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One Last Dawn

Last Chance Knight
Search Status: Open
Last Updated: 16-January-2021
Current Fandom Cravings: Girls Frontline, Azur Lane

Hello there, thanks for coming to read. After a long while of sitting around, I think I'm finally ready to take on more roleplay partners again. The spoiler below contains that which you can expect from me as a roleplay partner.

  • Activity - Typically speaking I am around from approximately 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM (EDT) during the weekdays, though due to the pandemic my schedule has been less reliable. Weekends are iffy for me as I am very busy being both a husband and father. However, if you ask ahead of time, I may be able to carve out some dedicated roleplay time on any given weekend. Being "around" does not necessarily mean that I will be able to post, but I should be able to chit-chat at minimum. It is easiest to get a hold of me via Discord or other such means as I can access it via mobile with greater reliability.
  • Friendship - I enjoy making friends with my RP partners. It doesn't need to be limited to OOC chatter, either. If you're an avid gamer, you'll find that I like to play games, too. A lot of my RP partners have ended up as my gaming buddies in the past, and I always welcome more.
  • Quality - On average I will post anywhere from three to five paragraphs. That said, my post length will vary drastically depending on the scene and what my partner provides me. I will always try and match my partner's post length, and I firmly believe that quality is more important than quantity.
  • Collaboration - A roleplay is not fun unless we're both having fun. I want to hear your ideas, and I like it when we can refine ideas together. Compromise is important to me, and I think it's the key to any healthy partnership.
  • Flexibility - I am somewhat ashamed to say I am not currently as flexible as I have been in the past. Having been burnt out by repeated play in other areas, I am going to say that I only want to play males in MxF pairings right now. I will double, however, and I am willing to play female side characters without question.
  • Understanding - If you need to go on hiatus or want to quit our roleplay, let me know if you can. I promise I will understand and there will be no hard feelings. If you accidentally ghost me for personal reasons and come back, do not be embarrassed to message me and let me know what happened. Life happens, and you can't always account for it. I know that better than most people.
  • Maturity - I have been roleplaying for eighteen years, which of course means I am over eighteen years of age. I like to believe that I am a rational and mature adult.
  • Versatility - I am available to play on many different mediums other than RpN if that is what you prefer. Furthermore, I will make my Discord available to any roleplay partner who wants it. Given my most recent issues, I can say it goes a long way in making sure we stay in contact regardless of the circumstances.

Now that you know what you can expect from me, here is a little on what I'd like to expect from my potential partners:

  • Activity - A few posts a week would be nice, but a post a week would be acceptable.
  • Quality - A solid attempt at proper grammar and a firm understanding of the basics ("your" vs "you're") are a must. As mentioned above I support quality over quantity, but I doubt that only a couple lines will be enough for me to work with.
  • Maturity - I ask that all of my partners be eighteen years of age or older. Playing outside my age range can be difficult as it is, and I feel this is a reasonable request.
  • Flexibility - I ask only that you are willing to consider possibilities and seek compromise where you are opposed.
  • Understanding - Try your best to let me know if you're going to be gone for a while, and let me know when you're not enjoying our roleplay. There will be no hard feelings either way. If you ghost me and come back, feel free to send a message and explain what happened. I won't be upset.
  • Detail - I expect my partners to know how to pay attention to details. It seems a lot of people reading through partner searches just skip to the bottom and ignore the poster's expectations and/or rules. If you've actually gone through and read all of this, please include the underlined word from this "Detail" section in a PM to me. Thank you.

I have two final, very important notes here for prospective partners:
  • I require that all potential partners are able to provide me a writing sample upon request to make sure we have writing compatibility. Please do not feel shy or intimidated, I just want to make sure everyone has fun. I will provide a sample to those who request it of me, too. This is not an attempt to be elitist, but to save time should we not 'click' as writers.
  • I do not like photographic face claims. It is an issue of bodily consent because using a real person's image for a character they are unaware of, or might not want to be representing, is not consent. I always use illustrated face claims for my characters, and in fact, I find it fun to swap art and search through character art with my partners as an OOC activity

Finally, we're on to the fun part. My roleplay interests are below.

Violet coloring indicates a particularly craved item.
Underline indicates the role I prefer.

