a bookstore. The twins then went to college in NY together and became distant for a while. She dropped out of college and started a career as a model rising to supermodel status.
Personality She is feisty, bold and flirtatious, not scared to take risks and has a temper on her. She sometimes wonders if others are with her for her looks or her wealth. rarely lets others see the real her.

Elizabeth Taylor (dANIELLA pESTOVA)
Verse : Modern
Background: Elizabeth grew up in California and went to college at NYU in NY becoming a journalist working for various publications and even a trashy tabloid when times got tough.
Personality She is the opposite of her twin sister Shy and Meek. She doesn't have a temper at all sometimes lets others take advantage of her. She is also very smart and intelligent she is resourceful and can get information easily. well traveled and easy to talk to.

Ben Castillo

Rick Hearst
verse modern
Details: a slick con man whose been married multiple times leads multiple lives and seduced women
Personality : charming, bold, can bluff easily very resourceful.

Luke Harrison
Andrew Walker
Verse : Modern
Background: Luke is a traveler usually never in one place for more than a few months, loves adventure and his career as a photographer helps his dreams.
Personality: outgoing and talkative but can also be a good listener, charismatic

Nick Foster
Thad Luckinbill
Verse modern slice life
Details: a choreographer feeling burned out but hoping to find the one ,dedicated to his work
Persona: playful . honest and talented

CHARLIE DANIELS (Bradley Cooper)
Verse : Modern
Background: A Cop who recently went undercover, grew up in an Irish family and is a great guy, had to take a break from work after he started to fall point woman in trying to break a group.
Personality good-humored smart trustworthy still being developed

Annie Evanson (Anne Hathaway)
Verse : Modern
Background: . She grew up in Colorado with her brother Jake. She works a teacher and when she was right out of high school married a soldier who was killed in action.
Personality She is quiet and shy, haunted by her past and she tends to want to do things on her own and not let others know she is in need or pain. She is a caregiver and wants the best for those she loves.

Grace Roberts. (Faith Hill)
Verse : Old West
Background: raised in the north in Boston, in a well to do family. she went with her sister who was going to be a mail-order bride in the west. on the way the stagecoach was attacked by Indians her sister was killed and she had .
Personality Smart, Quiet well versed and a woman of grace and substance.


Maggie Peters (Jill Andropoulos)
Verse : West
Background: Maggie grew up in Savannah in a mansion in a loving family her life was innocent. Her brother Seth went off to serve for the Confederate Army as did her father. Her mother and her were left to fend alone with the servants. Her world changed when Union soldiers came and raided the place and she was raped by one of the soldiers. She then escaped out west ready to start a new part of her life.
Personality Stubborn and headstrong has a mind of her own and can do it herself although she does have a softer side to her also, Loyal to her family.

Seth Peters (Jason Thompson )
Verse :WEST
Background: .Seth is an older brother of Maggie and went to fight in the Confederate side of the war as a doctor and after he came home to find his sister gone he went out west after her.
Loyal and determined to do what's right.

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