*New* Habeas Corpus -- [Modern; Realistic, Potential Fantasy] Character A is imprisoned for a heinous crime they never committed. Time and again their appeals have been denied, their right for Habeas Corpus ignored. Having had enough, Character A breaks out of prison and is pursued by the authorities. Character B is a nobody living a boring, lonesome life--at least, until Character A ends up breaking into their apartment to hide. Character A initially threatens Character B to keep them from calling the authorities, but over time Character A convinces Character B of their innocence. In the meanwhile, members of an obscure organization work to track Character A down even as law enforcement organizes a hunt for the fugitive. By providing Character A shelter, Character B is eventually drawn into the conflict. Character A will either need to teach Character B how to handle themselves, or risk getting the both of them killed as they work to expose the conspiracy that put Character A behind bars in the first place. (Character A x Character B)

*New* Far From Divine -- [Medieval, Fantasy, Potentially Modern] Unlike many creation tales, the gods of Yjul created life for one simple reason: they were lonely. Existing in the vast non-creation before the world, the gods felt empty and unfulfilled. Eventually, to ease their loneliness, the gods created the world and populated it with mortals. The gods loved their creations, though they favored those mortals which showed a proclivity for their respective domains. For a time, the gods walked among their creations. Sometimes, their love led to offspring--children possessed of both divine and mortal blood. These demigods were capable of great feats, and in time many Great Houses were born of these god-touched lineages. As with all things, however, differences led to conflict. Mortals favoring different doctrines, and the gods whose domains they favored, fought bloody wars against one another. Gods spawned more of their demigod children in an attempt to overpower their foes, and the resulting escalation nearly destroyed the world and their beloved creations. In the end, Strajis, god of vitae and the written word, wrote the Divine Mandate into the very fabric of reality. The Divine Mandate dictated the following code:
  • No god or goddess can produce offspring with a mortal for any other reason than romantic love.
  • No god or goddess can walk Yjul at the same time as another.
  • No god or goddess walking among the mortals can reveal their nature to a mortal whom they wish to love. The mortal must choose to love the god or goddess as they are without their powers of divinity. A mortal may discover the nature of a god or goddess of their own volition without violating this law.
  • A god or goddess walking Yjul may only remain for one hundred years, or, should they take a mortal as their beloved, until the mortal passes unto the Endless Dream.
  • No god or goddess walking Yjul may wield their power in an act of war.
  • A god or goddess who wishes to remain among the mortals of Yjul may sacrifice their divinity to do so. However, a new god or goddess of their domain must be selected to take their place. The selected mortal must agree.
Character A is one such god or goddess walking Yjul. They very much enjoy walking the mortal world, but have yet to make a mortal love them without breaking the Divine Mandate. Their time on Yjul is nearing its end, thus the clock is ticking to extend the time which they may live on Yjul. Meanwhile, something sinister is beginning to fester among mortals. Political relationships are beginning to sour, heretical cults are cropping up at an alarming rate, and phenomenon known as "Dark Miracles" are beginning to occur all across the land. Something beyond the power of mortals has begun to threaten Yjul. Character B is a mortal, a knight of a proud City-State known as The Knighthood Republic of Dredai. The nation, renowned for their peerless soldiers, acts as the primary mediator and dispenser of justice in matters of international conflict. As such, Character B is investigating the rising tensions between their neighbors. Character A is spending the night in a small hilltop town's inn when they spy a clamor in the valley below. Character B's cadre of Republic Order Knights is engaged in a pitched battle with a much larger force that had supposedly been of an allied nation. Character A hurries down the road to get closer to get a better look, but by the time they arrive they discover that Character B is the last Dredain standing. Character A, both fascinated and horrified, struggles to decide whether or not to intervene as Character B faces down the last remnants of the ambushing soldiers. As it turns out, the decision is made for them. In a show of fearlessness and skill, Character B engages their foes and defeats them all before succumbing to their wounds. Character A uses their power to heal the knight just enough to save their life. The unconscious Character B is none the wiser. Character A could use someone like Character B in rooting out the cause of the growing madness threatening Yjul. Besides, it would be interesting to see where all the intrigue leads, no? (Character A x Character B)

Passengers -- [Fantasy; Modern, Potential Medieval Crossover] The ways of the universe are obscure to us mortals. Even the most learned scientists and scholars understand but a fraction of the voice that sings of creation. The truth of it is there are many more worlds than these, all living and flowing in parallel. Like rivers, however, they erode their banks and begin to twist and bend. On occasion, two worlds might meet where the void space between them grows thin. Those who know of these thin spots might call them "portals", others might know them as "badlands" or "engimas." Whatever the name, the result is the same: things, people, and sometimes whole places fall through the cracks. Some of these thin spots occur naturally. Some are created on a smaller scale by what old shamans might call "divining", linking to some perceived power beyond. In reality, those naturally sensitive to the greater universe perceive beyond the bounds of their own world. Many times, they do not even know they are doing it. Many a story has been written, many a game developed, many a song sung from glimpses of other worlds. On occasion, all these factors may collide for a truly spectacular phenomenon. Character A is a corporate peon working long hours for next to nothing. His superior takes credit for his excellent work, and he lacks the backbone to break the cycle. His social life is a farce, and his love life? Nonexistent. He is health obsessive ever since both of his younger brothers died of obesitey-related health complications. His only real escape is video games--a place he can be in control for once. In games he can feel brave and charismatic, heroic and just. It is a life lived only for the next span of a virtual life. All of that changes, however, when Character A's passion causes a thin spot to develop in his home. Combined with an enigma event, and enhanced by the nature of his game (one based on the events of another universe) cause one of the game's characters, Character B to be spit out into Character A's world. To further complicate matters, nobody else can see Character B except Character A--though, Character B can interact with the world around them and even other people. Character A questions their sanity as the world begins to unravel. Something larger than his own problems with dimensional mishaps is brewing. The very world he knows is threatened by an unknown force as thin spots begin appearing at an alarming rate, and terrible forces begin playing their hands. Can Character A become the hero they have dreamed of being, or will it all fall upon Character B?

Bleeding Worlds
-- [Fantasy; Modern] Infinite realities thread through the vast emptiness known as the “Void”--the space of infinite darkness between worlds where unfathomable horrors dwell. Sometimes, when great cataclysm befalls a world it will bend, deviating from its straight path and brushing up against other worlds. This friction places great strain on both worlds and potentially causes transference of properties from one world to another. Ultimately, should the course of such worlds not be corrected, they will be destroyed, and the creatures of the Void will feast on the abundance of energy released by the death of not one, but multiple worlds. It is in this perilous situation that we find our unassuming modern world. Natural disasters are becoming increasingly common, but the general public chalks it up to global warming or carbon levels in the ocean. Unusual sightings begin showing up in the darkest parts of the internet, though most are covered up by the source's local government. Just beneath the surface a whole new world is starting to rise like a shadow of the one we live in, forged from the dust of the world grinding against the unassuming modern world. A great power known as “Exaltation” slips through the cracks one Exalted soul at a time searching endlessly for worthy hosts to bind themselves to. Character A is a paramedic working in the city. One night, a supposed patient attempts to rob the ambulance with his gang for the meds and equipment inside. Character A protects their crewmates by stepping between a gun and their co-worker before it goes off. There is a resplendent flash of gold and the bullet is deflected from their skin if Character A is made of metal. Suddenly, Character A is filled with memories not their own, and they become experts in skills they never learned possess. Character A dispatches the thugs by themselves and runs off into the night, confused and panicked. Character B is a gambling addict. Time and again they have stolen from tables, cheated, and escaped their bookies. They hate their addiction and have tried to break it time and time again. They always go back, but that night they made a crucial error: getting caught. Character B is on the run from a group of thugs ready to beat the life out of them. A crafty bit of subterfuge and misdirection allows them to slip away from the thugs only to run into the bookie themselves. There is a blinding flash of silver and a scrawling of silver-blue tattoos crawl over Character B’s skin. With inhuman celerity, they evade the bookie’s gun and disappear into the night. Character A and Character B are bound by the fate strands of an entirely different world in order to save both. (Character A x Character B)

Demonhood -- [Fantasy; Modern] Character A is a street urchin in their late-teen or early-twenties who lives on the streets having run away from an abusive home years prior. They steal, lie, cheat, and perhaps worse just to get by. One day they steal an expensive-looking tome from an old man’s pawn shop and take it back to the derelict house they are squatting in. Unable to get a hold of their fence, Character A starts paging through the book. Some absurd rituals fill the pages inside, and on a whim Character A decides to try one out. What’s the worst that could happen? Nothing? When the ritual is complete, Character B is summoned to the ritual circle in a pillar of green flames. Character B can see the tainted soul of their summoner and offers Character A a single option: become a demon like [Character B], or be killed on the spot and have their soul condemned. Character B is a "Eyouze"--or "Retribution Demon--one of several factions that exist in the hellish realms. Veilmahn a.k.a. "Chaos Eaters", Deildael a.k.a. "Contractors", and Eyouze are the primary demon factions. Chaos Eaters are intrinsically evil and gather souls by indiscriminate killing and demanding of sacrifices from those who are foolish enough to worship them. Contractors gather souls by making deals in exchange for granting wishes. Retribution Demons punish the wicked, looking into mortal souls and harvesting those that have earned damnation. Character B hopes to give Character A some structure and a reason to be alive--in essence, to redeem them from their ways. Who can say the reason why, really? Perhaps Character B sees a bit of themselves in Character A, or maybe they are just paying forward a good deed. Only time will tell. (Character A x Character B)

Hellbound -- [Fantasy; Medieval/Alternative] Character A is the victim of dark magics in which their sorcerous foe casts them into the infernal plane when it becomes apparent they cannot win their bout otherwise. Lost in the outermost fringes of the hellish realms, Character A is discovered by Raznugath, High Lord of the Hellish Realms. Being that Character A is a living soul, Raznugath recognizes they are not supposed to be in the Hellish Realms. He makes a deal with Character A. Rather than kill them outright, Raznugath will give them a chance to best him in a challenge in exchange for freedom. In a bizarre twist, Character A wins the challenge and Raznugath concedes defeat. The deal, however, did not provide an exit from hell. Character A is left to venture across hell in search of their own way back to the living word. Along the way they encounter other denizens of hell and come to realize that not all that dwell in the Hellish Realms fall into the black and white definitions of "good and evil." Character B is a demon, and at first glance a rather commonplace demon at that. They encounter Character A in Respite, the City of Unclaimed Souls. Death is far from a perfect machine, and many who descend into the hellish realms are unclaimed souls. In time, they congregated and built a city in which all are welcome--insofar as they abide by Unclaimed laws. Character B finds that Character A's better nature makes him pliable to the more masterful manipulators and offers to act as their guide in exchange for assistance in small matters of settling debts along the way. Character A is wary of Character B, but after Character B bails them out of some trouble, they agree to the arrangement. In truth, Character B is no lowly demon, but a disgraced Lilithian Noble--the original ruling faction of the Hellish Realms before Raznugath's faction seized power and supposedly killed all the Lilithians Nobles. Character B intends on using Character A to get their chance at destroying Raznugath, a venture that will no doubt cost Character A their life; but what is the life of one mortal compared to restored power, right? (Character A x Character B)

Armor Command Combat League -- [Pseudo-realistic; Modern/Alternative] (Note: Loosely based on the idea of "Girls Und Panzer.") In some alternate modern world there exists a competitive league for tank combat. Due to the massive surplus of armored vehicles from the previous world war, a rather entrepreneurial spirit found a creative peacetime use for the these vehicles in the form of the "Armor Command Combat League"--or ACCL. The sport became wildly popular, and soon institutions all over the world were sponsoring their own teams. Fast forward decades later and the cost of tuition for higher education is at an all-time high thus making scholarships a necessity for all but the wealthy to enroll in a good university. The ACCL provides some of the best scholarships available as being a member of a tank crew typically breeds skills universities find desirable. High Schools and Colleges all across the world participate in the ACCL, but there always needs to be someone at the bottom of the barrel. Enter Dhaka Central High School, home to the worst-performing ACCL team in the greater Palaka region. Coming in last every year for nine years, their funding has all but dried up. They have to rely exclusively on old, rickety russian tank models--and even those are becoming difficult to maintain. What would it take to bring Dhaka Central back from the brink of losing their ACCL accreditation altogether? Why, an unconventional crew of misfits, of course! Character A is a second-year student looking to get on the team. Even if the Dhaka Central "Bullet Ants" are the worst team in their division, a skilled member can surely stand out enough to get a scholarship! Character A coerces a friend or two to join them, but is stonewalled when the team captain tells them that being take commander requires taking a class only available during the second half of a second-year's academic year. Only one person who has taken the course remains without a crew, Character B. Nobody wants Character B as their tank commander because of their reputation as a weirdo who failed the class twice before passing it. The team mechanic, however, advises Character A to give Character B a chance. Can such a team even work? (Character A x Character B)

Space Race -- [Science-Fantasy; Futuristic] In a fantasy world that progressed into the modern age, the elves were the ones to first reach the stars. Their peaceful cohabitation and disdain for warfare allowed them to focus on the advancement of their scientific understanding, thus leaving humans to fall behind under the weight of their infighting. Proud of their accomplishments and determined to remain the ones calling the shots in space, the elves rapidly expanded their fleets and pushed colonization projects throughout the system. Unfortunately, during their first contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life it became clear that not all sentient beings shared their pacifist views. Ruthless and bent on conquering those which they regarded as easy prey, the aliens known as the Sarkha pressed the elves into war. Only through clever disguise of their travel routes and destruction of information did the elves prevent the Sarkha from finding more Elven colonies. Unaccustomed to warfare having not participated in armed conflict in many generations, let alone warfare in space, the elves faltered in their response. The answer to the Sarkha threat came in the form of those equally adept at violence. In exchange for a seat at the table, humanity would serve as the bulwark of the elves and teach them the ways of war. The humans would be provided with the latest in weapons technology as quickly as the elves could churn it out, and the humans would train to adapt to warfare amidst the stars, recording their findings and improving with every passing day. It had been decided that the best way to improve the overall effectiveness of the allied forces was by osmosis. An elf recruit would be paired with a human soldier, and the pairs would form a fighting duo that persisted throughout their careers--or until death, of course. Character A is one such elven recruit, top of their class and filled with boundless enthusiasm. They always wanted to study the workings of the human mind, and with a human partner they will get all the opportunity they could ever ask for! Particularly adept with the arcane, Character A feels they are already ready for war. Character B is a human soldier who is honestly tired of fighting. Despite the stereotype, humans are not mindless war machines without empathy or emotion, and having to explain that to every pointy-eared nitwit to take up a post with them has started to take the fight out them. Perhaps the biggest detriment to Character B's will to fight is that their newest partner will have been the third they've had--the other two having been killed in action. Character B plans on getting Character A declared unprepared or unfit for duty. After all, Character B doesn't have too long left in their tour of service. If they get rid of this elf, they'll likely be able to get away without another until their service is over. (Character A x Character B)

Salvaged -- [Science Fiction; Futuristic] The ultimate collapse of planet earth might have meant the end for the human race if not for the timely arrival of extraterrestrials from the intergalactic community. As the last humans struggled to survive on the world they destroyed with their hubris, they are whisked away from total annihilation by their visitors. Humanity now lives among the stars, a race without a homeworld. The rest of the galactic community has come to regard humanity with a wary eye. Human genetics, when compared to those of existing races, are exceptionally adaptable--for better or worse. Furthermore, humans show a remarkable proclivity for contradictory behavior. For example, humans are very independent creatures in thought and philosophy, yet often strive to expand their social bases of power to include others. The human capacity for both good and evil is remarkable, and even more so when considering how any individual may bounce back and forth to opposite ends of the gradient. Character A is a human, and a prime example of the human proficiency for warfare. Human mercenaries and bounty hunters are considered premium, and Character A is no exception. Character B is one of any number of alien races, and their identity is something we should collaborate on! (Character A x Character B)

  • Science-Fantasy
  • Science-Fiction
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Modern Fantasy
  • Alternative Fantasy
  • Action/Adventure
  • Wartime plots
  • Redemption (especially of creatures that are classically represented as evil)
  • Playing humans with non-humans
  • Supernatural elements
  • Overcoming abuse
  • Playing with strong female characters
  • Averting the apocalypse
  • Knights and magic
  • Accidental bonds linking two unlikely characters together

  • Ace Combat Zero/4/5/6/7
  • Azur Lane
  • Bakemonogatari
  • Bloodborne
  • Dark Souls III
  • Dead Space 1/2/3
  • The Dragon Prince
  • Exalted (Tabletop RPG)
  • Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Fire Emblem Fates
  • Fire Emblem Heroes
  • Future Diaries
  • Girls Frontline
  • God of War (2018)
  • Halo Series
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • League of Legends (And LoL AU's!)
  • Mass Effect Series
  • Metal Gear Solid Series
  • Metro 2033/Last Light
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Overwatch
  • Resident Evil Series
  • RWBY
  • Scott Pilgrim Versus The World (Comic)
  • Star Wars
  • Star Wars Old Republic Era
  • Valkyria Chronicles 1&4
  • Warframe
  • Warhammer 40k

Please don't hesitate to send me your ideas, too! Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!
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